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My Great Grandmother's Old House 2


Not too long ago, I posted my first story on this site about the weird thing that have happened since we started to live in my great-grandmother's house after we got in through her will. But at that time the haunting seemed to have stopped. But over the last few weeks, things have been happening that I can't explain. Some of the same things but also different one.

Please read my first story before continuing.

Remember the Misty figure I talked about, well a couple of nights ago (It only happens at night) I saw it again, and it only seems to happen when I'm watching TV.

But other things have happened. I was sleeping in my room, during the dead of night, I heard loud bangs (and I mean LOUD!) coming from the livingroom, and my dog, Velvet started to bark and she came into my room to snuggle with me. I got up to see if anything had fallen, and nothing seemed out of place. I checked to see if anyone was at the door, and nothing. Then I brushed it off, and went back to bed to confort Velvet. Soon after we were both asleep, and I heard a loud bang near my bedside table, and it scared Velvet so bad she yelped and ran out. I got up to turn the light on and still nothing had fallen. I was really scared now cause nothing like this had ever happened. But I went back to sleep, and it didn't happen again.

But the most recent, and the most creepy, thing to happen to me so far is the feeling of being touched on my lower legs and feet. And all of a sudden I would feel cold, even though I have a heavy wool cover on me. It didn't feel hard, just a touch. I really hope this is just a coincidence. That I just say in my first story that things have settled down and all, and hello paranoraml activity peeks again. Oye! I need some advice!

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Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-18)
From what I have read, Rook seems to be an experienced expert in these matters. I have never seen Rook give bad or 'thready' advice! I would answer Rook's questions, if I were you, and get really good advice. Things could get nasty! Your dog is well aware of the paranormal happenings, as most animals are. Best of luck. ❤
jrthompson (3 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-19)
loca_mocha: I will try to take some pics, but I don't know if they will show, all I have is an average digital camera.

Isandhu: I'll try, I hope it don't make it or them angry...

And thank you all for reading my stories. 😊 😉
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-19)

Are you wanting to confirmation of what's happening?

Are you trying to figure out 'what' may be doing these things?

Do you want these things to stop?

I ask these questions because they can help determine where to start or just how to advise you.

It all begins with Research, do you know the history of the property? The history can provide 'leads' into just 'what/who' may be 'hanging' around.

Other than scared becasue something you do not understand is happening are there any 'feelings' concerning these experiences? If so, what are they? These can help 'define' the 'nature' of whatever is doing anything in the home.

I often suggest a technique that helps to rid a home of negative energies/entities. It's yours for the asking, but if the 'nature' of this 'haunting' is not negative then the experiences will continue.

Thank you for sharing this with us.


loca_mocha (4 stories) (32 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-18)
It seems to me that is is almost like a spirit that wants to play. Have you considered taking pictures or even setting out toys in case it is a child? Hope this helped! 😁
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-18)
I suggest you firmly tell whatever it is to stop whenever you experience these things. They don't seem particularly menacing, except for the tug which almost made you fall off the bed, and perhaps the coldness on your feet and legs.

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