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I Hear Dead People


In the year 2010 in La Mesa Village, Monterey, CA many more strange occurrences spawned around the house. Walking from the computer room towards the living room, then around the corner on my left into the hall to go to my room I walked through a chilly spot in the air. It made my hair rise and tickle and with the house being around 75-80 degrees I was a little confused. I looked up and around for a vent but didn't find any and so I walked back and felt no more chill. Weird. With everything I've seen and heard in this house, a cold spot seemed to be a good guess. But it wasn't something that convinced me much so I brushed it off.

About the time the month of March came around, my mom and I were sitting in the living room and she was telling me about what had happened the night before. She was sitting on the couch that was placed on the front door side of the room and I was sitting on the couch across from her. A lot of times while sitting on this couch I would feel the room "shift" or "shrink" a bit and sometimes "drift" in a particular direction. This would happen anywhere. For example, I was with my girlfriend walking through a cemetery around 6pm in Monterey, CA around May 2010 just to read the tombstones, see who lived to be the oldest there, so on and so forth. As we were walking through the middle of an outdoor structure (where I believe was where they placed the ashes of the people who wanted to be cremated) I felt the density of the air around me thicken and I stopped.

"Hold on." I say to my girlfriend.

"What?" she asks.

"There's something around that corner. About my size, maybe a little bigger."

I slowly walked forward as she followed along and peaked around the corner. It was a deer. It looked up, saw us, and ran away.

This happens with normal and paranormal things. In the living room I would feel as if someone would enter the room, or walk up behind me while I was laying down watching TV facing the opposite direction. There was even a time where I could feel it stop in front of me and just stay. Eventually it would fade away. It's weird because sometimes (I don't know if it's just my imagination) I could make shapes and features from the density in the air around whatever physical thing is near that I can't see with my own eyes. Very weird.

Anyway, my mom was telling me that while I was gone for the night, her and my dad were in the living room watching TV. My dad was lying on the couch that I currently was sitting on, and she was sitting on the couch that she, at the moment, is sitting on. Our cocker spaniel was lying on my dad's stomach sleeping and hadn't moved for a while. Just then, the dog jumps up wide awake, hops down to the side of the couch, looks out the living room (away from the TV) down through the computer room, through the doorway that lead to the kitchen and past the living room. Well, I don't know if she was looking that far out but she was looking in that direction (our house was pretty big for a one-story). As soon as she touched the ground she started barking her little tail off at the air. Growling and everything. Kandi (our dog) rarely listens the first few times when anyone else tells her what to do but my dad was always able to say it once and she'd listen right away. Not in this case. My mom and dad tried to control her for a while saying "Kandi! Stop!", but she wouldn't listen. Finally, she stopped and she calmed down. She was in the same direction where I would feel the "shift" in the air "drift" from. While she was telling me this story, I felt the "shift" again. I'm used to this so I don't react at all to it. I, in a way, know it just happened and I just accept it.

As soon as I felt this movement in the air, my mom froze midsentence and shifted her eyes to the corner where the computer room met the hall between the computer room and the living room. The same place I always feel the "shift" from.

"What did you see?" I ask.

She pauses and gathers her thoughts, "I don't -- like, a shadow...?...walking around the corner?"

I walk over to the corner she was talking about and notice the only light that was on at the time was the living room light. This light was on a fan with four bulbs.

I ask her, "Was it a free-floating shadow or was it projected on the wall?"

She tells me it was on the wall and so I raise my hand against the light from the living room fan to project my own. Since there was more than one bulb, my hand casted two shadows. One light, one dark, layered halfway over the other.

"Like that?"

"No," she tells me. "It was just one shadow." She points, "And it was lighter than that one, and darker than that one."

"Interesting. Which direction do you think it went?"

She tells me it appeared to have gone into the hallway from the computer room. The same place I had felt the possible "cold spot" from earlier.

"How fast? Like this?" I ask while walking past.

She explained further and said the angle of the shadow must've been perfectly straight because I would walk as close around the corner as possible without hitting the wall and yet I was still too far from the wall to project a non-skewed shadow. Also, she described the shadow as if it were walking in a hurry. This made rounding the corner a bit more challenging without running into the wall myself.

Around April I was recording a song (I produce music as one of my hobbies). My mic was placed in my room and just so happened to be next to my closet and under one of the house's attic entrances. Classic. As I was recording my vocals, something was caught in the audio that I myself didn't hear at the time. While going through the sound waves and mixing my vocals with my instrumentals, I noticed it. I tried different visual settings to see if it was a mechanical malfunction or something from the outside but found no difference in the sound wave than what was visually my voice. I listened harder to see if maybe I accidentally moved my mouth to close to the mic (I was sitting about a foot away from the mic) without paying attention because then my vocals would've increased in volume but my vocals were untouched. I left it in my song because I write some creative creepy songs and it fit my lyrics fairly well. The sound I heard sounded like the sighing voice of a person and its breath distorting the mic. Not enough to ruin my recording but enough to hear fairly well with bass.

Near the end of April I was walking out the utility room from doing some laundry (located next to my parents' room directly across the hall from my room) back to my room and I saw the back half of my dog, Kandi, standing just inside my door. As I slowly walked closer, I began hearing her growling softly and barking lightly under her breath. I figured she probably was just seeing a bug or a light from outside that might've came between the blinds of my bedroom window from a passing car or something but when I peeked in at the wall she was staring at, I saw nothing. She then looked up at me, and casually exited my room. Kandi is a dog that is easily distracted and cannot keep full attention on one thing for too long.

One night I was lying in bed in my room (the light was on at the time) and Kandi was lying next to me. I wanted to wait until she fell asleep before turning off the light because if I moved she would've forgot where she was or something and gone off to do her own thing. I had to watch her because everyone else in the house was in their rooms sleeping. I had thought about turning off my light before going to bed but she seems to not be able to sleep with the lights off. So there we were just lying there and she seemed to be about ready to fall asleep. Randomly, she quickly looked up at the top left corner of the tall window in my room that was located across from my door and about a foot to the right of my bed (to my left since I was laying on my back). I looked at the spot she was looking at but saw nothing and then I looked at the time and it was 11:?pm (can't remember the exact time). I waited for 15mins before she finally stopped staring. I nudged her a bit during the time she was watching the ceiling, and even called her name but as easily as she is normally distracted, she never blinked. "You better just be crazy, Kandi." I said to her a little creeped out.

Finally, but not least, I had remembered doing a "Ghost Hunter Spoof" video with my mom's camera back in Maryland using its night vision in my parents' room during the day with the blinds closed. Both of my little sisters and I participated in making this video and for a freestyle funny video it turned out pretty good. I thought it would be fun to do it again (not thinking about everything I've experienced in the house before).

During my examination of the video I noticed I caught an EVP (Electric Voice Phenomena). I'm not sure what its saying but to me it sort of sounds like "It appears--" but then I start talking in the middle of its sentence. It was so clear. Very low volume though.

My sister, her friend who was staying the night and my mom were the only ones in the living room at 1am with me and I had just left to the computer room to look for where a plastic sound came from. I had left a tape recorder on the coffee table in the middle of the living room. I didn't catch any of the EVP on the video camera but it was caught on the voice recorder. If it was my mom, sister, or her friend, I would've recognized their voice and would've caught their voice on my video camera as well. Also, the voice I caught didn't sound like a female's voice and I know it wasn't me because I'm the one who "so rudely" interrupted the spirit's conversation. After I discovered this, I began taking soul seeking a lot more seriously.

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SoulSeeker (4 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-24)
yeah I think I'm gona rewrite this one and just keep the timelines separate. Hopefully people will be able to understand more of each story as they read the others I post.
ShawtyRach (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-07)
to be honest, I stopped reading this story half way through as I felt it was a liitle jumbled and quite confusing...
Sorry 😢 no offence intended
Rach 😕
SoulSeeker (4 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-05)
hiya_hayz: yeah I just reread my story and I noticed I'm missing a lot of details. Think I wrote this story too fast because I knew there was a lot of info to put in and a few intersecting time lines to remember. Guess I should have typed this up at home then at work so I wouldn't feel pressured on time.

Anyway, to clarify some of your concerns, the community was a newly built community. I don't know how many years but should not have been too many years. Also, the house itself could not have been haunted, it could have been the area or land. The whole community was built in the middle of a very large wooded area. Plenty of places to bury a body.

The feeling I get I've always gotten ever since I can remember and this one particular moment was when my mom assured me of the feeling I got when she said she saw something that just so happen to be in the same direction and time as the drift in the air that I felt.

My mom and I were the only ones at home at the time because my dad was with my two other sisters at target shopping for some shoes or something. Can't quite remember that specific detail. My mom never talks about ghost stuff around my dad because my dad doesn't believe in that stuff and he think she's crazy or make fun of her. She also said the shadow was the shape of a person because she saw the back and head shape. The shadow was a little bit taller than me (5'6") so it definitely wasn't our Cocker Spaniel.

When I recording my song I was about 2 feet away from my mic while sitting down and I didn't move more than a couple inches maybe from my occasional repositioning to sit more comfortably but I try not 2 move so much when recording so there isn't so much to edit if the vocals are off centered. My vocals remained within 10-12db in volume while the sound I heard boosted it up to around 14db. My voice remained stationary to the ear and the sighing was in the middle of my vocal delivery. That's how I knew it wasn't me. I have my song on Facebook I believe. But if not I have it on It's called The World in Between. Click Music, Song, and scroll down to the title click your selection and press play. I find the sighing easier to hear when the speakers have a little bit of bass. The sigh is in the 3rd chorus, fourth stanza. "These demons will come after *sigh* me, they enjoy when I try to run and hide." This chorus of the song is talking about some of my dreams. As for the original recording of just my voice where it was captured, I can try to look for it. I should still have it on my hard drive.

I apologize for the rushed story and I will make sure to take my time on my other stories.
SoulSeeker (4 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-05)
ParrotPig104: yeah there was a ton of info in this story and a lot of timelines that intersected to support other info in the story so that's probably what may have made this a bit confusing. Also, I think I may have started rushing a little bit towards the end of the story or the middle. Can't remember. All I know is I had so much time at work to type this up and submit it so I wouldn't have to deal with it later lol sorry about that
SoulSeeker (4 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-05)
ghostfacep: I did record a video where I caught an EVP and I posted it on YouTube. I also did record my room once but I never got around to watching the video. I have to find it. It's on my mom's camera or her computer =P
Argette (guest)
13 years ago (2011-11-14)
So many odd little things can happen in old houses. Odd creaks, critters in the walls, drafts, vibrations, electrical issues, plumbing noises, heating, cooling, settling.

Im not sure if taken together they mean a place is haunted. I have experienced some of these in my own house, which is late 19th century. I do not think it is haunted. That is not to say that one or two of my experiences might not be paranormal. I think most have an explanation, though.

Funny world we living in. Interesting.
hiya_hayz (5 stories) (66 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-14)
Next time be sure to clean your story up, it's a bit confusing.
How old is oyour house? Older houses tend to have drafts that feel like cold spots. The odd feeling you get when sitting in the living room doesn't mean that it's paranormal, you should do a bit of research on that at some point to find out. The shadow on the wall could have been a shadow person but it chould have also been your father perhaps or even the dog it wasn't human shaped. The "sighing" into your microphone could have been you. You should try and post the "supposed" evp you captured. A cleaned insolated versoin of it and the original.
ParrotPig104 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-11-13)
I agree with ghostfacep, its all seems slighlty fuzzy. I'm not sure I quite understand this story - probably just me!
ghostfacep (1 stories) (27 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-12)
Interesting, but a little fuzzy. Do you ever try leaving a camera or two on or maybe ask a friend if they feel out of the ordinary while in the house?

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