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You're Not Alone


It was the year 2009 in La Mesa Village, Monterey, CA and I had just gotten back home from my college classes. It was about 3 PM so my mom was out down the street picking up my two little sisters from school and my dad wouldn't be back from work for another 2 hours. After parking my car I used my spare house key to open the front door and I walk across the tile floor to the carpeted hallway.

The tile floor divided the living room to my right and the computer room to my left. Where the ends of the room stopped, that's where the carpeted hallway began. This hallway was just big enough for the closet where we hang up our coats and place our shoes. In front of me was a perpendicular hallway. Immediately to the right in the hallway was my room, and the rest of the rooms were to left down the hall.

I walked into my room and dropped my backpack off on my bed and empty out my pockets of my wallet, notepad, pens, and junk and walk back towards the front door to hang my clip of keys on the wall. As I cross the threshold of carpet to tile I catch a glimpse of a pile of clothes on the couch in the living room to my left.

Let me paint a picture here. Standing on the tile, door to the right, you are looking toward the front of the house through the living room. The flat screen TV was dead center between two tall windows and each couch was on either side. My parents, when they fold the newly cleaned laundry, would place the basket in the center of the living room so they can place the folded clothes on one of the couches and divide them according to person while watching TV.

I assumed the clothes where there because my mom was doing laundry before she had to pick up my sisters from school. I observed all of this from the corner of my eye and thought nothing of it.

Until it moved.

I looked over and see a burnet girl around 14 year's old sitting on the left side of the couch on the right side of the living room. Her arms were placed on her knees as she was leaning forward. I guess I caught her eye too because as I walked from around the corner, from carpet to tile, she looked up and our eyes met. She saw me and I saw her. She was wearing a black long sleeve, v-neck shirt with silver floral-line designs around the neck and chest. Almost immediately after seeing her, she vanishes. Not like a slow fade but not like Candyman does in his movies either when he appears. But somewhere in between. I was a bit spooked but I didn't feel threatened by her. If anything, that look she had made me feel lonely or lost.

Months later, I was doing dishes. My family was home and my dad had received some Netflix in the mail. They were getting through the previews as I washed their dishes from dinner while they ate their desert.

The kitchen light, in the center of the room, was on and the sink light, above where I was doing dishes, was also on. The dining room light across from me was off and the only other light that was on was the hall light to my right. Same layout as like from the front door.

This may sound weird but I've proven this several times to myself and others throughout my life. I can usually feel the density of the air in the room I'm in shift when someone or something enters the room but for some reason I didn't this time.

While I washed from station to station, left to right (Soapy water > Rinse > Dishwasher), I noticed, during my rinsing, that a dark shadow projected on the corner of where the sink ended on my left and the perpendicular counter began (where the microwave was). I thought it was just someone coming up to place their desert dishes on the counter next to the sink.

I turned to see who it was but didn't expect someone's head to be inches from my face so I got startled. I jumped and glanced back to make sure I wasn't going to trip over the dishwasher door that was open and look back in front of me in a matter of a quick second. I thought it was my sister but when I looked no one was there. If she had even the slightest possibility of running out the kitchen in time for me not to see her, or even walking into the kitchen, I would've heard her footsteps. But there were none.

I laugh to myself as I begin to walk it off and as I take my first few steps I get a chill and tingly feeling as if walking through a draft. When I walked back, I felt nothing but the warm room temperature of the house. I had told my mom about the girl I had seen before sitting on the couch so I felt I had to tell her this.

"Mom?" I call as I walk over to the doorway to the computer room.

"What?" she asks from the living room.

"It happened again."

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SoulSeeker (4 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-05)
Sorry, that comment was meant for cosmogal926 =P just in case anyone was confused lol
SoulSeeker (4 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-05)
LisaHauntedforLife: yes I wouldn't mind speaking with the spirit. I don't live in the house anymore but I would love to go back and see if I can see her again. If so, I will try to say something before she disappears. I would like to try to talk with her face to face if I could and maybe hear her voice too. As long as a spirit I see doesn't disappear as soon as I see it, I'm not afraid at all. It's the fact that she could see me but suddenly I couldn't see her that kind of creeped me out and left me with questions like "where'd she go? Is she still here? Can she see me? Is she looking at me?" lol
generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-05)
cool, thanks Argette. I'll not get a chance to go looking for those papers for a couple months, but I will keep them in mind.
Argette (guest)
13 years ago (2011-11-27)
Oh, yes and don't forget Sanborn Insurance maps, which mapped out cities and Birdseye Maps, too.

Sanborn maps (created to gauge fire insurance liability) will show the footprint of your house while Birdseye maps will show a side view, more or less an aerial view.
Argette (guest)
13 years ago (2011-11-27)
How to research your home? If you don't have one of those old abstracts that shows every transaction, every mortgage, etc., start with the local register of deeds office. I haven't researched mine in a while, but as I recall, there will be a page or two showing all the transactions that were registered for your property.

You can also go to the library or local historical society to locate your home's address in old city directories. The city directories will show you the name of the person or persons who lived in your house, and generally will also show their occupation. I have used to learn about the families of the people who lived in my house, which was built at the end of the 19th century. Old census records will show the names and ages of those who lived in your house, and they can be found on

I was lucky: I was doing research on another subject in the morgue of a local newspaper and stumbled upon an article about my house being built (I knew who the first owner was and the article caught my eye).

Well, that's a start anyway...
generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-27)
Hey, can one of you who know HOW to research the history of one's home please instruct the rest of us?

I'd love to learn the history of my home (I'm pretty sure THIS one isn't haunted, but I'm curious. It's old) - as well as possibly the history of the home in which I grew up.
UntilDark (1 stories) (24 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-09)
Wow, your story gave me the chills.

I think you should search the history of your house. Maybe, something about this girl will be revealed to you.

Thanks for sharing your story. 😊
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-09)
Great story SoulSeeker! You mentioned that you felt lost and alone when you first saw her. Maybe she is looking to you for help. There are a couple of things you can do if you are willing to try and communicate with her. You can try talking out loud to her and see if you can get her to respond by knocking, you can do an evp session if you have a recorder, or you can always light a candle for her and say a prayer that she finds her way into the light. Has your mom, or anyone else in your family seen or experienced anything?
LisaHauntedforlife (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
When I notice a ghost, or spirit in a house it ends up comming around again. I don't know if it is to get me to help in some way, or just to be around some one who can see it. If they can see you, there is something about you that they are atracted to. You will also notice old people and children have the same reaction to you. Old people will walk up to you and for no reason start telling you about their life. Maybe it will start trying to talk to you, aske for help to cross over.

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