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A Few Experiences 2


Once my friend and I were hanging out in my room, and we started to hear sounds like footsteps and bangs coming from the attic. The next day, when my dad was home, I went up into the attic to see what it was. There was no one and nothing up there to make those sounds. If you read the first A Few Experiences, you will or will not remember that my friend and I had Scelerophibia, so we were POSITIVE that it was a murderer hiding in my attic.

Another time, my friend was trying to get to sleep (it was at her house, I was not there) and she began to hear something tapping on the desk about twelve inches from the foot of her bed. She got up to see what it was, and it stopped. It began again when she laid back down, so on and so forth. She finally decided to sleep downstairs.

My friend's backyard backs up to a large field. She has told me that she can never go into the backyard at night, because she keeps getting the feeling that she is being watched. She can go into the front yard, no problem, but the backyard is NOT an option.

I am growing quite tired of saying "My friend" so let me give you their names. The friend that I will speak of most is named Saku, and the friend that I probably won't talk about as often is named Silence. Saku and I were going on a bike ride at around dusk. This was still during the time of our Scelerophibia. My neighborhood is connected to another, and we know of a path that goes through the woods, into the other neighborhood, and back. That is where we often go on walks and bike rides. Since it was dark, I was very afraid of going into the dark woods, for fear of a killer being in there. I realized that I HAD to, because that was really the only way back, even if I turned around. The trail basically goes in a circle. While I was riding through very quickly, I heard footsteps, not from animals, and twigs snapping, branches slapping against others, things that animals wouldn't cause.

Saku and I were at my mom's old house. My mom had gone to the store, I don't really remember why. When I was little, I had a life-size Barbie doll that now belongs to my sister who is four years old. We went into my sister's room, and the doll's head was turned to the left. We went back into the living room, but the next time we went in there, its head was turned to the left. Keep in mind that we were alone. We got scared, so we charged from the room.

In about half an hour we decided to go back in. The door wouldn't budge, like it was locked. The only problem with that theory was that there was NO lock on my sister's door. Finally, we got it open, and the doll's head was turned toward us. Something about it made its plastic features look angry. We didn't go back in there until my mom got home, when its head was turned to the left, the way it was before she went to the store.

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anzime11 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-04)
hmmm... Well the doll thing is especially interesting. The forest thing is interesting too.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-05)
very interesting happening. Do you still suffer from your phobia? Maybe that has something to do with these occurances?

God Bless!
Shadows (2 stories) (12 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-04)
"...but the next time we went in there, its head was turned to the left..."
I meant: "But the next time we went in there, its head was turned to the right..."

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