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Little Boy Surrounded By Light


Last summer I was going to school by the Utah border. Almost halfway through the second semester I had to go to the hospital because my kidney and liver were combining into one. Just put your hand in a fist and wrap your other hand around it to know. So I had to get surgery and when that was all done and taken care of I went back to my grandma's house.

I lived with my grandma and her three daughters- my auntie's- and one of my auntie's husbands and her two kids, so we were all crowded. I slept in the living room while the others got the three bedrooms.

When I first came to the house I didn't see or feel anything wrong with it. Until I had to sleep in the living room alone. I noticed that noises would sound in the garage when no one was in there. And it always sounded like someone was moving around in the attic when there was no way anyone could have been up there.

The noises always sounded when everyone was asleep and sometimes in the evenings when I was the only one home. I started to get the feeling that if I was sitting on the couch and watching TV, someone would be watching me.

Then one night when I had gone to bed like usual, I tried to go to sleep when everyone was still awake so I felt protected, I opened my eyes to see a little boy standing at the foot of the futon by my feet. I felt a sharp chill go through me and I froze rigid. The little boy wasn't scary but he shocked me.

He looked like my little cousin. My auntie's son Wyatt, but an older version of him. He looked happy and he smiled at me. There was some sort of green bluish light around him and that freaked me out a lot. I buried my head under the covers and when I peeked out again, he was gone...

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