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The Upstairs Neighbour


As I had said previously in some of my earlier comments, and one story, I had a huge change in my Life. I met the Love of my life and moved to New York to live with him. We have lived here together for almost two years now and for all but the last month there has been no upstairs neighbour, at least not a living one.

First a bit of background on where I live, it is an apartment building that rents only to the elderly and/or disabled so death is a common occurrence. The area also contains many grave yards, both still in use and abandoned. Some of you may have even seen one of the most prominent businesses, Beardsley Castle featured on a show or other haunted site.

Starting a few days after I moved in I began hearing noises upstairs, most commonly Footsteps as if someone was pacing from room to room. The footsteps were very distinct, it sounded like someone using a cane to walk. Then it would sound as if someone was moving boxes or other heavy items around. The noises were heard by many people, almost everyone who visited heard the noises at one time or another, day or night, it was just as if there was someone living upstairs. The apartment was clearly empty, you could stand in the parking lot and look through the balcony doors and see that.

After several months of just the noises my friend Rose and I were outside sitting on the hood of the car smoking and talking about a ghost hunt that weekend when I noticed movement in the glass of the balcony door upstairs. I looked up to see a short elderly man with wavy white hair, black framed glasses, white button up shirt, dark pants and a black cane standing there looking down at us. When he saw me looking he smiled and faded from view. I turned to Rose and asked if she had seen him and she just nodded then said let's go inside.

Later I asked some of the ladies who have lived here for several years if they knew who I had seen. One of them told me it was the man who had lived there and died before I moved here. She did not remember exactly how long ago but it was at least a year before I moved in that he died.

Up until the Living neighbours moved in we continued hearing and once in a while seeing the man upstairs.

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AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-23)

They rent to the elderly and/or disabled. My Fiance is disabled.

I love the area, lots of old houses and buildings, and beautiful graveyards and wooded areas.

My Fiances Mom lives in the old church Rectory and stuff is constantly happening, flickering lights, odd noises, and even apparitions.

Will start posting more stories as fast as I can get permission for some of them, and get the others typed up. My fiance and some of his friends had an awesome experience in Beardslee after it had burned the last time, but before the restorations began, but that's a whole story in itself.
LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-23)

So are you the caretaker of the property, or does your significant other qualify as elderly? Because your profile says you are a young adult, but the place you live only rents to the elderly.

Little Falls and the Beardslee Castle... Not far from where I grew up (other side of Utica)... Old towns, old homes and plenty of spirit activity.

Take care.

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