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The Reed Organ, And The Charred Arm


So, I love collecting antiques, and vintage items. I was at goodwill, and bought a 1969 Magnus Reed Organ. When I brought it home, it looked like it had ash on it, and dirt on it (like it was taken from a fire). I wiped it off and began to examine it for safety to make sure it is safe to play. It is a very nice organ. So later that night, when I was in my room falling asleep. I did not feel normal. It felt like there was a 'presence' watching me. This continued through the night, and lasted several days. It was a deep feeling, and felt like it was watching me through the mirror on my dresser. I never looked at that mirror for about 3 days.

About a week later, I was on my computer, doing research on my organ, when I happened to look into my mirror to see a heavily charred arm and hand reaching out. I swung around in my chair to see where the reflection was coming from. It disappeared before I turned around, but about 30 seconds later, my mom comes up to me, and says "Do you smell something burning?", and I replied back, "No." (Obviously because I didn't. I went downstairs to look at the organ again, and as soon as I stood near it, I felt that presence again. I seemed like I was being starred at. I was nervous, so I turned on a radio so I wouldn't feel so alone. I felt like I was being watched very intensely, and it went away after about 5 minutes.

About 3 days later, I was playing it, and I felt that presence again. I stopped playing it, and turned around. Nothing was there. About a week after all this, the presence was not there, and has not come back.

I need help, I don't understand how my mom could smell something burning, and I don't, and why it was just watching me. Why did it go away after a while, or did I learn to ignore it? Please comment below, I could use some help right now.

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raccoonbonapart (1 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-09)
I've heard before that smelling something burning can sometimes be followed by a seisure.:\ Maybe your mother should consult with a doctor just in case.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-07)
Nysa has some intresting and valid points which really should be considered.

Another posiblity is that you were visited by the former owner who was simply reasuring themselves that you truely apreciated this organ and that it had 'found' a good home. Having done so the experiences stopped.

Thanks for sharing.


Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
What is it about the reflection of our world that freaks us out, even though we use mirrors extensively now-a-days? I think it is a real possibility that your mind created a back story & a phantom to go with it when you noticed what you believed to be fire or smoke damage. Our minds do seem to create these kinds of things & make them very real. As for your mother smelling smoke, it happens. Perhaps the air moved across the organ just right to circulate a burnt odor from a little ash that you missed when you cleaned it, or maybe it was something else in the house that got hot for a second. Tiny whiffs like that are often gone before we form the words to ask if anyone else detects it. If there was actually a ghost / spirit I don't think it would have revealed itself to you then just left. Your mind might have shut it out as a way to deal with fear, but without anyone else seeing anything it is less likely. Another possibility, I suppose, is that it was not an actual spirit attached to the organ, but the energy from a trauma being "released" into the atmosphere (for lack of better wording) for a short time after you brought it home. Then maybe the energy just fizzled out.
Argette (guest)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
I think the mirror is key here. I thought this link was interesting:


Goo luck trying to puzzle this one out!
MissyM (2 stories) (152 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
I 100% agree zzsgranny.

Id like to add though that sometimes people have an over active imagination. I know mirrors freak me out. As a child I watched too many scary movies and was always uncomfortable with mirror's (i.e. Having my own reflection move when I didn't move...etc... This has NEVER happened I used to scare myself.

Reading your passed stories I think that you may be experiencing a little bit of what I used to do. Over actively reading too much into things and scaring yourself.

zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
SumGuy: I feel it's very curious, and not in the least coincidental, that all of your stories involved visions in your mirror... Please don't take offense, but have you had your eyes checked recently?...If you spend an extraordinary amount of time in front of a computer, your eyes can become tired, not to mention seeing images after you've stared at the screen and then suddenly look away... This happens to me even in broad daylight...

I honestly don't feel anything is haunting you, but there's more than likely a more mundane explanation... Sorry 😉
MissyM (2 stories) (152 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
This sounds so much like the phantom of the opera. Ie... Organ, burnt man...etc...
zetafornow (4 stories) (447 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
I think you should go back to the goodwill store and ask them if they have any information on the organ such as where did they get it from, for example. Usually records are kept for tax purposes, etc. Also something as big as an organ should be rememberable for them.

Maybe your mom could smell something burning and you didn't because she is sensitive to that sort of stuff. Not everyone can smell, see, feel or hear the same things when it comes to the paranormal.

Just a suggestion. I'd like to hear an update on this story to hear if anything else happens.

Thanks, zeta.
JoBee (2 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
I love antiques, and I love organs and pianos! I think I'm leaning more towards what Hellhound said. It doesn't seem as though it was trying to hurt you, but certainly wanted to make sure the organ was in good hands. Similarly if it is gone, then I wouldn't worry too much about it, and just have fun making music.

To add, if it were to come back, you could address it, ensure that it knows you have good intentions for the organ.

Devils-Daughter (6 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
has the organ got a name? Ex:the yellow organ of abadabi? Or is it just called a reed organ? Ill look it up on Google did you
find anything or do you think it might hav been an evil spirit?

Any way thans for the awesome story 😆 😉
snowhite (203 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
If I were you, I would just get rid of it. I remember watched a real show, it is about ghost huntingteam came to a family who claimed weird thing happened after they got an organ. Theinvestigation team found out there were an evil spirit attached to the organ. After they got rid of the organ in a special way, everything was fine.
owensnee1 (guest)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
It definitely sounds like there is some sort of spirit or energy attached to this object. I'm curious to know the history of this thing. Are you keeping it?
Hellhound (2 stories) (37 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
Great story:)

Did you ever find out what had happened to the organ? Was it ever in a fire? Or maybe the loving owner of it had been burnt to death and attached itself to it's much loved piece.
It would have left as it may have just been checking up on the organ:)
Maybe the spirit was keeping an eye on you, as you are the owner of the organ, but, and this is just an idea, maybe your mother is sensitive to things supernatural, and although the spirit wasn't there to see her, she could have picked up it's scent, yeh that sounds gross. Lol
Thanks for the great read

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