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Paranormal Activity Has Recently Picked Up


I haven't updated in years! I have so many new stories, so many new experiences. I will briefly summarize and get into detail later, you can email me for more info about a certain one if you'd like.

So, usually paranormal activity in my life picks up dies down randomly. Lately, things have picked up. My boyfriend just recently moved to a house which is split into two sections, the upper (which is his) and the lower (which is a home to a family of 3). I don't know the history of the place, seeing as I can't find anything on it, but I do know the area has its history (downtown St.Petersburg).

I've heard the clearest calling of my name EVER in that house, while trying to sleep late at night. There was no television on, any radio, absolutely nothing. My boyfriend was asleep and when he's sleeping, he is OUT. I sat up and looked around and saw nothing, but I assure you, I was wide awake. I've always been able to sense something was there, but never tried contacting it because my boyfriend will think I am extremely strange.

As an update to the situation with my father dying, I see him in my dreams constantly even though he is "gone" he isn't really gone. He is always telling me something, which I can never remember no matter how hard I try. It sounds strange, but every time I "see" him, we are talking in a white fog. Almost as if we aren't even standing on ground, because there is no visible ground, though we are standing.

Sometimes my mother will be in the dream and will be driving through this white/fog sort of thing, but she her eyes are vacant (she is still alive today) and she never speaks. She just stares straight and stops when my dad appears, and I let him into the car and we speak, and he says he has to go, so we let him out, and I wake up. It's comforting to know he is still alive in some way, even if not physically with me... But it scares me because I don't want him to be unhappy where ever it is that he is at, because of the way he died.

Lately I feel really drawn to graveyards and sites where people have died. I always have, but even more so now, for what ever reason. I feel like there is a youthful spirit following me. I haven't tried any contact but I am currently working on it. They tend to come and go, but some hold on a lot longer than others, I am just unsure of how to help these people? It's easy to say "go to the light" but it's a lot harder to convince someone.

Thanks for reading!

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zetafornow (4 stories) (447 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-07)
Hi hales3:

Sorry about your dad... I do know what you are going through and it is hard. Just a question... Do you talk to your dad? I find that when I talk to my dad for example when I am driving alone in the car, somehow it is if he is listening or is around me. That might give you some answers and maybe the dreams such as you have been having will stop. Remember our loved ones are never really gone and we can still include them in our daily lives.

As far as the voice... Try talking to that also. You may get some answers for that also.

loca_mocha (4 stories) (32 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-07)
Ha ha YAY! I'm the first to comment! (Sorry a bit hyper 😆) So first let me say that I am really sorry about your dad. That is a real let down. Second I feel it is natural for you to feel followed when paranormal things are happing. It happens to me all the time. The best you can do (since you don't want to embaress your self in front of your bf) is to just ignore it until it becomes a threat. Then if one day you just get tired of it tell it in a firm voice to go away (you know when your alone 😁) Sorry I'm not giving such good advice I am a bit hyper and it's hard to give good advice when hyper! Ha ha!
So best of luck! ❤

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