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Leaving An Old Life Behind


For those of you who have read my two previous stories you will know that my family and I are gifted with the ability of sixth sense among various other physic abilities. This collection of assorted stories are based over a period of the recent ten months around my family and i.

I will pick up from where I left off. Since writing my last story, my family and I have moved house into a lovely old victorian villa which will be needing a bit of repair work and the usual touch up. Since the move my older brother has 'left the nest' and has gone on to live elsewhere on his own, leaving my mother and I with the victorian villa.

Rewind to a certain extent, and I shall start around 10 months ago, where this all began.

In the final months leading up to the move, paranormal activity was deemed to be on a higher scale than usual, which left everyone feeling slightly unnerved. Along with the usual performances; shadows out of the corner of our eyes, flickering lights, things being moved, taps on full blast and so on, we also had more predominate events. At the time of this certain event, I was skyping to a friend late at night about a tall dark figure I'd been seeing a lot lately, when I had a sudden overwhelming urge to look over to the entrance to my kitchen, as I did, I saw the exact same tall dark figure standing there.

Before I had time to react, the figure lurched forward towards me at alarming speed, going straight through me, it sent a powerful jolt through me enough to make me violently shudder and shiver as goosebumps started to form all over me. All this happened within a matter of mere seconds which left me utterly shocked and afraid for a good part of the night, as I had never experienced such an attack like that. In which I took that the figure didn't like to be openly spoken of. So for the rest of the night I pictured myself surrounded in gods white light, to protect me from further experiences like so.

Thankfully, nothing as malevolent ever occurred again, with this encounter being the complete opposite, an instance of strong positive paranormal presence. I was resting on the families lazy boy recliner chair in the far corner of our lounge by the window. I was on the computer typing an email when I got a sudden strong lungful of roses, knowing that our window was firmly closed and having no roses in the backyard I had no idea where the scent was coming from, as it lingered with me for a couple of minutes, I had the most comforting, calm feeling wash over me and was left in a comforting sort of trance for the short time being.

I had decided to keep the experience quiet as I wasn't sure how to perceive what had just occurred until later on the following day the subject of my maternal grandmother came up, and I let slip what happened yesterday with the roses. My mother looked at me in awe and whispered "Your grandmothers favorite flower was roses, she must of come to visit you yesterday." Being adamant that it was indeed my grandmother, I had never met my grandmother due to a horrific suicide, yet the scent brought with it such a warm feeling of calm and comfort that is unmistakably a grandmotherly aura.

A similar experience came about a few months later in the exact same spot, as I was yet again on my computer typing away, when I got a whiff of a smokey sweet smell, a precise mix of cigars and cinnamon, which I knew fairly well both had no place in our household. Sitting there inhaling the scent I got a strong feeling of a male. I don't know how to explain it as such, for it didn't feel like a precise 'presence', but more or less, I just 'knew' it was the scent of a older male. Thinking back to the experience with my grandmother, I presumed it was my grandfather, whom I also sadly never met, as he passed away before I was born. As per usual, I told my mother of this unusual event, to that she confirmed that the smell of cigars and cinnamon was indeed my grandfather as he always smelt of those two particular scents.

In one of my final few nights over with my mate, it was a particularity active one in the sense of paranormal. Within the duration of the night, my nimble minded friend had witnessed her first ghost apparition, describing what she saw as a black labrador dog casually cross the entrance of my doorway. The climax of the night though being later on in the night, whilst we were both in bed, we very clearly heard heavy footsteps cross my wooden bathroom floor which was right next door to us. It was as if someone was wearing hefty working boots and slowly walked across the length of my bathroom with heavy thuds. My friend, obviously petrified, snuggled deeper into the covers and looked at me with wide eyes as I explained to her it was simply one of our ghosts making sure it presence was known.

As my family and I had identified a few of our many entities, our child poltergeist started to play around again after months of being considerably dormant. My mother was the first to bare witness to the child's pranks, as she showering in our glass shower, it slowly started to fog up, where a child's handprint clearly appeared on the shower just below the middle of the glass door. My mother, typically thinking it might of been my brother or I, passed it off as us being careless and continued showering until well after she had finished she noticed the handprint was still there, clear as day even though all the steam had long evaporated.

Thinking it was a smudge, she cleaned the outside of the door and left, satisfied that it was clean. The following day, my mother was first to shower, and as she did so, yet again, the mysterious hand print reappeared, right there before her very own eyes. Laughing to herself, she concluded that it was our little poltergeist friend, and continued on with her shower. For a week or so, this continued to happen only in her presence as she showered, so, to prove her point, she got out early one day and rushed to grab me to show me this phenomena. True to her word, just below the middle of the shower door, was a wee child's handprint. Astonished, we both just stared, jaws open and eyes wide.

After what seems like a short time but must of been around three weeks, I was busy showering, my eyes casually scanned the shower door, and there, in its exact spot, was the handprint. Curious but not frightened, I placed my hand over the mysterious handprint to find that mine dominated, evidence to that this was the handprint to a much younger child, possibly around 7 or 8.

But the cascade of events did not stop there, as my mother was acquiring frequent visits from another realm. One visit particularly stood out to her vividly. Absolutely rigid that she was not dreaming, she woke to find herself holding me as a baby, the exact feel of my skin and the weight in her arms to the sound of my baby gurgles. She sat in her bed holding baby me for a good couple of minutes before the apparition slowly faded away, leaving her mystified. If anyone has any ideas as to what this was or how/why it happened I'd be extremely grateful, thank you.

As the daunting day had arrived, the household was a very tense and stressed atmosphere, as my family and I quickly packed up our old house, this seemed to have created an uproar with our paranormal house guests. All of my family on the day of the move had numerous supernatural encounters.

With everyone snapping and bickering at one another with the pressure of making the deadline on moving. Our ghost friends seemed to pick up on the vibe and made their presence strongly known, dark shadows at the corner of everyones eyes, important boxes being moved and even a doppleganger or two making an appearance.

The first encounter occurred on a bleak late afternoon, my mother was packing away our toiletry items, and swore she saw her long deceased mother, clear as day, walk into her bedroom which was directly across from the bathroom. Without a second thought, my mother simply strode into her bedroom to pursue her mother. As she entered the room, reality slowly dawned on her. So, with a warm smile, she quietly left the room, visibly much calmer and at ease.

The second encounter happened within an hour or so of the first, as I was busy packing and loading things onto a trailer, I distinctly saw my mother walk into the laundry, which was a mere 3 meter walk from where I was standing. "Mum!" I yelled, expecting her immediate reply. After waiting a few seconds I decided to walk over to her, quite annoyed at how she had blatantly ignored me, only to find the laundry empty, and my mother outside helping load the trailer. I laughed to myself, knowing instantly what happened and pondered over to my mother to tell her what had just occurred, in which she exclaimed the exact same had happened to her that day.

When we moved away, the events slowly died down, leaving me with the conclusion that the reason being we were surrounded by so many entities was because of all the negative energy each of us carried within that household and the negative energy that the household already possessed. As my mother and I parted ways with my brother, I've found only the slightest occurrences within our new household, as this house instantly had a warm, happy welcoming feeling to it.

The only encounters I've had here was when I was extremely ill with DKA and Supraventricular Tachycardia. (For those of you who aren't too accustomed to medical terms, DKA is to do with Type 1 Diabetes and Suparventricular Tachycardia is a parlous heart condition) As I was lying in bed, contemplating on whether or not to ring an ambulance, I felt a gentle hand stroke my shoulder, as if in understanding and comforting me. Shortly after that I am positive I fell into a deep sleep. Although my recollection of this is hazy as I was so ill.

Another instance was when I was having a terrible time falling asleep, due to reoccurring back problems, when I felt a benevolent breeze blow along one side of me. First instance I thought I hadn't covered myself properly, so I pulled my covers over me only to find the gentle cool breeze continued until one half of me was completely cold, to which I slowly started to drift to sleep. I know for a fact that all my windows were sealed shut and my room does not have any drafts so those factors were ruled out.

Alas, on the other side of town, my brother has failed to keep his extra house guests away. Which to my understanding is a poltergeist, as it particularly likes to make a scene when he has guests over, such as making pictures fall off the wall and swinging his bedroom light.

Well, that is most of what I can recall over the past 10 months or so. I'm sorry that it is somewhat longer than I first anticipated, and I hope that I didn't lose anyones interest. All comments and questions are welcome and much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

-CDubber xx

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pinkparrot6202 (41 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-14)
wow alarming story, thanks for sharing I love dthis story so much. 😆 😉
lizziebee1992 (2 stories) (37 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-12)
very interesting. And very creepy when you saw your mother in the house when she was outside.
wolfeyes72206 (32 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-31)
wow an amazing story and for all of your sakes I sure hope all goes well for you... Keep the faith.
CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-17)
Vanessanda; Oh no, not in the slightest! I would say it's human nature to be curious and to do one's best to comprehend. Haha, thankfully since living apart my brother and I have made amends, although there's still the occasional fall-out every now and then. Typical brotherly and sisterly love. 😆
Vanessanda (3 stories) (226 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-17)

Yes, you answered all my queries, thanks for being so open about the personal stuff with your bro. I hope I didn't offend but it was such an interesting story and I was curious
CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-17)
Javelina; Thank you, It's quite relieving to know I haven't made a bore of my writing. Haha 😆 It is peculiar that my brother is the only male of my family to have inherited the gift of sixth sense. Though that could be foreseen as a positive change further along the bloodline with both male and female inheriting this gift. Anyhow, thank you for reading.

Miami_girl_medium; Thank you, I take that as a great compliment 😊 Yes, I've picked up on my animals sensing spirits too. In my previous home, I'd find my dog pacing intently around the entrance to our lounge at night, pursuing something I could not see. Ah, yes, It is a lovely feeling to sense your grandparents presence. Thank you for reading.

Vanessanda; I believe the negative energy decreased for multiple reasons. One being our previous home made us all notoriously sick, which put immense stress and strain on all who bared witness to it. Secondly, our landlord was a horrid, money greedy women who took great pleasure in seeing my family and I suffer as she drained us of all money. Thirdly, when my family and I moved and my brother decided to leave the nest, that resolved a lot of tension and upset. As my brother and I did not get along tremendously well living under the same roof, which caused a lot of quarrels and fall-outs and with that said, just a general negative energy. As of our previous homes pre-established negative energy, to my understanding, houses harbor the previous owners energy and kismet, and, if that was to be negative and futile then the new owners would adapt this energy, as exactly what happened to my family and i. So, if you were to add that all up, I would say those are the sole reasons for the negative energy which clung to my family and i. On the other hand, with my mother and I in our new home, (the victorian villa) it seems to harbor a positive and optimistic energy, courtesy to the previous owners hard work and determination. With all that said and done, my mother and I have cleared ourselves of all negative energy and with that, all spirits who were feeding off it. Hope I cleared up any queries as best I could. Thank you for reading.
Vanessanda (3 stories) (226 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-17)

The Victorian Period in New Zealand would have been a time of change and turmoil so it's understandable that there would be spirits with various demeanours floating around from that period.

But, I'm curious to know more about your brother and why you mention that the paranormal activity has decreased since he left the nest. I understand why many of the homes would have negative energy (colonisation, convict labour etc) but what was the negative energy that you say your family carries?

Very interesting account, I'm going over to read your other stories, thanks.
Miami_girl_medium (9 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-16)
You didn't loose me, in fact you made me read the story twice, then go read your other ones! The way you write is like amazing. And I love how you and your family are all physic. I'm a medium myself, and my parents, and grandparents to LOL. Its a family thing I guess! My dogs and cats are very aware of the sprits in my household as well. Anyway I love the story, and how your grandparents visted you! I sometimes get the feeling my grandma is around too.'
Best of luck!
[MGM]Lexi 😆 ❤
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-15)
You didn't lose my interest at all. I find your family dynamics are not so far off the beaten path. These things quite often follow bloodlines it seems. And the fact that you are still in awe of these gifts shows you have respect for them. That is refreshing.
Thank you for sharing.

Jav ❤
CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-15)
Whoops, typo. Haha😆 I mean't to say *Geetha50. My apologies!
CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-15)
Moongrim; Haha, yes, it seems my brother isn't too pleased that his paranormal house guests followed him, although he hasn't made much of an effort to get rid of them either.

Geeth50; Thank you, I'm pleased that the story captured your interest, as I was worried that maybe I had dragged it on a bit. Yes, my family and I are indeed stronger after all this, yet my brother is still just beginning to dip his toes into the vast world of physics. Yes, I'm continually saddened that I never got to meet my grandparents, and that both their departures were quite harsh. (Grandmother to suicide and Grandfather to bowel cancer.) As for the dark figure, I was only typing to my friend on Skype at that point. It would of been fascinating if he had indeed seen the figure though!

Ladygreywolf; Yes, I believe it is passed down through lineage. As my great grandmother and grandmother were both physic as well as my mother and myself. Although the men on our side of the family don't seem to be physic with the odd exception of my brother. It seems children and animals are more prone to the paranormal than adults so I wouldn't be surprised if your son was experiencing visits from another realm. Yes, at times it does scare and bother me, with instances such as the tall dark figure and other menacing entities trying to wreck havoc. But, every rose has its thorn as there is plenty of positives to sharing your home with paranormal house guests. (:

Darkness; Me too, although I believe most of them are fairly content living at my brothers new residence, haha. 😆

Thank you for all your comments. (:
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-14)
Interesting set of accounts CDubber, it seems you definitely had the positive and negative experiences within your previous home, and I don't think they were to impressed in you all leaving. Having the spiritual background in your family, I can vouch that you will continue to have these events in your life. I am glad you know how to ground and protect yourself also. Well done. 😊

Thanks for sharing.

ladygreywolf (17 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-14)
I always thought that kind of thing was just being sensitive I do believe now it is passed down through lineage, or at least I have always been a beacon for similar things like you have outlined and it never occured to me that my sons could be disposition but my son has lately been telling me about a few different experiences or instances (he is 6) and I am starting to realize he is not making up stories since some of the information he gather during an paranormal interaction was information he could have never known, but anyways doesn't it ever scare you or bother you?
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-14)
I didn't lose interest at all. I actually went back and read your other stories as well. At times, I seriously do not want to be in your shoes. But I think I can safely say that you and your family are stronger now that you experienced all these events, right?

I loved the part about where your grandparents came to visit you. I'm for the loss of your grandparents and that you didn't get a change to know them. Suicide is never a nice way to go and it's hard on the family.

The part about the dark figure send chills down my spine. That was really freaky. You mentioned that you were on Skype with your friend. Was your friend able to see anything from the screen?
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-13)
I feel for your bro. Guests, (invited or otherwise) like fish, stink after a few days.

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