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Humanoid And The Candle Thrower


Since my last story my mother and I have moved to a nice modern flat a block away from our old house. Here's me thinking "Ah, a nice new house. This surely won't be haunted!" Well, I was wrong. Though I can say activity has definitely decreased since living here, I believe we have some residents here that were here long before this house was.

One of the most significant events to happen to myself took place around a month ago. I was getting ready to go for a walk, so I was sitting on my bed tying up my shoes and for some reason unknown to me I looked over to the end of my bed. To my surprise I saw a small black figure suddenly duck under the bed! It was small, around a meter tall and completely black. I'm guessing that it didn't want me to see it, hence the ducking. I didn't get any negative vibes off it, I was just rattled somewhat. Other than that it's been the usual case of hearing footsteps, light switches going on and off, occasionally seeing a figure dart out of the corner of my eye and something moving around and shuffling boxes in my closet. (Rodents can't be to blame as we don't have any here.) I have also occasionally been feeling a weight at the end of my bed, like someone sitting down.

Now to my mother's experiences, she has been feeling a full blown cat curl up at her feet most nights. Even being able to feel it with her feet only to open her eyes and nothing be there. The freakiest encounter yet happened around a month or two ago. My mother was sitting at our coffee table drinking her morning coffee and turned to look out our glass sliding door, only to be shocked to see a humanoid figure leaving through the glass door! Now, I give it a humanoid term because my mother clearly got a non-human vibe from it. It was also naked, any ideas from readers as to why? She only saw it for a second before it was gone.

We have both gotten feelings of been watched as we sleep, I wouldn't call it a negative feeling, just more unsettling. Now, on two occasions a jelly candle which has been placed on my duchess has flown off without warning. Wind couldn't be to blame as my windows were firmly shut. It was also placed far enough away from the edge that simply falling couldn't be to blame either. I get the feeling that something wanted my attention quite strongly, but I was unable to communicate with it. Or for better words, I didn't want to! Haha. Our dog David has also been seen randomly barking and staring at something we cannot see down our hallway. I'm going to take a good guess here and say that whatever lives in our home with us resides in our hallway/my room. I say this because my room generally seems to be a hive of activity. (Oh lucky me.)

What I'm not sure of, is how many exactly reside here with us. My mother was recently in hospital for a major operation and seemingly brought home a few 'friends' too. So, we've seen the humanoid naked figure (it kind of creeps me out), the small black figure, (possibly a child due to all the pranks), numerous spirit animals and the candle thrower. Thankfully I have not felt any negative vibes, so as long as that stays that way they are welcome to live here with us.

So, really my question is, has anyone got any ideas on what this humanoid naked figure is? Should I be worried? It certainly freaked me out and my mum too. I don't think it's menacing as both her and I would of picked something up by now. Also, ideas on how I can communicate with this entity who likes messing with my candle?

Thank you

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CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-30)
valkricry: We don't have all that much when it comes to greenery around where I live. I have no idea what was here before our house though so when I can I'll look into it. Yes, I get the feeling my candle thrower is just wanting attention and letting us know it's around. Thanks for the input! 😊

Swimsinfire: New Zealand does have a rich history when it comes to the paranormal, with our Maori heritage and early english settlers it's bound to create some exciting encounters.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-29)
I agree with the Vals elemental idea, having been introduced to something similar by my son. (Tink it'll be a story.) Also doesn't New Zealand have a history of spiritual activity? Might be interesting to read about. Great story. Hang in there.
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-09-29)
You say that your Mom got a non-human vibe from the humanoid and that it was naked. Are there woods or a forest near your home? Maybe a field? The reason I ask is this could well not be a human spirit but an Elemental. According to most of the old legends the feys and the like are usually nude, not needing clothing. In later stories (possibly due to our own puritan thoughts) they began being dressed.
Your candle thrower... Could be a bid for attention. You might try just talking to it. The next time it happens, just ask for it to do it again. If it's intelligent you could possible set up a 'code' with it moving the candle left for no, right for yes, or some such thing.
CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-28)
spiritwaiting: Maybe this entity is a bit of a health nut and thought my insulin was a bad thing! Haha 😆 I definitely will try to communicate with it, I suppose I gained the courage to speak directly to it because I was anxious about my insulin! As for the humanoid, I haven't had any negative vibes from it. It just seems to hang around our house, observing us. As the experiences keep coming, I'll keep posting! 😊

Wiccawitch: Thank you for the advice, I will try to make contact with these entities in due time. As far as I know, the house we're currently in is 7 years old and we are the second people to reside in it. The previous owner was a middle aged lady with 2 Greyhounds. That's about all I know. So I'll take a guess here and say that the hauntings may be from the land, not the house.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-28)
[at] cdubber,thats awesome, how the spirit gave it back! Maybe it was trying to figure out what that was. The brave part now that may take some time lol, but I'm sure you can now that you have talked to one of them. The humanoid is scary, have you had any malevolent feelings come from it when it did show up? And good for you for protecting yourself. I hope you post more experiences on here, I would enjoy reading. 😊
Wiccawitch (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-28)
If you definitely don't feel any negative vibes from these entities any they are doing what you are telling them to, try talking to them, like the child-try singing to it soe old nursery rymes and get it interested in you. Or like the candle thrower- when your candle is thrown of then out it back on and ask if they could do it again or ask if they can't move something else. Just try talking to them casually. Or you could get a medium in or someone who is spiritually sensitive and try to communicate with the spirits or use an Ouija board but be extremely careful that you invite NO spirits to live with you as end the conversation if you have one. As for the humanoid, try digging around your town archives and see if there was any murders/killings/deaths/r*pings in your house or maybe if there was a disabled person who died ect. Try find some info on your house if the spirit is causing you anxiety.
Hoped I helped:) 😊
CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-28)
I should probably clarify this before I confuse any readers. Eventually I would indeed like to contact this candle throwing entity. BUT, at the time it made it's presence known, it caught me completely off guard so I was a little spooked! Haha 😆

Spiritwaiting: Thank you, it very well could be. I generally do try to protect myself when it comes to the supernatural as my family seems to be magnets for all kinds! Yes, I will try to contact it when I pluck up the courage.

A little update for everyone, these entities seem to be becoming more active. As of the past 2 weeks, my mothers cigarettes have seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, and my insulin injections. (If that isn't a dead give-away, I'm a type one Diabetic.) Now, the cigarettes I don't mind so much, but my insulin is a big no-no! I directly spoke to the entity explaining that I needed my insulin to live, that I understood the entity was there and just wanting to make itself known, but to please return my insulin and leave it alone. What do you know? Minutes later my insulin turns up out of the blue.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-28)
cdubber, I'm not sure what you could call it, although it could be residual, because you arent getting any real vibes from it. Try to communicate with it, but protect yourself first. White candles sometimes attract spirits. There will be plenty of others to comment and give a good idea as to what this could be. Awesome story, and Good luck

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