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Over The Rainbow Bridge And Odd Happenings


This is a collection of all the odd happenings that have accumulated over the course of the end of last year and the beginning of this one. I will give you all a brief summary- Last year by all means was a difficult one for my family and i. We lost three people (all in different circumstances) whom we knew and loved. One of them being my grandmother who passed away suddenly in June, and the other two being family friends who both died in tragic accidents. We also lost my childhood dog, friend and protector Jake, in October of last year. Jake was an old boy, getting on in his years and the family knew that heavens gates would soon be opening for him.

Jake suffered a grand mal seizure in the evening of October 14th. My mother and I held him during this and told him with tears in our eyes that it was okay to go, he had done his job and that we loved him but it was time to go into the light. But, stubborn as ever, Jake held on until my father and brother arrived and together we all drove Jake to the vet so we could put an end to his suffering. I stroked and patted my boys head as the light left his eyes and he made his final journey across the rainbow bridge. (I'm tearing up something wicked just writing about this.) I was in an immense state of grief for a long time, and I can only presume I shut myself off spiritually in that time due to being so absorbed and focused in my mourning and grief. A month passed and slowly I broke out of my cocoon of bereavement and started keeping an eye out for signs that he'd crossed over and that he was okay- but none came. Both my mother and brother have felt and seen him in their dreams and he's let them know he was okay over these last few months, but still I have not felt nor seen anything. Does anyone know why this is? He was my childhood dog and best friend, he protected me and I'm absolutely certain that he'd want to let me know he was okay.

Now fast-forward to the recent months of this year and activity is picking up again. I've noticed that no matter where I live, activity seems to spike sporadically with a lull in activity always lasting a period of a few months. Does anyone know why this is? I haven't really found a set pattern to the ghostly activity, aside from the fact it isn't constant.

Things have been starting up again fairly normal- Shadow figures and animals out-of-the-corner-of-your-eye kind of thing. Next it was the odd things going missing that you need, like painkillers or car keys. I figured it was a poltergeist as it liked to move things about and had a general mischievous nature.

Though within the past three or so weeks, things have taken a turn that I've never encountered before. At night when I'm lying in bed I will feel this localized arctic cold breeze on my face. It isn't really a breeze- it's more like a ball of freezing cold air that hovers above or near my face. I don't get any negative feelings from it, in fact a get a strong sense of calm like it's a family member watching over me. I'm not sure who this is, as I'm not strong with deciphering what/who presences are. At most I feel it's a maternal presence. Maybe my recently deceased grandmother? Or possibly my mother's mum watching over me? Now, this isn't a draft as my room is air-tight and stifling. To the point I have to open a window to get some air moving through my room. (My windows have been firmly shut during these occurrences.) Also, this air is absolutely freezing and the temperature in my room is as I said, stifling, with my heater on. (It's winter here in New Zealand and with my health condition I can't afford to get sick).

I am also not the only one to feel this arctic breeze. My partner was lying on my bed next to me one day as I was reading and all of a sudden he sits up and starts coughing. I turn and ask him "what's wrong?" and he replied with "this is going to sound weird but I felt like someone just blew really cold air into my mouth". I then sat him down and explained what had been happening to me to show that I believed him and he wasn't going crazy.

Then just the other night I was in the kitchen, making a cup of tea when I heard the door into our lounge/kitchen (we live in an open-plan lounge and kitchen) creak open. I just think it's my mother, getting up from her nap but after thirty or so seconds of silence I peek around the corner to check what's going on. Sure enough, the lounge door is open but no one is there. I walk through the lounge door to see if maybe my mother had opened the door and then forgotten something in her room, but to my surprise I found her fast asleep in her room. This is the first and only instance this door has opened on it's own, and I clearly heard the motions of the handle being turned and coming away from the latch and everything.

Now to yesterday evening. Mum, my brother and I are all sitting around the coffee table having a good old natter when the topic of my mums phone comes up. (She lent it to my brother and asked about the phones charger, which none of us have seen for the past six months, as it seemingly disappeared out of thin air) We're busy discussing where best to get a replacement charger and soon enough the topic of discussion changes. This morning I get up, and am busy going about making scrambled eggs. I go to the utensil drawer to pull out the whisk- only for it to get stuck on something. After some digging and pulling I unearth the long lost phone charger. I smile to myself and say "thank you" out loud to whoever returned the charger. As the utensil drawer is used everyday by my mother and i, there is absolutely no way we wouldn't have seen the charger. As also when I found it, it wasn't too deep in the utensil drawer either.

So, my questions to the experienced readers out there are, why hasn't Jake made contact with me but all my other family members? And also why does there seem to be a pattern forming with paranormal activity in my home? Thank you for reading and any help is appreciated:)

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-28)
Greetings, CDubber.

I have not yet read all of the other comments, so please forgive me if this is repetitive of their observations (If I don't jot it down now, I'll forget). You state that seeing shadow figures and seeing animals in your peripheral vision is 'normal,' but that there is a cyclical narure to the increase and decrease in paranormal activity every time you move house. Have you kept a journal indicating what you have seen & when? If you have a modern telephone, this is much easier to do, as you do not need to keep thinking, "I'll write that down later" because it's with you regularly.

Now, when you are looking for a pattern, our cultures shape the way we see evidence. You had a Maori Holy Man perform a blessing on your home (good idea!); do the Maori keep a calendar analogous to the Gregorian, the Chinese, or the Jewish one? It strikes me that there is a possibility that while you are living in the 21st Century, the cycle may predate modern timekeeping practices.

If the cycle is on (approximately) the same timetable every time you move house (a month until X, three months until Y, etc.,) your sensitivity to the supernatural may be the consistent factor. "They" notice new residents, become curious, note that you & your mother are sensitives, decide to find out *how* sensitive through the slow increase in activity (because what's the fun in scaring the hell out of you right off the bat; they don't know if you are slightly aware or experienced exorcists!), then I'd imagine that the timetable only differs with the intent and the awareness of the entities in your home.

--Now I'll read the comments and find out if I'm being embarrassingly derivative of everyone else!--

Well, Tweed got to the Jake/cold air suggestion before I did, but that's all for repetition!

Please keep track of the events & their relative intensities (scale of 1-to-10, odd-to-harrowing, whatever). Then you can check it against the lunar cycle, planetary alignments, seasonal storms, migration patterns, ANYTHING that occurs in a pattern. If your mum does the same thing, you'll have twice the data to corroborate or to question any patterns you may find.


CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-26)
Tweed- Thank you for taking the time out to read and comment on my stories 😊

I had never really thought about the possibility of the cold air being Jake, it does sound like something a dog would do. I do however get a vague feeling of a maternal presence connected with the cold breeze, but then again my skills in that area aren't up to the par of some other members on this site, so I could be wrong. The height of this ball of cold air is also wrong in comparison to the height of Jake. (Jake was a boxer, so he was relatively big) I get the feeling of someone almost 'peering' over at me from the side of the bed. Then again, I suppose Jake no longer has a physical form, so he could 'hover' wherever he liked.

It would make a lot of sense for animals to need to be shown the ropes as to how things work in the spirit realm. In our world they would get a nasty bump on the head trying to walk through a wall or door 😆

As for the phone charger, it was the original that came with the phone. My mother checked it out before using it again as she is a worry-wart when it comes to fire hazards. (Not that I'm complaining! 😜)

Thank you for your kind words and advice. As hard as it is, life carries on. I will always miss those no longer with my family and i, but I will forever cherish the time that I was gifted with them.
CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-26)
WiniPu4- Thank you for sharing your wisdom on my post 😊
I was thinking along the same wavelength in terms of grief interrupting our ability to sense our loved ones. It makes sense that he would 'connect' to whoever was easiest. In that case it would be my brother, while he grieved for Jake he learnt to deal with his grief and soldier on. Thank you for that suggestion, I will definitely try it when I next have a quiet moment to myself.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-25)
Hello again, I've just come from your previous story. 😊

I have this screaming feeling that the cold air you and your partner have felt is JAKE! Think about it! Lying in bed, you, then another time your partner, feel this cold sensation, all physical reasoning ruled out. Sounds exactly like the sort of thing a dog would do. Sniff the face of a person lying down, or lick that person, as probably happened to your partner; cold air blown in the mouth!

The lounge door opening by itself: One of your loved ones on the other side, maybe. If so, the door movement could be this person letting the dog in or out. I *think* that animals need to be shown the ropes with regards to walking through walls/doors. I *think* it doesn't come naturally to them for a while after passing. Just my theory.

I also feel that ghosts of any entity can pass back to our physical realm and visit when they wish once they've crossed over.

Also the phone charger might not be as annoying as you think, depending on the make of the charger. A couple of years ago there was a big to-do about dodgy phone chargers electrocuting, and in some cases killing people! So if it's a cheap phone charger, and NOT the charger that came with your phone, it going missing might be the doing of a protective ghost.
Or if it is a proper and SAFE charger, one that came with a phone, then perhaps just a playful ghost, or annoying one.
If it's a proper and safe charger, check it over anyway. Check the wiring for kinks, severe bends, nicks in the plastic coating, exposed wiring etc. Just to be on the safe side.

Bless you for loving animals so deeply. I hope you are coming into a happier phase in your life now and that the people you have fare-welled are in your heart in a comforting way.
Take care.
WiniPu4 (207 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-24)

I think there may be times when we are overcome with grief, it may interrupt our ability to connect. Sort of like a damaged radio not able to receive a specific frequency. Perhaps over time you will heal from the most painful part of your grief and be better able to sense Jake.
One of my loved ones lost her partner last year, and although normally sensitive was not able to feel him around. He did; however, make his presence known to me and I knew this was happening since he couldn't connect with her. As the months went by, I felt his presence less while she begun having frequent experiences which have continued.
I think they come through to whoever is easiest, like water following the path of least resistance.
Spiritualists believe that spirit can most readily make contact when our vibration is higher, meaning more positive and upbeat. If it's not too painful, you could try to focus on some of the wonderful moments you shared with Jake and feeling grateful for the time that you were blessed with him. Imagine him young, happy, and active while trying to feel appreciation for him. You are obviously sensitive, so it's probably frustrating and sad not to feel him around. I hope that this changes for you soon, and I offer my condolences on your beloved furbaby. I know this pain and loss all too well and sympathize greatly.

Many Blessings,
CDubber (9 stories) (49 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-23)
Hi amayanoelle, thank you for commenting. 😊
Yes, it's always hard losing someone you love, whether it be your furry companions or human ones. Both my mother and brother have said when Jake visited them he looked healthy and happy, much like his younger self.

My family and I welcome positive, well intending spirits into our home. Recently, about a month ago we had our house blessed by a Kaumatua. (A Maori elder, as it was a Maori blessing).
This paranormal activity has occurred in all houses I've lived in, both blessed and not. As I said, always with a lull in activity lasting a few months, then picking up again.

I'll keep you guys informed if anything else happens 😊
amayanoelle (3 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-23)
Hi CDubber!

First of all, I'm so sorry about your Jake. I know what its like to lose a loved family pet. Now, when your family members made contact with Jake, did he look ill, or not very well. If he did, maybe Jake isn't contacting because since you guys were so close, he may not want you to see him in his unwell state.

Second, are you and your family welcome to the thought of spirits entering your home. I ask this because those who welcome spirits into there home seem to experience paranormal activity more often then those who don't. If you don't want to experience this paranormal activity then you should ask the spirits to leave, then cleanse you house (with sage or something).

I hoped this helped answer some of your questions. This is a very interesting story (especially the part about the ghost boy). If anything else happens please keep us updated:)

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