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Grandmom Wants Water


It's been a long time since I wrote my stories, anyways, it's good to be back here. This story is still about my grand mom.

This incident happened last week. It was afternoon then around 3pm. Mom and I were at the living room watching tv and my Dad was at the water refilling station, taking nap since most of that time, no phone call orders yet. We have 2 guy employees who pick up and deliver water gallons to our customers.

One of them, let's call him Ariel, went inside.

"Ma'am, there is an old woman at the veranda/terrace asking for water" he said.

"What? Who's old woman?" Mom replied.

"I think she's your mother Ma'am. She's at the veranda asking for a glass of water." Ariel said.

Mom and I looked at each other. We went outside the house and looked at the veranda, but no one's there.

"Where's the old woman?" I asked.

"I swear, she was standing there! She called me like this, psssstt psssstt then her hand moved as if she was asking for a glass of water!" he replied.

"How does she looks?" I asked again.

"She was wearing white dress, she's chubby and has fair skin. She looks like your Mom!" he replied.

My Mom explained to him, "There is no old woman living in this house. Maybe whom you saw was really my mother but she already passed away 4 years ago."

The next day, Ariel did not went back to work, lol. I seriously do not know why does my grand mom still here. I need some explanation about this. Does she wants to tell us something? How can we make sure that it is really my grand mom and not a demon playing tricks on us? We never missed her birthday and death anniversary.

Comments will be highly appreciated.

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kristina_marquez (1 stories) (26 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-06)
hey mhalditah -- I have read the stories about your grandmom and I think she still really cares for your family especially you. I just don't understand why she was asking for a glass of water. Maybe she came from a long journey?
folly (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-14)
I think maybe she is just still around you because she still cares. Next time try talking to her, telling her everything is ok. Thank you for sharing your story

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