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Last Days Of My Grandpa


This story is long so I hope you will forgive me. Events happened between July and August 2012. My Grandpa admitted at the hospital many times. First, he was admitted at Capitol Hospital to put NGT on his nose connecting through stomach because he was not eating. But for two weeks since he got home, he took it off 7 times. My aunt and eldest brother came home from Australia. My aunt (his eldest daughter) decided to have his PEG operation. So he was admitted again, this time at Fatima Hospital. The operation was indeed successful. We even celebrated his 80th birthday at the hospital room last 18th July. After few days or a week when we got back home, he had high fever and diarrhea. We admitted him again at the same hospital, this time, my aunt and my brother flew back to Australia. Ever since my Grandpa has been admitted, I was the one who took care of him and stayed with him at the hospital 24/7. There was a particular night wherein he did not slept at all. I was looking at him, observing him. He was raising his right hand and said: "You're too high" then he will wave goodbye. Then he keeps on looking at nothing then will smile. He keeps on talking at nobody. I asked him: "Tay, who are you talking?" he just looked at me. I looked at his eyes and he was looking at something behind my back and my side then he smiled. There was no one in that room, just him and me. I even took him a video for 10 minutes but he stopped talking and raising hand. When the nurse on duty came in to feed him, I stopped it and charged my mobile. After he was fed, he kept on talking again and raising his hand. I knew right then that he was seeing something. I held his hand and said: "Tay, please stay here, don't go yet". Then I fell asleep and woke up next morning and he was still wide awake.

After 6 days, we got back home again. We were feeding him O/F foods as per recommended by the doctor, giving him prescribed vitamins and medicines in case of fever and diarrhea. 11th August morning when I woke up, I straightly went to his bed (its located downstairs near living room) and massaged his right hand and exercise his arm. He held my hand so tight, I told him I will drink coffee and go back to him. That day, images of him keeps on flashing in my mind that he is dead, I don't know why. I kept on crying thinking about it. After I had lunch, I decided to message my relatives in L.A., Canada and Australia on email. I told them everything about what my Grandpa did when we were at the hospital. Then I said on the last paragraph: "Let's all be prepared whatever might going to happen". That night, I cannot sleep. I was able to sleep around 4:30 in the morning.

12th August 6:30am my youngest sister knocked loudly on my door then she said my Grandpa's gone. She called out my brother in his room and mom who was in the bathroom. We went to his bed, saw my Dad beside him and said: "You're Grandpa left you now". I checked his pulse, eyes and heart beat, no vital signs, nothing. I told my Dad to rush him at the hospital, still hoping he will revive, so we went to the nearest hospital. But the doctor pronounced that he's dead. I called my other relatives and that morning, they processed the funeral. I stayed at the funeral for couple of days, waiting for my aunt (from Australia) before he was buried, at the same cemetery beside my Grandma's grave.

That night of interment, when we came home, I opened my door and I smelled him for just I think few seconds then its gone. I knew it was his smell. Then another night, I was on my computer, I heard my daughter screaming. I heard that she was in my mom's room. I opened the door, she was standing and hysterically crying. I asked her what happened. She said the door cannot open (she used to play in my mom's room and locked it, but definitely hadn't any problem in opening the door). I told her to just go downstairs and play there. I was thinking that maybe he was just playing at my daughter since he likes kids and she is the first great grand daughter. Sometimes when I am sleeping, I would wake up around 3am for no reason.

Lastly, this one happened last 24th August. My siblings and I were at our respective rooms. My mom was outside with my aunt, went to visit someone. And Dad was at the store. Our employees are always welcome to go inside the house and eat or have coffee. One of our guy employee went inside the house and ate dinner. The only light was at the kitchen. He saw somebody in the reflection of our 42 inches flat screen TV, sitting on the chair (in front of TV), where my Grandpa used to sit when he was alive. He peeked sideways and indeed saw my Grandpa there sitting and smiling. He said he blinked his eyes and it was still there! Then my sister came in from the front door and it was gone.

We know he is at peace now with my dearest Grandmom. I still cannot help myself not to cry thinking about both of them. I miss and love them so much!

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mhalditah (9 stories) (36 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-02)
Hi Cliney1212, thanks for commenting. Same as your dad, my grandpa used to say things that I couldn't understand as well. There were instances that he was moving his right hand and fingers as if someone's holding or touching it (just the way my grandmom used to)

I have read your story and it was indeed heart touching. Guess spirits letting us know that they're still there with us, even through smell.

God bless.

Cliney1212 (4 stories) (121 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-01)
Hello mhatildah... I know exactly what you mean about your Grandad reaching up and talking to someone my Dad did exactly the same thing in his final days I couldn't understand what he was saying but I'm sure he was seeing someone. I too have smelled him (read my story happy fathers day dad) and my daughter has had visits from him where he was with a lady (my daughter then describes his mum perfectly bearing in mind she has never seen her or even a photo of her). Your story really touched me as I've just been to the cemetery to lay down flowers as he's been gone 11 years today. 😊

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