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Grandparents Back Together


There are some parts of the story which connects to my other story "Last Days Of My Grandpa". One night of July 2012, my Dad picked me up at Capitol Hospital because my aunt advised me to go home so I can rest since the next day, my Grandpa will be discharged. We were riding motorcycle at the long highway intersection of G. Araneta Avenue around 8pm. The traffic light gave us yellow sign so my Dad sped up. To my horror, we were bumped in other two motorcycles. One came from behind and other one taking U-turn. From our behind, I saw the woman flew in the street. The other one tumbled. My Dad managed for us not to fall down in the street. So we went beside the street and Dad talked to other motorcycle drivers. I saw that all of them has bruises on their legs, feet, arms, including my Dad on his left foot. As for me, I have nothing, not even a single bruise! In the end, it was settled and thank God for keeping me safe and no one died on that accident.

When my Grandpa was still alive, my Mom put a radio near him. We usually see him raising his hand, as if reaching for something. Then one afternoon, my mom and my daughter were at the living room, reviewing for an examination. They were the only ones inside the house that time. Suddenly the radio went off. Then my 5-year-old daughter said: "Mama, who turned off the radio?" (she's calling my mother as mama and me as mommy). Then mom said: "I don't know, maybe Nanay". (Nanay - my Grandmom) then suddenly, the radio turned on again.

My aunt who is living in Quezon City told me this one. The last typhoon recently, well actually just heavy rain (habagat) ruined their house. Flood came in 'till on the second floor. Their cars was full of water as well. Then when it subsided, they cleaned everything and repaired their cars at the shop. She was already expecting that her shoes and documents in her car are wet and ruined, but to her surprised, the documents inside a folder was dry, only one dry! That folder with documents are about the properties of my grandparents (houses, apartments, business, etc) and she is the one who's taking care of it and processing it in the law court. The properties that will be equally divided by 7 children (my mom, aunts and uncles). Some documents are hospital bills and bank statement of my grandparents.

A night before my grandpa died, our neighbor/friend invited me for a birthday dinner. I came home quiet late. I checked my grandpa, he was still awake and have fever, so I put him a damp cloth on his forehead. I told Dad about it and said he has given medicine already. So I went upstairs. When I unlocked my door, I saw my bathroom toiletries were scattered on the floor. It is located on the top of my Orocan drawer and there is no reason for it to fall down because I always make sure it is properly positioned. There was an incident as well when I was here in my room, browsing on the net, when it suddenly fell down for no reason.

That night I cannot sleep, that I have already slept around 4:30am. My mom woke up around 5:00am because she smelled the powder that my aunt from Australia given to her. She wondered, how is that possible that she was smelling that powder scent, knowing that she put it in her cabinet and haven't used it. She thought of my grandmom and remembered that was her favorite powder scent. So she got up, went downstairs around 5:30am and checked my grandpa. She nebulized my grandpa for his cough & phlegm to loosen. While she was nebulizing my grandpa, she noticed that my grandpa was crying. She said: "Tay, I will go to the market in awhile to buy fruits and vegetables for you. I will just take a shower and prepare myself. Wait for me okay?" Then my grandpa nodded. When she went upstairs, my 22-year-old sister came downstairs and used her laptop at the living room. After few minutes, my sister looked at grandpa and noticed he was not breathing at all (he has blue binder on his belly to cover his PEG - a long tube connecting through his stomach wherein we were feeding him O/F or blended foods). That's the time she screamed, called my Dad and rushed upstairs to wake us up. (The rest of this portion is on my other post "Last Days Of My Grandpa").

Whenever I feel alone and crying, I feel they are beside me. I also feel safe and secured whenever I am outside the house. Somehow, my family and I are happy that we know my grandparents are now together, until the end, for eternity.

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mhalditah (9 stories) (36 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-01)
Hi LakotaWinyan, yes he suffered a lot from putting ngt many times until his peg operation. After my grandma passed away, we took care of him for 3 years. Until one day, he doesn't want to eat at all, so we did everything for him to survived. I still cannot help not to cry especially when I'm hearing the song A Thousand Miles, that used to sing for him when we were at the hospital.
Thanks for commenting and God bless.

LakotaWinyan (2 stories) (63 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-01)
So sad to hear your grandpa suffered so, but it is always lovely to hear of true love, and the one coming back for the other when it is his/her time to go! This brought tears of happiness to my eyes! Your grandma came back to take your grandpa home! ❤

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