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About a year ago, my granny died. I had been sleeping in my dad's study while she slept in my room. When she died, we left the bed how is was and a month later, I started sleeping in my room again. The first night was ok, but when a week flew by, I started getting nightmares. I always saw the same man in my dreams, always. He was very clean and wore a suit. I never quite saw his face but he would seem to do very nasty things. The strange thing was only when I slept in MY room alone, I would get nightmares. I didn't tell anyone about it because I thought it was nothing.

Five months had passed and the nightmares got worse and worse. I could never seem to wake up from them. I would end up waking in the middle of the night and right when I woke up, my cat medusa would me immediately right by my bed side. I soon got the guts to tell my neighbor. I discussed it with her and I told her that I thought that the man in the suit was the devil. I was really scared to go to sleep that I started staying up.

One night I woke up and I felt a pain in my leg. There were three scratches on my upper thigh. I ignored it but I realized that I had to tell my mom or dad. I told my mom but she just said that it was all in my head. But the thing is that right before my grandma died, I had a nightmare. I finally decided to tell my dad, I told him everything except about the scratches on my upper thigh. He brought a blessed rosary and a dream catcher and put it above my bed. I stopped having nightmares for a awhile, about 9 months, then my cat medusa died and they came back. They weren't coming as often though and only every now and then. And when I do have nightmares, it's the same one over and over again.

My brother says its my conscience, I haven't really done anything bad. Im' very frightened sometimes about what's going to happen to me in my dream because it doesn't ever end, I usually wake up right before something happens to me.

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Francois (220 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-31)
Dear Seatle_Love_123,

I am saddened to hear about your situation. Since you have a rosary I reckon you are a Catholic like I am. Here is what you need to do. Before you go to sleep, read the chaplet of St. Michael. Get blessed salt and surround your bed with it. Sprinkle Holy water on your room. And finally, get Holy Oil and make a cross at the side, front and back of your bedroom door. That should work. If you need further assistance, I am always here to help.

Thank you for posting your experience and sharing it with the yourghoststories community. I cannot wait to read your next post. God bless you and take care.


Francois 😁
Grox6 (2 stories) (51 posts)
14 years ago (2008-05-21)
Seatle_Love_123, the ghost may still be there. Sometimes they don't go away. It's very common. 😊
Seatle_Love_123 (guest)
14 years ago (2007-07-13)

I've been wanting to know how I got scratched though and I took your advice and cleansed my room with incense that my dad have and I opened windows, but they are still coming. I have them rarely but they still do come. Although they aren't as bad as they use to. Thank you for your advice.

Levithan_Cresce (5 posts)
14 years ago (2007-07-10)
when people die they tend to leave different energies floating around in the location of their death, the energies may be either positive or negative depending on the one who died or in this case your granny.
what you might experince is the negative energy which is around your bed where your granny died, that energy which got realesed at your grannys death can remain for quite a long time if you don't do anything about it, I would suggest a simple cleansing around the bed and in the room which can be done with different things, lighting a incense and wave around with it in the room and opening the window letting in fresh air afterwards is one of the most common things to do to clean up negative energies, I recommend that you look for White Sage on the internet to buy cause it got high pureifying abilities, just put it on a plate and light it at let it burn down filling the room with strong incense smoke, it don't smell so good but it will clean the room completely from all negative energies, do this and I'm sure all nightmares will end and you will be able to sleep peacefully again

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