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Kentucky Dream Turned To Nightmare


So upon many just awful life circumstances in a particular region of the United States, I decided to take my two children and move to a more rural and desirable location for all of us to live in. When I told my children that we would be moving to Kentucky, and showed them photos online of the deer, snow, large fields, farms, etc... They were so excited! I could barely contain my excitement as well, just seeing how happy it made them.

A couple months had passed and we were moved into our new apartment in Kentucky. Taking walks on the trails in the evenings after school and work, enjoying seeing wild deer run along our apartment complex, and even snow, just as we had waited for. We had spent all of 30 days in our new apartment when the Governor of Kentucky shutdown all public brick and mortar schools for COVID and switched to online learning, which meant I was now out of work.

Although I was feeling defeated, like I had just made this huge change for my family and it was beginning to crumble already, I kept my spirits up and we went about our days as normal as we could. I stuck with our morning routine, and same evening routine, but throughout the day we were home now, and I began to notice small things that I dismissed as my kids not being honest with me.

One afternoon after completing lunch and finishing the dishes, I stepped out of the kitchen to serve my children lunch in the living room where they were doing schoolwork. I then went to use the restroom about 10 footsteps away from my kids location in the living room. When I reemerged from the restroom, the children were in the same location in the living room and I walked straight to the kitchen to pour a glass of tea. I found all the plates in the dish drainer, turned in the opposite direction as I had just put them in.

I stopped in my tracks. I asked my children what they came into the kitchen for, and followed that up by saying I would get them something in the kitchen because they need to be focused on their studies. They both were very serious and said they hadn't gone into the Kitchen. I completely dismissed them, and said please don't do it again, they professed they had not been in the kitchen. I had almost begun to scold them for lying, but I refrained, and said, "ok, listen, let's just get back to our work, which problem are you on right now? Can I help you if you need help?" So the rest of the day went as planned.

Another time I noticed my screens in the back windows had been pushed out of the window. I went out back to put them in. I also asked my children who had opened the windows to do such a thing, they said they hadn't. I sat them both down, and I brought in one of the screens and said, "Do you see this? This is the indent from the inside of the screen being pushed outward, I KNOW one of you pushed them out." They both repeatedly denied it. Neither tried to blame it on the other which is their usual fashion if they are guilty, so I should have suspected something else being wrong.

Then, just over 35 days of living in the apartment, we settled down for sleep that night and we all fell asleep very well. My children woke up in the middle of the night and asked if they could sleep with me, so I said, let's all go sleep in the living room, so I can watch some TV to get back to sleep. We lay on the two couches. Myself and my daughter on one couch, my son on the couch angled facing ours, and watching TV we all began to fall back asleep. As I began to drift off, I turned off the TV and rolled over. I do recall rolling over several times more in the middle of the night and going back to sleep, before I suddenly, and for no reason (like, I did not hear a noise or anything) I awoke, and not groggy, but I awoke and felt fully rested, which was odd for me to feel in the middle of the night. I sat up, the room had light from outside filtering in through the blinds, and as I looked at my surroundings, I could see my Son on the couch moving to the left of the couch. I could see him moving, but not his arms or legs moving. So I squinted my eyes and moved my head an inch or so closer to his direction and I looked more closely. It wasn't him moving, but rather him being picked up by his armpits, by nothing that had any shape or form, as he lay on his back, and being dragged toward the left of the couch. I swore that my eyes must be seeing this wrong, I rubbed them right away, and as I finished rubbing them, I waited even a brief moment before opening them again expecting NOT to see what I had just seen, but in fact, just then, the nothingness that had hold of his armpits, dropped him and his body fell about 6 inches back onto the couch, which I saw with my eyes.

I then jumped up quickly and ran for the lights, and I turned them on, then, I turned all of them in the entire apartment on, and my children awoke. I was scared, but I could not tell them why as I didn't want to frighten them, so I told them we were waking early today to get a head start on the day. An hour or so passed by before it even turned 5am and both my children were questioning why so early, so I said I would take them for a nice morning walk when the Sun rose, which we did. This day would be the last day we spent in the apartment, but did not know it at the time.

The afternoon went well, nothing funny in the kitchen, nothing else noticed that day, although I did feel several times that day distracted by what I thought I saw first thing when I woke up. I would then focus on my days tasks again, and try not to think about it. Soon, it was evening routine after dinner, bath time, teeth time, and then bedtime. Don't ask me why, but I felt we would be closer to the front door to run out of if we slept in the living room again, so we laid down on both of the couches again. Except this time, I moved the couch my Son was sleeping on closer to ours. I wanted us to all be close to one another and sleep with the TV on all night. My Daughter and I were watching TV as I noticed my Son had fallen asleep. After another episode had played on TV I looked over at my Daughter and she was still awake, 30 minutes had passed since my Son had fallen asleep and I asked my daughter to close her eyes. She said she wasn't tired.

I was soon glad she asked for one more episode, because right after I agreed and it started to air, my Son started shaking all over... Not like a chill sort of shake, but a violent shake, arms and legs. My daughter and I sat straight up on the couch and watched for a brief moment, when as a Mom, I felt paralyzed for a moment as to what to do. I slowly got off the couch and stepped toward him still his arms and legs flailing and now his head was also starting and I reached my hand to him and right as I touched him he not only stopped shaking but his eyes opened right away to look at me and he spoke and said "Hi, Mom" I stood back, because I could see his eyes were as if he had been asleep. My daughter sat on the couch and screamed "Are you ok?" I asked the same, and I told him he had just been shaking, he said "I'm ok, I'm Ok" and rolled over to go back to sleep. I pulled his covers up that had shaken off of him, and he rolled over.

No sooner than I lie back down with my daughter on the couch, JUST the blanket, not my Son, began to shake violently. My Son was lying completely still this time... Again, we sat straight up, I yelled to my daughter in freight, "DO YOU SEE THAT?" she answered "OH MY GOD MOMMY WHAT IS HAPPENING?" I once again, took the step toward my Son and reached out my arm and just before I was to touch the blanket with my hand, the blanket shot directly up into the air, as if pulled up by a corner of the blanket and lifted, but nothing was in the room that could be seen. I was terrified, my daughter was screaming and screaming. My son however was fast asleep, until I touched him directly, and that is when without hesitation he jumped to his knees and hopped over to our couch and I again turned all the lights on.

A few more terrifying occurrences that night as we were packing, however nothing more terrifying as that. We packed our bags, which were some clothing, and went to a motel, and have never been back. All the rest of our belongings were left there, I wanted nothing to do with anything from that place, in fact, if I ever see anything resembling anything I left there, I might shrivel in terror. We had such wonderful plans for our move to Kentucky, but it seems that something did not share in our enthusiasm. We have never looked back and have never seen anything like that before nor afterwards, thanks be to GOD!

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MrsRamsay (guest)
2 years ago (2021-12-31)
I used to be a single mom and can't believe how wonderfully brave you were to take your kids on the adventure to Kentucky! You sound like an intelligent, good, loving mom and I just wanted to say so. I hope you will go back and get your things, and not allow yourself to be scared by something that's not even supposed to be a factor. Don't let it bully you into terror. Do you have anyone who can help you pack or whatever? You have successfully managed two covid years, you can CERTAINLY work your way beyond this weirdness!

Just want to be supportive. Bless you and your kids, keep us updated.
Rajine (14 stories) (775 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-23)
Hi neveragain101

I know how hard it is to start from scratch, to have your hopes and dreams shattered, that experience you and your family went through really hits close to home, having said that, I really wonder what it was that your'll experienced, perhaps the history of the place would shed some light on what it was.

I really do hope you and your kids are doing much better than previously.

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