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The Man I Saw


In my first previous story that I submitted, it was about a man who I saw at the top of my house stairs one night. This is now the next story encounter with the same man I saw. (I will not say any names which are non-spiritual as permission has not been given from people to use their names).

It started about 2 months ago and I was with my friend at school. (Keep in mind our school was newly built so no spiritual activity could have attached to the new buildings.)

Me and my friend like walking around in this building called the Week's Building, so we decided one day to go walk around and talk alone. As me and my friend entered the Week's Building (through another building, as they are attached) a cold draft blew by us which made us shiver (keep also in mind that there was no draft coming from the other building and there are no doors which lead outside in the Week's Building). This draft disappeared so we continued walking and talking until I stopped and felt something like cold air touch me as it blew by. My friend asked straight after this if I heard a voice. I said no and she told me that this voice said "hello". I was very amazed so me and my friend checked to see if anyone was in the Week's Building. We looked all over downstairs but no one was there so we went upstairs.

As we were walking upstairs my friend and I also heard a voice say "follow me". The voice we heard was very faint so only the best people of concentration would hear it. As we got to the top of the stairs we turned a corner and saw a transparent figure. The figure looked very familiar. As we stepped closer to it it backed away from us by one step at a time. As the figure was by a corner it turned and ran down the hallway out of our sight. We ran after it but it was gone when we turned the corner.

We sat down for 10 minutes confused by the experience and suddenly in my mind I knew that figure was the spirit I saw on the stairs at my house (which is said in my first story). I told my friend and we have looked stuff up but nothing can come to accord of the figure other than he died near the area of my house.

I do not know whether this figure likes me or whether this figure just wants to follow me and find out new information. Thank you for your time.

Mev xxx

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SamiTheUnicorn (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-21)
Wow, I really starting to believe that he maybe is lonely like I mentioned in the previous story of yours. That, or what DrGhost said.
DrGhost (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-20)
My father once said you can have spirits follow you once you first meet the spirit. Maybe that's what happened.

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