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My Childhood With Spirits


I decided to write down every single experience I ever had with spirits and shadow people. I figured it might help me that I finally have the chance to talk about this to more than just my mother and find out what other people think. Anyway I will try to remember as much detail as I can from when I was a child all the way up to my last post. Sometimes two experiences will be put together since it's been many years since it happened.

My first encounter with spirits had to be when I was around three years old. They say you always remember bad memories or scary memories from when you were little and how true that is. I remember waking in my bed and scaring for my dad. Sadly my dad is not as connected to the spirit world as my mom is and can only see if a spirit presents itself to him. Anyway I remember him coming into the room and picking me up. I faintly remember telling him "the people" were watching me and pointing into hallway. These people were usually in a line and it would range from older people to little kids. The line went into my parents room which in my old house was right next to mine at an angle (my parents room were down the hallway and my room that I shared with my sisters was angled on the side wall next to it).

My father would have me in his arms with my face looking over his shoulder. Since I feared these people more than usual at the time it only made me cry more and wake up my sisters. Everyone would tell me it's my imagination and they're not real. But I knew it was real, I knew it. Those people wouldn't have looked at me nor continue walking into my parents room one at a time. They saw me and I saw them and it truly freaked me out.

We finally moved from that place when I was six years old. We had moved into a fairly large blue house. The house was three floors, at the top floor was abed room, living room (which was turned into a bed room for my brother), a full kitchen and a bathroom. My grandpa and brother shared this floor. The second floor was two bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining, and bathroom. My mom, dad, and my aunt shared this floor. Lastly there was the basement. It was just a huge basement that my sisters and I shared. We lived in that house for nine years and where my cat Peaches (whom passed away this year) was born.

For one I hated that basement. I can say there wasn't anything bad by it but since I was little it did scare me somewhat. I remember how I refused to sleep down there and kept running back up the stairs (which connected the basement to the first floor living room) and trying to sleep up there. I told my mom there's someone else down there and my aunt who doesn't believe in any kind of spirits or hauntings refused to hear such a thing decided to lock me in the basement. Although my sisters were there I still felt frightened.

My eldest sister Trisha whom slept in the back told me I was only imagining it. My second eldest sister Melissa I believe thought I was crazy since I had been doing this for years by now. She often ignored me and grew up to have the same views as my aunt.

I knew whomever this person was it is in fact a man. At the time I couldn't figure out how old he was all I knew was he usually kept to the back of the basement where my sister slept. It took a couple of months for me to get use to him. The basement was also his and he never did anything to really frighten me besides being there. We had put a couch in the basement as well and when I was the only one down there I sometimes saw him sitting on it. I think when I was used to it I spent most of my time in the basement however there was a second room in the basement. The room had a broken door and was kind of like a storage place for my families Christmas decorations and old music disk they collected over the years. My mother told me never to go in there and my roommate in the basement never went near the door. In fact he stayed far away from it.

Besides the broken door the room felt strange. It was always cold, no light ever worked in there and it felt even darker than what it looked. When I was eight I finally decided to break mothers rule. As soon as I went in however I wanted to get out however my curiosity was too over reaming so I explored a little. The room was in face bigger than Trisha's space in the back of the basement and the stuff within it didn't seem to fit it. It was cold and dark and I know now I didn't belong there at the time.

This happened when the family protector and our dog Lady, Trisha's familiar, was alive at the time. She was a rare dog and illegal since she was both Germen Sheppard and part Wolf but a very good dog. She started barking and fearing that Trisha had come home I tried moving the door, which somehow felt heavier, out of the way so I could leave the as I call it forbidden room. When I did Lady had finally stopped barking and I was left confused. I didn't understand why she had barked for no reason at the time and really was annoyed that I left the room early. As much as I wanted to see what was in there at the time I never went back in. It was as if what I saw was enough and to ignore it. For a house it had many secret rooms. One I found by just sleeping on my bed (Another story for another time, many things happened in this house).

It wasn't until we moved again did my mother tell me she was testing me. She wanted to know which of her children were as she says blessed with the gift of inner sight. I was about twelve when she told me this. It would seem that everything she didn't tell me as a child was a test for her. I wonder sometimes how much she knew about what was going on in that basement and the top floor of that house.

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Chained_Flower (5 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-23)
Hello Jeva! Its good being back here. I understand what you mean about that, my dad whom worked 14hrs a day was pissed when he found out about me being locked in a basement cause I "wouldn't sleep". And oh gosh did he really? 😆 I am going to have to go read and check then out then, I didn't think I would cause such a reaction like that.

I totally agree on you with the animals. When my cat peaches died I was heart broken. She was my little protector and now I have this kitten and is a little bit too laid back. Like nothing at all brothers him and I'm like... Please protect me one day. But I love him to pieces.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-23)
Welcome back CF!
I am completely with you and Lou about your aunt and mom. Especially being locked in the basement. My hands do this weird thing when I read about someone doing rotten things to children. They ball up into a fist without me realizing it. Not easy to type that way (lol).
Now I can't get that basement out of my head! There are some scary things that always seem to be related to basements and I have never felt comfortable in one myself. But that room you described gave me a chill up my back! And it bothers me when someone who doesn't believe, in this case your aunt, finds it easy to put their non-believer attitudes in play for a chance at torturing a kid. (Oops! There go my hands again. Lol) I have a couple of simple rules I like to stick to in cases like yours.
1) If a child is that scared, believe them. And get them away from whatever it is.
2) When your pets warn you, pay attention. They don't mess around, and it is their love of you that has spurred the reaction they are displaying. Don't waste that.

I am glad you came back to share more of your experiences as well. I remembered your name, so I went back to check out your first experience from when you were here before, and when I got to the comments I started cracking up! Sorry, it was only because I remembered the whole conversation that got started up over being Goth that ended up with us all discussing Jinn's. I recall Hagi writing a story afterward that helped explain about Jinn's too. You made a simple remark that ended up with a very educational discussion on his thread later. I even remember thinking that it was funny how "chainedflower" caused a "chain reaction". 😆
(Back then I was known as DCinAZ)

Jav ❤

~~I still have to read your other experience! 😊
Chained_Flower (5 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-23)
My father has in fact seen a ghost once or twice, one time I was there for the other I wasn't but he told me about it. As for his beliefs. He believes in spirits and god but he doesn't believe in haunting. He thinks every spirit is just a visitor.

As for which of my parents are more sadistic... I think its a pretty close race.
LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-23)
I am sitting here wondering who was more sadistic, your aunt for locking you in the basement you feared, or your mother for intentionally subjecting you to things you could not possibly understand at your age?
One interesting statement that stood out to me was: "Sadly my dad is not as connected to the spirit world as my mom is and can only see if a spirit presents itself to him"...did this in fact happen, or were you merely stating that he would have to see a spirit to believe in it, but had never seen one?


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