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I am a student at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO.

Let me begin by stating that this is more of my girlfriend and her roommates story, and I hope that they will not be upset with me for sharing this. They have had a host of odd experiences in their dorm.

Right around Halloween they had a drop of blood in a candle when they got back in their room (all the roommates had been out together and to get in you need a student ID that lives in the room and their PIN). Also around that time my girlfriend walked into her bathroom to get a broom and it was standing up with no outside forces acting on it (it wasn't leaning on a wall or anything; just standing straight up by itself). Then things kind of quieted down for a while.

Soon as the next semester began though things worsened. My girlfriend watched her bag get dragged across the room by an unseen force. There would be a lot of odd noises... Voices, footsteps, even a really weird rumbling sound that was kind of like thunder. The rumbling noise would start like it was coming from a vent but then it would sound like it was coming from a corner of the room, then a different room, then a different corner of the room. It was weird. Also some odd things happened with a little stuffed animal kangaroo.

One night my girlfriend was sleeping in the other room (I pushed her out of bed while I was sleeping when she was climbing over me to go use the bathroom) and the kangaroo slowly was dragged over my girlfriend, fell to the floor, and landed so that it was sitting staring right up at her. This kangaroo also managed to cross a room, climb a chair, and turn around so that it was staring into the room.

There have also been odd reoccurring dreams in that dorm (I know I shouldn't talk about dreams but I think its relevant). One of the roommates had a dream that she was being controlled by a black, cloaked figure and it forced her body into various contorted position with unseen forces. It would pick up her phone, dial her boyfriend's number for her, but as soon as she would try to talk her voice would continually fade away. A roommate woke up one night and described a similar figure standing at the foot of her bed a couple weeks later. Another roommate had dreams of a little Chuckie gremlin little creature dancing around the dorm.

Part of what makes this odd is that a couple people that we talked to who live in the dorm directly above hers and the old roommates of her room, they reported the same dream before we even told them about it. The people in the dorm above hers also had reoccurring dreams of being ripped out of their bed and dragged to the closet.

As far as physical attacks go its been fairly minimal. The girl who had the dream about being controlled by a black figure had a particularly bad dream, she couldn't remember what it was about, but she woke up with three parallel scratches going across and down her bicep. I woke up after crashing on their couch after writing a paper until 2am, and I had two scratches. The same scratch on different legs; they were in the same location, they were the same length, they had the same shape. It was really odd. They also disappeared a day later when I stepped out of the shower. Beyond that it hasn't really messed with me. Small stuff, like when I'm trying to find something and its hidden I ask politely for it to be returned. Then I walk out into another room and back into the one I was looking for stuff in (her bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc) and it'd be on a desk or a counter.

So that was some weird stuff that happened in her dorm, do y'all have any thoughts on it?

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chadlee2003 (1 stories) (31 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-12)
Ok, this might sound dumb, but I do the standing broom thing to play tricks on my friends and family all the time. During the winter soltice there something about the gravitiational pull or something like that from what I hear that allows things to balance more easily. Anyways that's what I was told in college anyway. Well during the winter months it makes it helps things balance better so I always balance brooms in peoples houses and they get freaked out by it.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)

Step one: Journal... Keep a record of everything happening in your dorm room and collect tales from the entire building.

Step two: Weed out the 'urban myth / pranks' concerning the dorm from actual events. Research the History of the Building.

Step three: You've already conducted one 'brief' investigation... If you feel unprepared to try another one contact a local 'ghost hunting' group. If your 'case' is strong they should want to conduct an investigation, they should offer their services for free and you can ask if you can join them so you can learn from actual investigators and not just 'apply' TV techniques.

Thanks for sharing this with us.



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