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A Beginner's Ghost Hunt In A Dorm


So, please read my first story if you wouldn't mind. All that stuff happening had me very curious. I didn't want to ghost hunt her dorm room and risk angering it and having it attack her or her roommates. So while my girlfriend was skyping her sister in her room, her roommate and I decided to go ghost hunt the top floor of her building.

Now, I do not know what I am doing. I was just going off of what I had seen on television and read online. I am also agnostic/atheist and unsure what to make of spirits (please do not make this the focus of the discussion, I feel that it is something that is hard to place faith in until you have had a convincing and intense experience). However, prior to going to do the ghost hunt we said the prayer to Saint Micheal.

When I say we asked, I was the only person speaking. It was my girlfriends roommate and I doing the investigating.

We began by walking around the floor and we came across a study room. As soon as we walked in we both immediately looked at each other, we both had felt an odd sensation on our necks and spine. That chilled, tingling, adrenaline feeling if you know what I'm describing. I start to ask questions and the like. The old "If there is a spirit with us please give us a sign. A knock, turning off the light, etc...". We stood in there for about 30 seconds and nothing happened so we walked out. We asked the the same questions up and down the hall with no response. So we went back to the study room.

As soon as we walk in we get the same sensation on our spines. I walk over to the window on the other side of the room and my friend asks me if the room is hazy to me. I tell her "no, what do you mean?". She responds by informing me the room has a ton of white fog-haze in it. I am utterly bamboozled, and walk over to her to make sure she's okay. She told me that as soon as I walked away from the window and back towards her the fog went away. So I walked back to the window and the fog returned, and this happened every time I went to the window or her respectively. I thought this would be my best chance to encounter a spirit, so I said "if there is a spirit in this room with us, please give us a sign. Please knock, turn off the light, or move an object in the room". I look at my friend and we maintain eye contact for a few seconds, look around the room for a few more.

Then we hear a faint rapping sound on the door. My friend looks as me and asks if I heard that, I ask her "did YOU hear that?". We decide its time to leave. We get 3 steps out of the door and down the hallway and we hear a big boom noise followed by rumbling, so like thunder but the weather was perfect outside. It wasn't too hot, it wasn't too cold, and the entire state had been forecasted great weather. So it wasn't a heat storm, nor was it a storm from elsewhere. The pipes have never been that loud or sounded like that and there are no dorm rooms close enough for someone to simply have been messing with us.

So that's my story of ghost hunting my girlfriends residence hall.

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estr5805 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-12)
I would just suggest for the roommate to be careful since she was able to see the fog when you were further away. The spirit could have been feeding energy off of her, just a thought:)
blackness (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
Maybe check the history of the building or the ground it stands on, could also be that someone did a seance there. I have heard quartz crytals in the four corners of your room help (not sure how) but I hope your friends stay safe.
TheRealDiamonds (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
I Have A Really Good Ghost Story And Wanna Share It. Basically It's A Dead Family Member Ghost Story.
WhiteWolf (4 stories) (147 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
A word of advice if you do another investigation wait a while after asking a question and do not ask questions too quickly because it takes a spirit a lot of energy to answer.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)

The O/P did say they just did what they saw the TV shows do so that may have been why they said the prayer.


If I had to guess at the show you watched 'the most' I would guess it's Paranormal State, as it's the only one I can think of that uses that prayer on a regular basis.

A couple of things concerning the 'boom' you heard... Lightning doesn't require a 'Storm' to happen... Lightning strikes out of the 'clear blue' do happen, though they are rare. Another thing it may have been is a dumpster being emptied in the distance... There have been times at when I've been at work and hear what sounds like thunder only to check the CCTV cameras and see the trash being emptied... The echo of the dumpster being picked up and emptied sounds more like thunder than a metallic sound that one would expect. Just a couple of things to think about.

Congats on your 'First Hunt'. I hope you find a chance to conduct many more with much success.

As far as the 'mist' goes I wish you had pictures of it... My first thought was 'dust' being stirred up as you crossed the room the the window... But I can not be sure without 'seeing' what was happening.


lynrinth (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
You're a agnostic/atheist, and you still prayed to St. Micheal. Hmmm... Maybe you're a teeny weeny bit of a believer after all.
Queenzombie (1 stories) (39 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
Okay, I have read both stories now. IF these are real encounters then that is very creepy. Why is it that you guys are still there? If my stuffed animal was climbing chairs or anything else in that matter I would be out of there. That sounds demonic and CREEPY. They do seem a bit far fetched BUT I know nothing about demons besides what I see in movies and that's what your story sounds like. But the demon encounters I have read about are very unpredictable and strange like that too. You weren't scared when you had those scratches that randomly disappeared? You make it sound like it is something that happens to everyone...

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