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The Dark Man Who Followed Me To The Bathroom


In approximately 2009-2010, I lived in a small 1-story house in Sylmar, CA. This was all before we moved into a bigger, two-story house again in CA. The house in Sylmar was horrible. I would always have bad dreams; the drawers in my room would open and clothes would be scattered onto the floor; my closet would open and close; and the oven once opened itself and slammed itself! These are all true stories of things that my family and I experienced in that house.

One morning I woke up in my small room. My grandparents and parents were asleep, except my father had already gone to work. I got out of bed and started to walk towards the bathroom, which was just down the hall. I looked behind me to see a tall, thin shadow of a man standing and following MY shadow on the wall. I started to walk faster, and slammed the bathroom door and locked it once I was inside.

Later that morning, my grandmother had folded and set my clothes on my bed. I placed them gently in a drawer of my dresser. I walked out of the room and into the living room and watched TV. I soon got bored and went back into my room. All of the drawers were opened, and the clothes that were folded and so clean were now scattered on the floor in piles. My closet door was also now wide open.

My stepmother, Lisa, had been cooking in the kitchen and had the oven open. She turned towards the counter to cook on the stove, when she heard an loud CRAAASH. The oven had slammed itself shut. She resorted to calling my father and telling him she was terrified and wanted him home. He couldn't leave work; he was very busy.

Another time was when I was on an air mattress on my parent's floor. My stepmother said she would be back soon and went outside. I started to hear piano music, the grand-piano we had must be playing by itself again. I felt curious and got out of bed to check it out. I saw my stepmom playing it, but I still felt shaken, as the room with the piano was often the room with the most and worst activity in the house.

These are some of the tales of the Sylmar house, which is not missed.

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NiNiNogginHead (33 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-21)
I think that this entity either doesn't want you there and is trying to scare you away or it is trying to play tricks on you. I hear that sometimes if they are just playing tricks if you firmly tell them to stop they will.

I am also confused about your step mum though. You said she went outside but then found her playing the piano. Did you say anything to her or did she say anything to you? Can you please explain what happened after you found her playing the piano?
Rozo (3 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-04)
I too am confused about Stepmom playing the Piano but saying she went outside? Please clarify for us...

You should ask Grandpa and Grandma if they know anythihng about the house or the land to try get some answers... Seems to me someone was trying hard to make communication with you.
mrfear672india (106 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-03)
I think these ghost not want you in the home. Trying to make your house as it residense.that's why it doing things like that, let your family ran away from your home.
But you saw your step mom at piano. But, what happen then?
She said that she is going out. Why didn't you havn't wrote further?

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