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My Strange Experiences At School


This story takes place about one or two years ago when I was in my primary school. I was in year 6 and I was about 10/11 years old. My primary school years were pretty strange. I disliked most of my teachers and the only two I actually did like were last year's.

The school was pretty old, it had opened a couple of years before the end of World War II. It was a rather small school too. The dining hall/assembly hall, art room, year 3 and 4 classrooms as well as a boy's and girl's bathroom were downstairs and upstairs held the staffroom, tiny library, it room, year 5 and 6 classrooms and yet another boy's and girl's bathroom.

I am so glad I am in a massive secondary school at the moment with different teachers and an organized timetable. But I digress.

My first strange encounter begins when my class was doing PE in the school playground. We had no PE teacher, just the teacher we spent the whole day with. We were practising throwing a rugby ball to and from our partner on a different side of the playground to us. I think it was supposed to be rugby, anyway! (what you Americans call football I think)

Our teacher had stopped us to critisise our methods and as I stood there, I found myself daydreaming. Around our playground is a massive field the kids are allowed to play in and it circles the whole concrete playground. There are also houses round there and I happened to be daydreaming, looking at part of a fence near a house.

Just as I was about to snap out of it and try to focus on what my bore of a teacher was actually saying a strange, milky white shape flashed before my eyes on the fence. It was a ghostly apparition, taking on the form of nothing. It was like a giant splodge. It was gone in a matter of seconds, in the blink of an eye. No one else saw it, as I told my best friend about it. It was really strange and kind of spooky.

My next tale is of the girl's upstairs bathroom. Now, beore you roll your eyes and say, "not another bathroom story" just listen. The girl's bathroom has always had a spooky vibe to it. I never liked the bathrooms one tiny bit. The bathrooms were tiny, a row of sinks and mirrors, then take two steps back and you've crashed into a stallroom. It was that small. Anyway, I remember using the first stall and coming out after I had finished, washing my hands and looking into the mirror as I did so. I simply stared at myself while I cleaned my hands and at the corner of my eye, out of my focus point, a black shadowy figure made itself present near my left shoulder. I didn't bother turning around. I just ran the hell out of there, drying my hands on my fleece.

The doors to the bathrooms were, what do you call them, kind of fogged up so you can only see the splodgy figure of the person the other side. Well many times, myself and friends have seen someone moving around inside from where we stood outside. There was one time when we had to line up to go to assembly and we thought it was one of our friends so my friend opened the door to tell them to hurry up. She held the door open so I could see as well, but the figure we saw very clearly was no where in that bathroom at all.

The fact that my hatred of this school for personal reasons burned brightly as well as my spooky encounters is the reason why I was so glad to move out of there to secondary school. I will never forget my experiences and I hope I never return to that school for ANY reason. I would love to hear what you have to say about my experiences and thank you for reading!

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unknown_madness (8 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-13)
thanks for the comments guys!
Everyone whos wondering I'm 13, and yes moo I am English and proud! And don't worry I'm a weirdo too!
Love you guys, and thanks again for reading!xxxx
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-09)

As scary as your experience sounds I must ask you this... Where was the light switch? Your experience sounds more like a 'prank' than a true paranormal experience... Only you know for sure.


Moo (4 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-08)
Hey, I think I'm your age, too! Haha. Our schools girls bathrooms are SO. BLOOMING. CREEPY! A girl hung herself with her schoolbag in our bathrooms. I don't want to get into how - its pretty morbid... But there's always a bad feeling. Sometimes you hear crying, see things in mirrors and whatnot. Spooky stuff.

But I digress. Loved the story. And by the way, are you English? Just curious, lol. (I'm so weird...;D)


Raevynne x
unknown_madness (8 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-08)
thanks paranorm12! Your story sounds awesome! If you havnt already post a whole story on that! Sounds very good and creepy!
paranorm12 (11 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-08)
hey, I guess I am about your age if you left primary school two years ago. At my secondary school, in the science block, the toilets have no windows and onl one light down the far end, having 8 stalls in the room and 3 sinks. I was going to toilet when the light went out, and, a rasping voice from out side my stal saying " come, child, back to lessons" I would of sh*t myself if the lights hadn't come back on, and I could of won a gold medal in athletcs London 2012, the spped I went. PS, great stories 😊

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