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Home Alone - The Shuffles Return


The following story would make more sense if you first read my previous story "Shuffles in the Kitchen."

My story is the most recent out of all the ones I have published. It happened only about two or three days ago. It was half term and the weekend so I had a lie in in the morning and came down to breakfast pretty late. My mum was planning to go out with my Nan to the local shops which are just up the road from where we live.

I stayed at home when she left and it felt good to be alone. I went onto the computer, then remembering my mum would get mad if she didn't see me dressed when she returned I shot upstairs to get changed. Though of course, I got distracted by my Ipod and was listening to music instead.

That is when I heard it. From upstairs in my room. I heard footsteps like those of a woman in high heels walk around my kitchen. As you know, I have tiled flooring in the kitchen so it was very loud, clear and real. I turned my music off thinking maybe my mum had returned. But... She never wore high heels. I giggled nervously thinking she must of had heavy heeled shoes to make that noise. Then I heard an unzipping of a handbag. I sighed in releif knowing it must be my mum.

I opened the door and I could see down the stairs as soon as I opened it. Nothing had changed. I slowly walked down the stairs and looked left into the kitchen. It was empty and silent. I stood in the doorway and stayed still- scared so much I wasn't sure what to do. Even though I am thirteen and when the shuffles first began was when I was ten and I am still scared. I then heard a banging on the door of the kitchen as if someone had knocked it with their fist. I ran up the stairs to my room, feeling eyes staring at me from behind. I didn't stop until I was in my room and the door had slammed behind me.

Later, even a few minutes the door bell rang. Dressed, I opened the door for my mum who had returned with shopping bags. She wore trainers. And when she entered the kitchen asking me what I got up to, her trainers agaist the tiles where practically silent. I told her about the experience and she laughed at me saying I was hearing things. Believe you me, I. Did. Not. Imagine. It. It happened and I was freaked.

Coming to the end of my story, this is the second experience I have had from the kitchen and if that has happened, I fear of what may occur during the new kitchen building!

Thank you for reading.

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Tasuke (2 stories) (21 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-22)
no problem, hope you sort the problem out 😊
Make sure you tell me more if something happens again

Good Luck
unknown_madness (8 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-21)
thank you very much Tasuke! If my dad wasn't working and was home it probably would of left me alone lol! I have ignord it and thank you for your understanding. It helps. Thank you for your comment!
All my love xxxxx
Tasuke (2 stories) (21 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-21)
Creepy! Good Luck sorting out, if nothing ever physically hurts you, try to ignore it, or have your house blessed, not sure what your mum would think though!

Good Luck

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