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Leave Me Alone Rosa


This happened to one of my friends. She has told me many stories about spirits roaming her house but this one sounded very interesting for me. One night she told me that she was by herself in the apartment and was using the computer. Later that night she got tired and went to bed. And turned off the lights. She had this weird feeling that there was a presence in her room and got scared because she didn't know if it was evil or not. She went under her covers and stayed there. She heard someone in the kitchen (her room is right next to the kitchen) and she knew it wasn't her parents because they were out. She knew it was something else. She heard it walking and it stopped. The spirit was in her room. She could feel it. But was it evil?

She was still under her covers but for some reason she remembered what I had told her. I said, "I know this is easy to say but hard to do, but you have to be brave when something happens like that. Don't let it scare you. You're the boss. Tell it that you want it to leave. Sometimes they don't know if they're scaring you. You're the boss. Face them. It's the right thing to do and I know it would be hard to do if I was in the same situation but I'll still try..."

So she told her herself, Ima do this. I can do this. She took the cover off her face and noticed that her room was empty. Nobody was there except for her. But she can still feel the presence. She said, "If somebody's here move the plastic bag that is right next to me..." But it didn't and she knew that the spirit was right there. She talked to it but it never responded.

She got really scared and went to her parent's room. The next morning she told her mom that something was in there and didn't leave her alone. So they did some investigation and went downstairs and told the owners of the house if somebody passed away upstairs. They said yeah. Her name was Rosa. She didn't speak any English. Only Spanish. This is the reason why Rosa didn't cooperate with my friend because she didn't understand what my friend was saying.

So at night my friend went to sleep but woke up suddenly knowing that Rosa was in her room. She finally told her in spanish, "If you are Rosa, move that plastic bag..." She obeyed her and moved it. My friend got really scared because it was her first time to see a spirit obeying her and moving things. She said, "why are you here? You passed away now. Please leave me alone because you are scaring me. You don't belong here..."

The next morning my friend's room was blessed and Rosa never bothered them ever again.

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purplequeen12 (2 stories) (69 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-01)
I loved that story. I think this story taught me not to be afraid. I'm the boss. I love that! Thank you so much for sharing this! Keep us updated if you would like. 😊

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