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Did My Great-nan Visit?


My little sister, let's call her Kate, was staying at my auntie's when this happened. My auntie was washing the dishes and all of a sudden the pot she uses for gravy flew off the table. No-one was near the table when the pot flew. A few seconds later, Kate was watching some tapes. There is a basket full of wires and toilet roll which flew; this happened 3 times. My auntie hasn't seen or heard anything apart from this.

My auntie told Kate that my great-nan used to come over on a Saturday to have a roast and a drink and this happened on a Saturday, which I find really weird. My auntie and Kate are still wondering if it was my great nan just saying hello. My great nan has been dead for 10 years and this isn't the first time she has come to see us. I didn't witness any of this only my little sister and my auntie did so I don't know much information.

The house my auntie lives in is old but not very old. Kate and my auntie were really freaked out by it, but they think it's interesting that it happened. My auntie said that it was almost like she was in a temper, that's if it was her. Also my auntie and my little sister don't lie. I honestly believe it happened. There was no draft when it happened nor anything that could of made the gravy pot or the basket fly.

The tapes my sister were watching were of me when I was little and the family. My sister said this could of kicked her off because she was watching the family, but I don't think so.

Was it my great-nan or was is my auntie's just haunted?

Thanks for reading and if anything else happens in my auntie's then I'll post it as soon as possible.

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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-04)
xmeggymorgan99x: It is hard to say wether or not this was your great nan, the events involved seem a little extreme, if this was your great nan I think a more subtle approach would have been attempted. I would look into wether or not your auntie has heard or experienced anything else within the home. A little reasearch may help you here! Good luck! 😊

pickylilyloveschocolate (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-03)
Intresting, this has happened to me before, my great nan has visited our house tons of times until she died when I was 4. She would come over every Wednesday. But one Wednesday about 10 years after she died we saw a figure washing dishes, we watched silently my mum finally said "Grandma?" and she walked out of the door and disappeared, we never saw her face only the back of an elderly women washing dishes? But it only happened once? Did my great grandma visit us from the dead? 😕

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