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Orgonite Clears Your Surroundings


I am a 39 year old guy and I was haunted by spirits since I was a kid. I have been hit, talked to, kept out of my room, I had one go through me, they tend to come around during sleep paralysis and these types of experiences went on for years. I looked for protection all over the place and tried a lot of things for years and nothin really worked. One day surfing on the net I found out about orgonite and how it helps with ridding yourself and surroundings of negative entities. I researched the science and spiritual side of it and found out how to make it. There are ways to make it strong and I made some strong stuff. I wasn't bothered anymore and gave one to a friend who was also having issues and her issues cleared up. So I know it works! I have a few strong pieces next to my chi generators. Research it and see how it effects the energy around it and you. I can find and send links if you want. Look up Chi Generatores by Karl Welz as well, I have one Ju99 and a Ju1000 and now I really have some peace. I don't think the negative entities like the the way these things disturb the energy around them. If you have tried these items feel free to share. I'm curious to see what types of results others have had. I hope this helps those who are sick and tired of not being able to fight back as I was. Please share this if it works for you and if it helps others. I watch a lot of paranormal shows and wish I could tell all of the families about orgonite and chi generators. I don't sell the stuff or profit from it in any way, I just want to help. Good luck to All who are haunted,


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