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These are things I don't know how else to categorize and where to submit.

I have seen three UFOs, two of them I saw with others, the third one I saw on my own and, sadly, it was the clearest of them.

My aforementioned friend and I both have a "thing" with numbers. Hers is 222 or any variation thereof (2:22, 2,22 and so on), mine is 111 and all its incarnations - I've even had two boyfriends whose birthdays were 11/11.

Back in 9th grade (the Danish, don't know what it equals in the US), we all went to Norway for four days to ski. It was like 80 km/49 miles north of Oslo, which means in the middle of nowhere, and most places the snow was knee deep. It was a hotel, but not much bigger than a big cabin, two floors, lots of rooms.

I shared a room with two of my friends on the upper floor. One night we heard scratching from above us, it sounded like claws. We could trace the sound, moving in half circles, and suddenly something that sounded like a crate being pushed around. We were kind of freaked out and hardly dared go to the bathroom, which was only 10 feet from our room, without having one of us keeping guard.

The next morning we went around outside and inside the house to see if we could find any extra interior or exterior stairs leading up to the place above us, but nothing. There weren't even any windows above the floor we were at.

The following night, when we had turned in and everything was dark, we heard a distant wolf's howl and shortly after that, the night lamp above my bed gave off a short spark of light. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep that night.

The third night, also after we'd turned in, I suddenly saw a black figure standing next to my bed, darker than the dark room and I shot up and turned on the light and of course the figure was gone. My friend said that she saw it too.

Luckily we only had a short stay in that cabin, because none of us hardly slept while there.

Just a couple of weeks ago I went down to the kiosk after cigarettes and on my way back I saw - 65 feet in front of me - a guy in a hoodie with the hood up, but when I came to the spot where I saw him, he'd disappeared. In like 5 seconds there was no trace of him whatsoever, I got curious and even looked behind cars, but nothing. There was nothing threatening about it, maybe just a soul wandering his old neighbourhood.

This is all for now, I don't have any more stories. Hope you enjoyed.

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