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Ragged Looking Man


I moved in to my house when I was little with my two older brothers and my mom. I never really had anything happen when I was little, but I have in the last few years. I can't remember what year it started as such and I can not remember the very 1st instant, but I am sure it's not my imagination.

In my house, when you walk through the font door, there is the stairs at the right and if you go a little further the front room is to your left, then a little further to the left again is the dining room then opposite the hall is the kitchen. When you go upstairs and go to the left there is one more step opposite the little step is my brother's room, then if you go right there is the bathroom, then turn left from the little step go down the landing and you've got my room opposite the landing and my mom's room to the left. So anyway now you know the gist of my house I'll begin.

I can remember in about either early 2006 or late 2005 being in my dining room alone and I was playing on my game cube when all of a sudden I saw a ragged looking man just kind of glaring at me, which freaked me out so I ran in to my front room where my family was.

That's not all, I had my friend around for a sleep over once and she was on the toilet and none else was upstairs so the door was wide open and I was half way up the stairs when the door slammed shut. I assumed it was her until she asked me if I did it and I was even watching the door when it slammed shut, and it wasn't her.

I decided to sleep in my mom's room that night because she has a double bed, before she went to bed she was finishing some jobs downstairs because it was a school night, and so as you can guess, I was in there alone. Now I didn't have a problem with that until this. A couple of minutes later I turned over and started to hear heavy breathing. Now at first I thought it could have been me so I held my breath and it carried on, and straight away I shouted "MOM MOM MOM". AS you can guess, she didn't believe me.

About six or seven months later, I thought all of that nonsense had stopped, but I was in my mom's room again that night and she was on an early shift at work that day because she's a nurse. She was in the bathroom and usually tend to wake up when she's getting ready and I was trying to get back to sleep, when suddenly I heard someone take a breath and it wasn't me and I was the only one in her room.

There have been many other instants in my house but those are the most dramatic ones. Please answer me back on this story I would much appreciate it love, the melon lover.

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melonlover (3 stories) (50 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-07)
Oof! I guess your right I'll try toughen up next time lol! Thanks for commenting! Love, the melon lover
nhouse (1 stories) (9 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-07)
But that is exactly why it keeps happening. If it happens once, and they realize that you aren't going to do anything but run, they will become more bold. It will become more frequent and with greater intensity.
purplequeen12 (2 stories) (69 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-07)
Hmm...intresting. Keep investigating! And thanks for commenting, "Mysterious Fog?" 😊
melonlover (3 stories) (50 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-07)
I know but I'm too scared to do that I'm not that brave in a situation like that but thanks for your comment! Love, the melon lover
nhouse (1 stories) (9 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-07)
The next time you see it or sense its presence, tell it to go away and not to come back. You have authority over it and it has to obey you. This may make it mad, but no matter what it does, you must insist that it leaves immediately. I promise you it will leave, at least that location. It may decide to move to a different location in the house, that is why you should go from room to room and declare out loud that whatever is in the house must leave and that it doesn't belong.
let me know what happens.

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