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Someone Looking Out For Me?


I've been reading stories on this site for quite some years, and now I feel like it's time for me to share my own experiences.

Growing up, my family (mom, dad, brother and I) regularly went on bike rides on Sundays, we'd ride for many miles whenever the weather was good. I didn't always enjoy those bike rides because my allergies were horrible when I was a kid. One sunny Sunday, I think I was around 10, we were nearing the end of our trip when we crossed over a bridge between two towns. I was anxious to get back home and inside because my eyes were hurting so much from the pollen everywhere. I was ahead of my parents and brother when I went down the bridge quite fast. Suddenly I could feel two hands on my lower back, steadying me, kind of making sure I wouldn't fall. I remember swerving, trying to shake those hands off me, but they wouldn't go. Once I got down the bridge, the feeling disappeared.

After we got home I asked my mom why she felt the need to hold on to me on that bridge. I guess I was kind of annoyed that she didn't think I could ride down the bridge without falling:) She said she didn't hold on to me. Thinking logically: how could she have anyway? She was riding her own bike, a few 100m behind me. Even if she was close enough to me to be able to touch me, she couldn't have let go of her bike to hold on to me, we both would have fallen.

Does anybody have any idea what this could have been? Maybe it was a guardian angel looking out for me?

Thank you for reading:)

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3165 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-12)
crazypaws - that sure sounds like something a guardian angel would do.

Fascinating experience, thanks for sharing it with us and welcome to YGS.

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