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He Visited Me For The Last Time


I have lots of paranormal experiences but this story I'm going to share will never leave my thoughts. This happened when my grandfather died a year ago. My boyfriend and I (not yet living together) we're taking care of our house while my mom and the rest of them rushed to the hospital to assist my grandpa's body.

At exactly 1:30 am, we decided to clean our living room so if they arrived with the coffin everything is in order. When we're finished, we decided to sleep but we're not sharing in one bed. He slept in the sofa while I bring out the folding bed and went to sleep.

While sleeping I felt a cold body that hugged me for maybe 30 minutes and I look at my boyfriend if he was experiencing the same thing. I thought he was also shivering to death. But I'd seen him snoring at the front of the electric fan. I tried to go up to turn off the fan but I can't! Then I tried to calm myself.

The cold thing seemed to keep on holding me as if it wants to hug me for the last time. Then my boy suddenly woke up and noticed me shivering. I saw him that he was really shocked and his eyes were wide opened. He said that he saw a man (not clearly) hugged me then fade away.

That was the only time he stood up and hugged me tight. I was still shivering at that time and it's already 4 in the morning. He told me that when he saw the man he really look like my grandpa.

I'm their first granddaughter and his favorite one. In the first burial, my cousins and I we're talking about this and we found out that my youngest cousin (also a favorite) also experienced what happened to me. We thought that he just wanted to say goodbye to his favorite grandchildren.

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JennZ (72 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-08)
Your very lucky to have experienced this! I wish I could of said goodbye to my Pap.

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