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The Ghost That Won't Leave


It started 8yrs ago when our daughter was a baby. Ever since then my wife and I think we may have a spirit that has been following us. When she was a baby 8yrs ago we lived in a apartment in Oregon and that was our first experience with a ghost. We would experience stuff like keys and things moved around, TV turning itself on, and the strangest is one particular room our daughter refused to sleep in.

The Ghost That Won't Leave

She was a baby then and we put her there and she would wake from a deep sleep and just cry. Nothing we did could ever get her to sleep or stay in that room without crying non stop. Anyhow talking to a neighbor one night about the strange things happening and how she refused to stay in that room our neighbor gave us horrible news. As it turns out there was a Japanese lady that lived there before with her daughter. I don't know if she was depressed or what the situation was, but she ended up killing herself and her young girl in the very room where our baby was scared to be in. Shortly thereafter we moved because of this, but the weird stuff keeps happening for 8yrs now. We have gotten used to the random stuff happening now and the pranks this ghost likes to play. I think the young girl became attached to our daughter because of her Korean ancestry. After years of taking random pictures and trying to communicate with this spirit we finally caught more just orbs on film. You can clearly see a girl with dark colored hair, even make out her eyes and everything. You don't have to believe if choose not to, but me and my wife finally know the truth.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-30)

Thank you for sharing this with us. Does your daughter still have troubles sleeping by herself?

I'm am going to go 'out on a limb' and say no... Partly because you do not mention it happening after the move and partly because that 'feels like the case'.

My opinion is that your daughter, as a newborn, was feeling the negative energy left behind by the 'murder, suicide' that happened in the home. Did you do any further research to see if that was indeed the 'truth'?

Thank you for including the picture, may I ask what the camera was pointing at when the picture was taken, what time of day/night it was taken... Lighting conditions ect, ect... I can see the 'face' you mentioned but everything 'normal' needs to be considered and ruled out before 'ghost picture' can be claimed.

Additionally I have a Cleansing and Shielding method posted on my profile that you may use if you want to.



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