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My Dad Won't Talk About It


This is my first time uploading my experiences but this is mostly an account of what my parents and their old friends have went through in one of our old homes.

We used to live in a flat above a pub that my dad owned, it was huge and had two floors; with my parents bedroom, the living room, my dad's office, the cash office cupboard and the bathroom downstairs, and mine and my older brother's bedrooms upstairs. From my understanding, the pub used to be an old bed and breakfast as we discovered as we were moving out that there actually a bunch of other rooms behind mine and my brothers upstairs as well as one above the flat door containing a rocking chair (to the excitement and horror of my parents).

I only found out recently the amount of experiences and paranormal things that went on when I lived there (I was between 7-9 while living there).

One of the first things that would happen was things would go missing, cliche, and my mam (who was completely aware that there was a presence in the flat) would complain to herself after losing her keys and then come back in the room and they would be there, even after looking for almost an hour they would appear. My mam also talked about hearing running upstairs while she was alone in the flat, when me and my brother were at school or at my grandparents.

She even recalled one experience of being in my bedroom putting away my washing and clothes (apparently my room was horrible to be in) when she felt something tugging her cardigan and what she thought was me saying "mam. Mam. Mam." and she said "in a minute E" and then heard running away. But after she would go downstairs and remember that me and my brother were at my grandparents for dinner.

Another time she was standing talking to one of the barmen from the pub in the cash office, with her back to the living room, when she heard this apparent god almighty crash from the living room. The huge painting which hung above the couch was across the room in front of the tv. She said she knows that pictures fall downwards but this had went across the actual room.

An experience had by my parents' best friends at the time, was in my older brother's bedroom. Now his room was in a weird L shape with the bed against the far wall behind the door. We'll call my parents' friends D and V; they stayed the night at the flat while me and my brother stayed at my grandparents. They said when they went into my brother's bedroom the bed (I remember it, was a huge chunky double one) was in the middle of the room. They thought it was weird but just my brother's weird decorating. But all through the night they heard scratching and noises. After they left the next morning, my mam went to put some washing in my brother's room and couldn't get in. She managed to shove the door open a few inches to see that the bed had been pushed up against the bedroom door, as if to block it. She immediately called V and demanded what the hell she had done. V starts crying and saying it was horrible staying in there and she hadn't done anything with the room. And anyway, how was she supposed to push a huge double bed right up against the door while also closing it.

Other little things like our dog barking at the same corner every night happened, and my little brother started pointing at the same corner and started to say 'bad man' and would ask my mam to tell the bad man to go away.

Now the final experience that I was told about really shocked me. My dad does not believe in this stuff, completely denies it but he will not talk about what went on in the flat. So he come upstairs from work and went to have a shower, and during it he heard knocking on the bathroom door (thankfully we had a huge bolt lock on the door but I doubt that would have helped) and he heard a woman saying "hello, hello,hello", and knocking continuously. So it went away and he just assumed it was my mum coming back because she forgot something.

Later on my mam comes home with me and my brothers and he asked her what she forgot. She's confused as hell and said she never came home and she's been at my grandparents all day. He asks if she's joking and she says no. She told me that his face just dropped and he went so pale.

If I'm honest I don't remember anything going on probably cause I was so young but my mam swears that something was in that flat, she never felt threatened or in danger but there was definitely something there.

Oh another fun little thing. My mum's friend who lived across the road once asked my mam why she didn't wave back at her one night and my mum was confused. Apparently her friend had woken up in the middle of the night and thought she saw my mam holding my little brother in the window and she waved at her but this woman just stared back. Think that one freaked my mam out a bit.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2018-03-02)
Nice to know the place is still going:-) Does your brother experience anything at work? Any word from the family in residence?

So many buildings in the UK have been used for centuries centuries - does this look to be one of those?
jellybeaniekid (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-03-02)

I don't think my parents looked beyond knowing that it was an old bed and breakfast to be honest.


It's still going as a pin business and it serves food. My older brother actually works there now on the bar and the family who run it live in the flat.


Yeah, behind the cupboard was all boarded up but it led to a bunch of other rooms and there was all sorts just locked away
milky (4 stories) (10 posts)
5 years ago (2018-03-01)
Seems like a very intense, intelligent haunting! Were the rooms that your parents didn't know where there boarded up or soemthing?
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2018-03-01)
Wow, what a place to grow up in! The flat sounds neat even without the haunting! Learning the history would be fascinating. Sounds as though there was more than one spirit there - maybe three? -a woman, a child and one other, perhaps... The only things that sound a but sinister to me are D&V's experiences in your brother's room and the painting being thrown in the living room - basically the things that make me wonder whether there was a third spirit... Perhaps of the nastier variety. Do you know what has become of the place these days?
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-28)
Wow, that's definitely a lot of activity! I can commiserate as my childhood home was and still is active. It sounds like the spirit (s) was mostly trying to get your parents attention. Do you or your parents know any history on the place? Thanks for sharing

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