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Sound Of Anklets, Breath On My Neck


My Mom had died when I was in my 6th standard. My sister went to live with my aunt. My aunt couldn't look after both of us because I was a real hyperactive boy always getting into mischief, so my dad put me up in the school hostel.

With the death of my mom on my mind, I was not able to adjust with hostel life. The 1st year was over somehow, but in 8th standard I told my dad that I can't bear hostel life any more and I would prefer living with him more. So we both started living together in our house.

My dad worked in the state electrical distribution company and was posted in a town around 3 hours away. Every day morning we would cook up some breakfast - consisting of bread and omelet and some other easy to cook food like maggie noodles. He would start for his work place and I would cycle off to school. I used to have my lunch from the school hostel.

The food in the nights were from my uncle's house. I would either walk there or cycle down there, eat my dinner and carry a tiffin box with food for my dad who would reach home in the night by around 9.00 pm.

One night, I decided to walk down to my uncle's house. In Kerala, India, where I am from, there is periodic load shedding (electricity would be cut off for a period of 1 hour, to stabilize the electricity distribution network).

My house is on top of a hill. There is a road leading down it and turning right and onwards. In those times it was not dust road and not an asphalt road. There are not many houses down the road.

I was walking down the hill and suddenly I heard the sound of anklets (the ornament worn on the foot, by Indian women, it makes a jingling sound when they walk) and a very disturbing laugh, very feminine. I thought it was in my mind and kept on walking. I turned right at the bottom the hill and kept on walking.

Suddenly I heard the sound of the anklets and the laugh, getting louder, moving closer. I stopped. I was getting nervous. I could hear the sound moving closer and then... I could feel someone's breath on my back, my neck. Very cold, ice cold breath.

I was sort of paralysed. And I couldn't move even when I wanted to. It was a do or die situation for me. I prayed to God and shouted, "Get away, you evil thing! In the name of God, Jesus, mother Mary and all the saints!"

That is what came into my mind and I shouted it all. Suddenly I could feel the breath suddenly ending and no more feel the presence of someone behind my back. I ran. I ran like I had never run before. I got a fever and my dad made me stay in my uncle's house for 3 days.

Later, I went back to stay at my home again. But never again, I used to walk alone. I cycled and my cousin would come every day evening spend time with me and I used to go to his house with him, wait for my dad to pass by and go home with my dad.

Later, the road was asphalted, new houses came up along the road and there was a street lighting system installed too. I have never experienced the presence again. It was scary enough for me.

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Zander (7 stories) (146 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-02)
I have truly enjoyed reading your very well-written account. I was struck by how similar your experience was with mine in Japan. The laughing, the ever closer closing in of it, the immediate dissapation of it once I uttered the name of a holy man, which, though I am an American, happened to be 'Ramana' from your India. You might find it interesting to read my story regarding Japan as it closely follows what you experienced. I am also struck by how 'modernization' if you will can tend to drive some spirits off---some good and some bad. Kind regards & best wishes

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