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Two Spirits, One Good, One Bad


Hey everyone, I submitted two stories that happened about me and my aunt back when I was young (and as usual I'm not good with my english) one about Tanniq and one about the Evil Entity, here's one when we lived in a two story house in Rankin Inlet (a town we are currently living in).

For about nine years my family and I lived in a two story house, many things happened in that house. When we first moved in, my brothers were playing and running around seeing who was the fastest going up and down the stairs. They both slipped on the last stairs laughing (they were sitting or laying on the stairs I forgot) when they looked up they saw a person looking at them, this person or spirit must have been curious on making all that noise (just so you know there was no one up stairs, everyone was down, and let me describe the house to you, when you go in there is a living room connected to the kitchen, a small storage room beside the stairs and a furnace room beside the storage room. Going up the first stairs the bathroom in on the first landing and up the stairs are three rooms and a small storage area, hope you understand what I just described there) my brothers told everyone what they saw, so my parents told them not to be scared of anything that can't hurt them, my brothers weren't scared or anything because they were kind of on the sensitive side, especially the older one (but still my little brother which I call little big brother now because he got taller then me)

The room me and my sister were sleeping in was not the settling type of room you would want to sleep in (same two story house we lived in once, three bed rooms, one across the room on in the middle and one in the right) The room in the right was the room we were sharing.

One night my sister was going to sleep early, my brothers, me and my baby sister were watching t.v in the living room downstairs, until we heard Molly crying (that's her real name) I went upstairs to see what happened, the lights were on and molly was on the bed crying, I asked her what happened but she didn't respond, I asked her again and she said that someone was scratching on her back, I checked her back to see any scratch marks but there was nothing, so I told her to come downstairs and sleep there instead because she didn't want to be alone upstairs by herself. After she fell asleep in the living room on the couch with my baby sister I told my brothers and my parents what happened.

In the same room one night my sister and I couldn't fall asleep because for some reason my right arm would move on its own without me controlling it to lift up, I told molly and she was scared (I didn't want to tell her but in my family we tell the truth on what happens) so we went to my brothers' room to ask them if they can sleep with us that night and they agreed. We put their bed side ours so they have something to sleep on, JD (short for is full name) was sleeping beside me and my other brother was sleeping with my sister, when I fell asleep, JD woke me up and told me my arm lifted up by it self again, I kind of got frustrated and said "F**k sakes man, stupid arm" and went back to sleep on the arm that's been lifting its self up.

The room on the right was the same room my sister and I slept in, every time we went in there we felt some what uncomfortable, every night I would feel someone watching me, an uncomfortable feeling that you can't shake off. The door is always closed and the light's off, the only light was the alarm clock. One night my sister fell asleep before me because we would talk for about an hour before going to bed. As I lay on the bed waiting for sleep to take me to dream land, I suddenly heard a scream in my right ear. I was laying down on the bed unable to move because I was paralyzed with fear. I looked at my sister, she was still sleeping knowing that I was the only one that had heard it, I prayed to god for protection after sensing a unsettling feeling that something was going to happen to me when I fall asleep. Feeling safe once again I was able to sleep in the arms of my guardian angel, I wanted to cry because I sensed this peace when one of my relatives was still alive, but I know that they didn't want to see my shed a tear so I held it in and fell in to dream land.

My sister and I asked our parents to move into their old room because they always slept in the living (my baby sister cried every night in there old room, after sleeping in the living room she didn't cry as much) they asked why and we told them what happens in the room Molly and I shared, so they agreed to let us move our belongings to the room they once slept in be for adopting my baby sister. My little brother stewart (his real name) moved to that room finally about to have is own room, nothing happened to him when he slept there, the room my sister and I moved into (the one across from the stairs) we were finally able to sleep better from the first night of moving to this house we are living in right now. Although my little brother's behavior changed when he moved to the room on the right, he doesn't listen to my parents as much as he did before, he gets angry at little things and start arguments, he would be with the wrong people that he isn't allowed to be with and sometime violate properties which he never did before moving to that room. He would think that we're blaming things on him when we're just explaining things to him what he should and shouldn't do, my parents explains everything to us when we are listening but he thinks otherwise.

One day my dad was home alone, everyone was out except for him. On that day my dad was sitting on the couch, there was some show on the television when he felt a presence beside him, he turned his head, he saw my mom sitting beside him and staring at him, he was not scared or anything but just stared back at the image of my mom which he knew it wasn't her. When my mom came back home, my dad told her what happened and my mom told us what my dad told her.

JD is the sensitive one in the family so he hears and sees some things that we cannot. Almost every night he would hear footstep coming up the stairs or going down when everyone is asleep, see someone standing by the stairway looking at him and sometime feels it. When I had my first digital camera I took a picture of my brother laying down on the couch playing with his gameboy advance, in the picture it showed him playing and an orb right above is stomach, we were kind of shocked to see our first orb. I showed my brother the orb and told us that he felt someone sitting on his stomach when no one was near him, he wasn't afraid and thought nothing of what ever it was sitting on hime. I showed the image to my parents and they thought nothing of it, we lived in that house for such a long time that it doesn't bother us much.

When my cousin Jason was living with us for a few months he was sleeping in the room on the right, the room didn't bother him or anything (I just started thinking that spirit didn't like girls at all). His girlfriend and another cousin named Doreen were visiting him. Doreen didn't tell me this but since she's one of my favorite cousins, I believe her. She told me when she was sitting on the bed talking to Jason and his girlfriend she saw someone behind the door, a shadowy figure stared at them mainly at Doreen, the door was open because my mom wanted to door open so nothing nasty can happen (if you know what I mean *yuck*), the shadowy figure was just staring and then disappeared. Doreen was kind of scared after what she saw, also told me that it didn't feel right when it was there. What ever it was didn't really like girls at all and just makes its presence known to the females in the room that it didn't like them. I had some of my friends over and talk about what they have been doing after school and such, when one of them told me that they didn't feel so good, so I had the idea of going downstairs instead, when we left the room, my friend felt ok again and we didn't go into the room for the again for the whole day.

My uncle Floyd and his girlfriend were house sitting when my family and I were visiting our relatives in chester. While they were house sitting the first night sleeping in my parents room, my uncle woke up from his girlfriend talking to someone, she was talking to someone in innuktitut, my uncle asked her who she was talking to, she replied that there's someone sitting on the floor, an old man. Floyd said that there was no one there but she said that the old man is sitting right beside the bed and talking to her. When the old man disappeared in front of Floyd's girlfriend she got kind of scared and forced herself to sleep with my uncle, the next day they slept at my grandma's house instead because they were scared of what my uncle's girlfriend experienced. When we came back from Chester, Floyd and Tiff (let's just call her that) told us what she saw and talked to, we weren't really bothered because in the room they were sleeping in was comforting and peaceful. I know the old man that was in that room died in there and doesn't want to cause any harm to anyone.

In this same room a few of my brothers friends, my sister and a few of my cousins were watching a movie called 'Cabin Fever'(I heard it was scary and disgusting so I didn't plan on watching the movie) during the movie one of the people felt the bed move down, she/he looked to see if anyone was sitting beside that person but found out that no one was there. Another thing happened in when they were still watching the movie, one of our guest felt someone tap him/her on the shoulder on either side of his/her shoulder but they said that they didn't do anything while watching the movie, that person got kind of scared and decide to watch and ignore the whatever happened.

This is all the story I know that had happened in the house I lived in with my family, stories I heard my brothers, sister, parents, cousins and friends. This is the longest story I have wrote and my hands are killing me from typing this story, I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as what happened in the old two story house we lived in.

Have a good day

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Justin_9493 (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-15)
Thanks for sharing your experinces. I don't have anything more to add than what's already been said. Thanks again.
rjblaze215 (3 stories) (19 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-01)
thats weird... The ghost in that house doesnlt like girls?. You should try and check the history of that house and see if you get anything. I want you to know you are not alone but the ghost in my house is nice and peaceful. But I really want him/her to rest in peace. It even helped me out before so I know this spirit here is good. Nice story I liked it. And I want you give you advice. Watever taht spirit does make sure it does not phase you at all. They will know if they have you scared. I'm more of a clam person and had some experiance myself and know that they stop evil intentions if they know it doesn't phase you. Just ignore it. Good luck 😊
Nightgoddess (14 stories) (54 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-26)
I personally would try to move. There are so many things happening in that house. Did you move or are you still living there? If so is there things still happening?
paggark (4 stories) (25 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-23)
Hi Athena and Sorcha ^-^
Thank you for the commentes on this story, my brother is more of a psychic then I am and I'm sorry to say that picture of an orb on my brother was deleted by one of my family memebers (I don't know who deleted
My little brother is doing fine know, he listen to us once in a while and doesn't get angery to easily. I'm glad you read my story ^_^. Have a good day everyone
Sorcha (59 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-23)
Hi Paggark,
Wow you have had a lot of experiences in that house! I hope that Stewart is not effected anymore by that room. Thank you for your great story I really liked reading it. 😊

Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-22)
Hi Pegark! Looks like JD isn't the only psychic one, you must be psychic too. I would love to see the ORB shot! Can you email it to Martin, so he can insert it in your story? I hope that where you live now is peaceful and not full of ghosts that hate you because youare a woman. Also- thank you for your response to my story "hand on my shoulder" It really made my day! Take Good Care! Athena

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