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Hey everyone, I submitted maybe three stories already in this web site. What I would like to tell you is about my brother JD (nick name because his name was kind long so I kind of gave him the nickname) that experience most of these things then any of my family.

When my little brother JD was young, everyone was at the health center because a family member just died from a heart attack. I forgot what year and month it was but I know it was during winter. Me and my brother were beside my mom and dad who was crying, also the rest of my relatives were crying (who wouldn't). I looked at my brother who was also crying because my grandmother named him after her favorite niece that was abused and treated badly by her relatives, except for my grandmother. Many years later, my brother told my parents that he saw my grandmother's soul standing beside her husband on the day of her death then looked at him with a gentle smile which he knew right away that she was going to be ok.

On a summer day we heard news of my aunt's death, my mom was crying, already missing her sister and never had a chance to say goodbye, I was beside my dad crying and also my baby brother was crying and JD as well. JD told us that he knew our aunt died since he saw my aunt one night looking at him or something like that (we lived in Chesterfield Inlet back then and my aunt lived in Rankin Inlet). My aunt was a alcoholic and spoiled me when I go and visit my relatives in Rankin (I get home sick if one of my parents weren't with me). I kind of sense that she wasn't going to be in this world any more but my brother knew what he saw on the night of her death. My aunt died from drowning, she was drunk that night, fell off a honda and her face on in a puddle, her body was found the next day by a local person that lived close to where her body was found.

Once a year, most of the town's people would go fishing to see who can catch the largest fish, they would go to different areas out side of town by machine or go catch cod in the bay. In this particular area which I forgot the name of the lake was, my family went to go fishing there about two or three years ago, my brother was at the fishing hole and saw a shadowy figure standing on the land on top of the hill just staring at them. These figure didn't bother anyone because the fishing durby would only last for two days on the weekend, he told my parents what he saw and they believed him because that land is haunted by someone that once died there years ago. When they came home my brother told me and I asked my parents if it's true and they said yes.

Just last year during winter, my dad was in the drunk tank because he can't really control himself when he's high on liquor. My mom was crying and prayed to god for protection and hoping that everything will be alright, she felt this overwhelming sense of peace and comfort that washed over her while she was crying. My brother looked over to her and saw my deceased grandmother glowing in heaven's light, her arm was over my mother's shoulders and saying to her that everything will be ok in innuktitut. JD told mom what he saw and told her what my grandmother said. I went home from my other grandmother (my mom's mom) when I went into the house I felt safe, a sense of peace and happy that I was able to sense a familiar presence once again, which I know was my grandmother's. JD told me what he saw and heard from my deceased relative and I was happy (and kind of jealous of him :P) that I heard it from him.

This is all the stories I know what my brother saw and heard. The rest I submitted on one of the stories called two spirits, one good, one bad he still experiences something which I know he aint' going to tell me anytime soon.

I was inspired to tell this story that had the same experience as my brother did, kujannami (thank you) melisa123.

Have a good day everyone ^-^

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Peteys_granny (1 stories) (36 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-02)
Kujannami, Paggark, for teaching me a new word, and for allowing me the privilege of reading your stories. I enjoyed them. And don't worry so much about your English. You write a lot better than I talk, and that's a fact. I sincerely wish for you all the best, and hope to hear more from you. 😊

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