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The summer of 2012 may have possibly been the most difficult months of my life. A chain of unfortunate events had led me homeless and family-less, giving me few options for living space and basic necessities. Upon learning street smarts and how to protect myself from those around me who want to do me harm (I was a fairly attractive 18 y/o female so this lesson was a MUST and I had even been close to losing my life on multiple occasions) and feed myself and those who I had to protect myself.

Early summer, I had fallen for one of my best friends in school before graduating and on my last day, he asked me if I wanted to be his. Being together through some of the hardest times of my life gives me mixed emotions because he did cause a great deal of the stress I encountered.

Soon after he and I had started our relationship, my [adopted] dad started getting more verbally aggressive towards me. I knew he was an alcoholic and smoked marijuana daily, but that was all I was aware of at the time. He'd call me names and make me feel like trash. I'd never done drugs, I wasn't one to fool around excessively, and I didn't have a temper. On my free time, I was to cook the meals and clean the house and leave as I pleased so long as I had gotten my stuff done, but he was starting to try to keep me in the house by guilting me.

Some time in June, late at night, my dad was getting too drunk and my grandmother was visiting from out of state and he was laying on her telling her how much he loved her. He carried his Jack Daniels with him taking a swig whenever he felt like it (pretty often). I got tired of it, took the bottle from him, and left to put it in his "secret stash" in his bedroom. Opening his stash, I found multiple bags of cocaine!

I was beyond devastated. I was hurt that the only family I had left was putting this on me. I showed him what I found, he was in total shock. I ran off. I couldn't help it. A neighbor found me around 4 AM at a local park, shaken. She convinced me to come "home". Later that morning he came into my room apologizing, promising to leave that weekend to get help. Sure enough, he left that weekend. I soon found out that he was partying with ONE of his girlfriends in Tallahassee.

The day he was to come home, my boyfriend, John, had run away from his father's house due to his father getting stoned and beating him. He came to me for comfort. Minutes after he came in the house to have a drink and tell me all that happened, my dad showed up, very high. I already had a friend on the way to drop John off back at his father's house. My dad was very upset that I had let John in the house without him home.

After dropping John off, I returned back home to a very drunk, very high, and very angry dad. He started calling me names, telling me I was a sl*t for letting John in, that I must have invited him over to spread my legs, that I was just like my mother. I snapped. I yelled back at him, reminding him of all that I do for him, that I'm not nearly as bad as he makes me seem to everyone. Next thing I know, he's dragging my down the hall by my throat, throws me into my room and tells my to pack and get out.

Before he could finish, I run out from a space he left. I sprint down the street, him trying to follow, screaming profanity at me. Neighbors were startled by the confutation held on the street. I didn't plan on returning, so I didn't care. I had an idea as to where I could go. Little did I know what I was getting myself into...

As soon as John heard what had happened to me, he came to the park I was staying at to be sure I was ok (though he didn't show up until the next day) so I slept on a bench, needing to be in the open. I didn't sleep but a few minutes. I was sickened by what had happened that day.

The next day, John showed up and said he wasn't going back. He needed to be with me. I was fine with it. I showed him where we'd be staying from then on, which ended up being a few months.

The park I was staying at was an extension of a middle school called Driftwood. On the park section which was fenced off from the rest of the school to make public during the day were 2 abandoned Portable classrooms. Years prior, the Spanish teacher who had taught in one of the lost her young daughter in the bathroom. The girl's death caused the school to lock up and fence off the portables from the rest of the school.

I found how to open one of them from friends who attended that school. I knew how to get in and out and taught John. I cleaned it up and we put blankets in there to make it easier to sleep. I spent nights in there prior when dad was too much for me to handle other times.

Every night something would awaken us at the same time. I wore a cross on me at all times that I'd had for as long as I could remember. I'd pray to keep us safe from whatever was bothering us there.

One night, John had found enough change for us to get a cup of noodles and a drink from the gas station and sent me out for a run to the store. He wouldn't go near the POD, as we called it, while I was gone. I know Emily, my friend, a ghost, helped protect us while we were there. He didn't feel her there when I left to get us something. He'd feel shivers and couldn't even stand in the field where the POD was and feel safe.

I was gone for about 20 minutes when he glanced at the POD and saw my head poking out. He thought I was calling him and didn't know I had returned. Once he crossed the field half way, he looked at me again, sticking my head out the door, then saw that it wasn't me!

The girl in the doorway was very young with dark hair. He blinked and she was gone, the door started closing! He ran off until he saw me come up the road behind the POD. He ran to tell me what happened. He was terrified, not wanting to go back in. I was scared too, but knew it was the safest place for us. Being in FL, it rained that night. Luckily I could coax him in that night. He fell asleep way before me. The whispers were keeping me up late...

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Tuesdey (guest)
9 years ago (2013-05-08)
Raftingirl, Thank you. I'm glad you're ok now:)

Amie_16, it was an assumption. I figured since she did die there, and Emily doesn't bother anyone. She isn't one to make anyone nervous.

Vulcan10, Thank you?

Mysterious_sunset, thank you. I hope all is well with you now ❤
mysterious_sunset (1 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-07)
Tuesdey, I think we can somewhat relate our dad stories, it can be very hard sometimes. Once you remember certain paranormal memory, other memories come up that have to do with that time. 😉 Very much hope you have a better life now. Best regards.
mamachong (11 stories) (228 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-07)
Thank you for clarifying that.

I once was homeless, several times. Sometimes things happen in your life you can not control. I am working, stable and happy. I am married and have a son. I go to church and am around positive people. You can change your life if you desire to. And I don't let negative things keep me down or negative. It is not impossible. Best regards. No offense meant. Just proving a point.
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-06)
I don't know about your ghost story, I'm commenting on your living situation. I hope that you are permanently off the streets now. For anyone who has never been at zero, starting from zero on the streets with no outside help, no skill that would allow them to escape the street, and no future to really even dream of, its practically impossible to escape and develope the life we all wish to have. I do know that the old saying, "birds of a feather flock together" is correct and true. You are who you choose to hang with. Also, if you ever allow yourself to get into that "street mentality" it makes it a terribly hard task to escape the negative people and entities that surround you seeking to keep you in your fallen position. I personally had to seek the Lord completely and put away old aquaintances, places, and things. Make plans and STICK to them. Pray, trust in God. Its so hard starting from the bottom but it can be done. I've heard most say something like listen to your conscience it will guide you, or you'll know right from wrong... But the thing is... If you choose to do that which is against the will of God and mans law it gradually changes your personal compass to a point it can no longer be counted on to lead you in the right direction. Again. I hope you've made it out of that life and away from people that think with street mentality. God be with you.
Amie_16 (2 stories) (104 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-06)
Hey how did you figure out who she was?
You only guessed it ini?
Raftingirl (2 stories) (113 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-06)
Hello Tuesdy,
Having gone through a similar situation at 14, I can attest to the fact that you CAN find places to hide for shelter, even if it has security. Mine was a construction site. Much colder where I was, but at least it provided shelter. At least I still had a job to help me out. Sounds like you didn't fare as well. I'm glad you made it through. Sounds like your spirit wasn't harmful ❤
Tuesdey (guest)
9 years ago (2013-05-06)
mamachong, I'm no longer speaking with him. He pushed abortion on me and tries to make me do things I shouldn't. No, I haven't seen her. We think she was just the spanish teacher's deceased daughter. Emily is the one who protects me.

Valkricry, they had been abandoned for years with no electric, alarm system, or water. They were pretty much just big solid boxes that protected us from the wind, rain, and whatever else may be outside. John never went to the store with me because he's slower. I would jog/run and he rarely went faster then a walk.

Amie_16, She was the spanish teacher's daughter we predicted. But no one knows for sure.
Amie_16 (2 stories) (104 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-05)
Hey Tuesday!
I think the girl was the one about which your teacher told you isn't it?
valkricry (47 stories) (3190 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-05-04)
I have to say, I'm surprised that there would be abandoned portable classrooms as out here when they are no longer used by one school the district moves them to another. Between the alarm systems and the types of locks they use here, sneaking into one would be very difficult. Guess in a way,you're lucky the harshness you faced wasn't here... It sounds like you had gone through some very rough times.
I do have a question though, why didn't John go with you to the store?
mamachong (11 stories) (228 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-04)
Hello Tuesdy. I'm really sorry that you had to go through that, and at such a young age. I'm just curious, do you still have contact with your dad? Have you seen the girl from the barracks again? You said she protected you? She must have been friendly then.

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