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This Never Happened To Me Before


I'm just going to start off at the time this happened. Earlier today around 12:00 pm, I had just put my son to a nap and was about to take one myself. I lay down and put YouTube on my phone because I'm afraid without it on I'll get sleep paralysis. I been having this problem for the past four months off and on. It has been at least a month since I've had a sleep paralysis. So I put on YouTube. I was falling asleep but then I started feeling really heavy like I couldn't move. I started praying because I got scared. Not being able to move, speak or escape your sleep is a scary feeling. I had my eyes closed praying but could still see

The room around me. I stared seeing black blotches above my bed. Laying on my stomach looking up. Then I just felt really heavy like something was on my back. Keep in mind I already felt like something was watching me before all this happened when I just laid down. All of a sudden I heard something talking to me kind of in a growling voice if it makes sense. I can't explain. I don't know what was being said, all I know is I wanted to get away. I had a heavy pressure on my back keeping me from moving or speaking. I panicked. I felt like it was talking right behind my head close to my ear. I tried pushing up with all my might. I wanted whatever it was to get off. I wanted to run away. While I was pushing up it was still talking"growling" whatever. But I got so scared I just started to blink and try my hardest to move. Eventually I could and all of it stopped. I just looked around the room scared. Then decided to get ready for my afternoon class. I couldn't nap after this. That's all. It really was the scariest thing I have experienced.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-27)

There are a couple of things that concern me about your reply...

The first being about 'this' statement...

"My boyfriend's dad and me had a good relationship."

Has something changed... Either your boyfriend is no longer your boyfriend (at the time of this incident) OR you no longer have a 'good relationship' with his Dad?

Second: Are you 100% sure that what you describe was your first experience with something like S/P? I ask because there are some things you describe that are not typical to S/P.

Third: Is it the 'same' dream... Or are there different 'themes' to each occurrence?

Forth: Were you pregnant at the time of your First experience?


Scorpio_Rising (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-27)
Well I started having sleep paralysis and false awakening a while back. My first experience was being in a dream state and my boyfriend's dad was trying to touch me sexually in the dream it all felt so real. My boyfriend was in bed with me. I woke up out of the dream not being able to move or speak. I tried calling out to my boyfriend but nothing came out.That's when it started. I was in and out type of thing. Like being sucked back into the dream where my bfs dad was trying to touch me sexually and waking up not able to move or speak or cry out. My boyfriend's dad and me had a good relationship. So of course it was disturbing having him touch me like that in a dream that felt so real. In the dream we were in the bed with my boyfriend to like I was in real life. Well that was my first experience. It happens on and off since then.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-19)
I have the same questions, and hope, as Rook (Saint Rook?) and Mac.

Sleep paralysis usually involves waking up from sleep. This event is the first I'm aware of where the paralysis (or brain shutting down motor neurons) happened before falling asleep I've heard.

Hope you'll let us know, but either way, I hope you'll be okay.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-19)

You mention putting your son down for a nap... How old is your son (Going out on a limb and saying he's about 4 months)?

If so this sudden 'on-set' of S/P episodes may be due to changes your body and mind under went during your pregnancy.

Background noise (Radio playing, TV on... In your case YouTube... Are not proven ways to 'beat' S/'s one of those things... If its going to happen its going to happen.

In this instance however I wish to ask... Did you actually fall asleep? You describe it with these words...

"I was falling asleep but then I started feeling really heavy like I couldn't move. I started praying because I got scared."

From that description its hard to tell if you were actually asleep 'before' this experience began. Which in turn makes it hard to determine if a Spirit may have been involved or if it was just S/P. you typically sleep on your stomach? You may try another position to see if that helps.

Here's hoping you will decide to participate in the discussion...


Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-19)
Hi Scorpio Rising

Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm not sure how much research you may have done on sleep paralysis but it's a very common event that many people appear to have been experiencing for hundreds of years. There are countless experiences on this site as well.

It's a little-understood phenomena but terrifying for those who have experienced it. I have empathy for you as I personally have experienced sleep paralysis, only once but it was probably one of the most frightening experiences I have ever had (see my story Night Attack)

If you decide to participate in the discussion, are you able to put this experience into context so we may be able assist or offer advice?

Can you pin-point what changed in your situation when these events began? Change of house? Ouija board dabbling? Emotional distressing event? Etc

Any other spirit / ghost / entity activity in your house?

And have you had any experiences with spirits / ghosts etc in your past?

Were your previous paralysis experiences coupled with growling voices and pressure on your body? Can you elaborate on the YouTube connection?



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