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Sleeping On Her Lap


It was in 2009 when I used to live in a hostel in badlapur. I was in 10th std that time. Some guy friends of mine used to talk about some supernatural things happening in hostel but I didn't care much because I believed in things that I have seen.

One day we girls were talking until late night as it was Sunday the next day. I kept my head on Harjeet's (my friend) lap and was listening to the other girls talk. Harjeet was moving her fingers through my hair like giving me a hair massage. It felt good and I felt asleep.

Later, as I woke up, I realized I was still sleeping on Harjeet's lap and she was still moving her fingers through my hair. She hadn't changed her dress yet. I asked her what the time was, she said "It's 1:45am." I asked her why was she still awake? She said "Neend nahi aa rahi hai (she couldn't sleep)." I said I would lay down on pillow but she insisted me to sleep on her lap and she again started moving her fingers through my hair and said "soja tu chinta mat kar, main hun na" (she said me to sleep and not to worry about anything). So, I slept.

Later, the following morning, I asked Harjeet at what time she slept. And I was stunned when I heard her saying, "main toh 11pm ko hi so gayi thi" (she said, she slept at 11pm). I said, "it's impossible" and I told her everything that happened.

I was now confused, if harjeet was sleeping, then who was that person? She and the other girls laughed at me. They said I must have been my dream as they had seen Harjeet going to bed. I also noticed Harjeet wearing her night-dress. Everything seemed so unreal then. There were so many questions coming in my mind.

It's not like I've faced anything extreme but, it still makes me wonder sometimes...

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Fariya (7 stories) (52 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-14)
U slept on harjeet's lap. But when you woke up in the morning did you wake up on your bed or on harjeet's bed?
Amie_16 (2 stories) (104 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-18)
Bluerose19 - she was having a dream no one was there with her she was sleeping all the time! Girls sitting in the room and talking is just a part of the dream yes!
It was a dream in which she saw that she's laying on the bed with her head in Harjeet's lap and other girls are telling them stories and then she fell asleep! Whereas in real she was sleeping all the time!
Sonty (1 stories) (29 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-16)
Dear Pooja,

I completely agree with DelzLdy. I think you were sleeping the whole time.
xBiteMeKlaus (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-16)
I've also experienced a couple of same kind of encounters with me when I was in hostel. Me and my friend were lying down on our respective beds. It's was 12 at night and we were chatting and gossiping. After an hour, my friend fell asleep and I was still awake... I was constantly looking at her bed and suddenly I saw a foggy figure (specifically a human shaped figure) enter the room through window and that figure sat on my friend's chest. She was awoken and she couldn't speak a word. She looked at the figure sitting on top of her and she almost stopped breathing and so did I. We were speechless. After 5 minutes, the figure faded away and we were looking at each other's faces in shock. It's weird how we couldn't even move when the incident occurred. Most of em call it sleeping paralysis when you encounter with ghosts.
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-16)
Hello pooja54, I feel that this might not be a paranormal encounter. I would like to ask what others asked. Whether did you get up from sleep the next day. Did you ask the other girls, who vouched that Harjeet went to bed early, how and where you were sleeping? I feel that it might be a vivid dream rather than paranormal experience. I don't mean to offend you but this is my opinion.

Regards and respects to you.

stalker_wizard (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-16)
Dear Pooja,

I also agree with Amie but Hostels are always scary. As young minds are creative we all have diffrent stories from time spent at hostels.

I will like to appreciate your narration and coming up to share your story.

With Regards

Amie_16 (2 stories) (104 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-16)
-Pooja54 I think you really saw a dream, sometimes dreams are so vivid that it feels like it's real, the same happened with you that night! I think it was just a dream because you had heard a lot of ghost stories from your male friends there...
Thanks for posting
DelzLdy (2 stories) (50 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-15)
No offense, but my first reaction is that you were sleeping the whole time and simply dreamt the experience. Others on this sight are much more knowledgeable than I, but this is sure what it sounds like to me.

I do have a couple of questions, tho:
Did you wake on the floor in the morning?
Did you ask your friend how, when she got up to go to bed, she disengaged herself from your sleeping form?
Did you ask your other friends if you had stirred when the friend whose lap you were sleeping in got up to go to bed?

My thinking is when your friend got up to go to bed she disrupted your sleep enough to cause this dream.
Bluerose19 (3 stories) (164 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-14)
As you said, "I kept my head on Harjeet's (my friend) lap and was listening to the other girls talk."
So after finding out that the person on whose lap you were sleeping was not Harjeet, so did not you ask the other girls who were talking the night before, that did they see you sleep on 'somebody's' lap the previous night?...If yes,whose?...Did you ask them what were you doing the time (sleeping or not) when the last person left the chat?

I am sure these answers can throw some light into your confusion. Please let us know.

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