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The Devil's Place


If you're a resident of Spartanburg, SC, you know about Oakwood Cemetery. Or as locals in the area call it, "Hell's Gate". This beautiful area of resting souls was once a pauper's field according to local history over 100 years prior to its current manicured field of beautiful headstones. During the day, its a lovely green area full of large headstones and a large worn angel. Past the large hedges, there is the children's field. In the daylight, its fine. But at night, its a different vibes.

Other than the amped up security over the past few years following many teens and young adults sneaking in past dusk and after a grave robbing in the early 2000's; the graveyard hosts it's share of spooks and orbs. Rumors of devil worship plague the grounds.

In 2013, I was living in Greenville with my fiancé, *Tyler, his parents, and his older sister. We often found fun things to do, albeit possibly illegal in the state. Between loitering at the Whitehorse Wal-Mart and causing chaos, staying hours at the Waffle House, sneaking into movies at Cherrydale, and smoking the devil's lettuce while carefully watching our shed full of music equipment from the thieving hands of local junkies roaming about; we always found something to do. 95% of the time we spent, we spent it at our friend *Amy's house.

Amy was and still is our best friend. She's housed many people in her home, all with big, warm arms wide open. Amy was very laid back and always into our silly shenanigans. Through her, my fiancé and I made more friends. Amazing friends! Friends that came up with the idea of visiting the nearly 200 year old graveyard one night.

Rolling into Amy's one night, we were approached with the idea of paranormal hunting by 2 buddies *Eric and *Molly. Knowing we were big ghost hunters in our home state of Ohio, we tagged along for the nearly hour drive.

After stopping for gas, we arrived at the funeral home in front of the graveyard. Molly warned us about watching out for cops and any guards around. After heeding the warning, we walked up the blacktop to the graveyard gates. The 1st stop was the angel in the beginning of the yard. Months prior to our arrival, Molly and Eric visited and took a photo of the angel. Molly and him compared notes on if there were any changes such as movement or damage. My fiancé and I looked around the grounds while they spoke. I felt very sick to my stomach after about 5 minutes. Something just felt so wrong, but I shrugged it off to nerves and being on high alert for any cops. Noticing I was really uneasy, Tyler opted to walk with me around the stones, comforting me and rubbing the back of my hand to calm my nerves. It didn't help but I swallowed my uneasiness and admired how nice the grounds were. (For some reason I'm a big fan of nice graveyards. Too many times they go neglected, so I really love a good, well kept yard.)

After a few minutes, Molly and Eric joined us. After being satisfied that the angel has yet to move, they led us up the black top trail to head to the children's section.

"They say a ton of Satanists sacrificed shiat here. They use to meet up every Saturday" Eric told us.

My fiancé, being a Satanist himself, quickly blew this off and chalked it up to possibly just being stupid teens with a LaVey Satanic Bible and a cat they possibly caught just to torture. My fiancé spoke about how all these kids don't do their research and only follow Hollywood displays on movie screens. Joking about how kids now a days just think they're rebels by claiming to worship Satan, we walked up to the hedges nearing the children's plots.

The closer we got, it felt like I was getting a massive cramp in my stomach. Again think it must be stress and nerves, I ignored it. I soon got a huge overwhelming feeling something was behind us. Looking behind a few times, I saw nothing the 1st few times. After the 4th or 5th turn around I got a glimpse of a small black shadow darting behind a headstone. I gripped Tyler's hand and he reassured me its just possibly a big bug or a rabbit or bat and not to worry about it.

Once we went past the hedges, Molly stopped and told us to hush. Stating she had seen something, she stayed still and we all watched to see what in fact spooked Molly. Standing still, gripping Tyler's hand and watching Eric bob and weave to get a better view of the area in front of us; I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and unable to breathe. The moment I felt that I heard, in a very low voice right into my ear a very simple "Go". I let go of Tyler's hand and before he could turn around I was hauling down the walk way to the car. I didn't want to see or hear whatever it was again and I was off! The group wasn't too far behind and opted that we leave noticing how pale and sick I was getting. I didn't speak the entire car ride home or the rest of the night. Fearing nobody would believe me I waited until the next day when Eric inquired what happened.

After I explained what happened and what I felt, Eric said he himself had felt and heard something too.

"Molly and I both saw something on the way to the children's yard. That's why she stopped so quickly. It wasn't a person, it was too dark and misty to be a human." Eric explained. Telling Tyler and I that later that night he heard noises that he couldn't pin point in the house. He was so spooked after the visit to the graveyard, Eric stayed up all night with his gun in his lap. Tyler said he watched me whine and yelp in my sleep all night after coming home and passing out on the bed. We opted to not do a follow up.

With our upcoming Honeymoon to Greenville, we've been invited to "investigate" again, but we have denied the lovely invite. I refuse to step into the cemetery.

**Sorry if it seems like I rambled a bit. To be honest, out of all the places I've been and places I've experienced paranormal stuff, this is the one and only place I can not stomach to visit again.**

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southerneagle20 (1 posts)
3 years ago (2019-11-02)
There may not be specifically satanic worship, but there is black magic being practiced in the tunnels at the back of the Potters Field. Every person I talk to around here says never go at night or alone to Oakwood because the worshippers in black do not take kindly to strangers.
BeautInside (3 stories) (326 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-16)
Hi Sparks,

I have watched Doctor Whos' episode about the moving angel, so I kind of imagine what your friends were expecting from the Angel statue. Given this I'd like to quote lady-glow about sci-fi being more about fiction than science. Still, that episode was quite unsettling to me. 😉

About the "go" you heard, I agree with Tweed. I think it was more of a warning than a threat, I am glad you listened to it.

Just like Melda, I don't believe cemeteries to be haunted places. Well, they can be if a murder or some sort or ritual/invocation took place there. But usually they are just "deposits" (for lack of better term) to the physical body.

In any case, if those rituals were for real, maybe something is lingering there...

That was quite an experience, thank you for sharing! ❤
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-15)
Hi Sparks,

Thanks for sharing. I got the impression this 'Go' voice was a good guy. Someone literally telling you to get out of dodge before something not so nice showed up. Or before you stepped over a threshold, somewhere on the grounds. A threshold determined by some supernatural agent.
I went to a cemetery at night once and it surprised me how spooky it was. Didn't think I'd be bothered by it, but I really was. So I know what you mean about a different vibe after dark, in some places. I wonder why that is. It's almost like the paranormal entities take it in shifts. Perhaps they do.
I think you can be thankful for the 'Go' message. You might have had something follow you back, or something, if you didn't follow it's instruction. Always follow your gut, I think that's the moral of this. I love the idea of cemeteries at night, so long as the vibe is right though.

Also about once a year someone mentions satanism on here and people freak out. I find it amusing how misunderstood it still is. I guess there will be teenage idiots keeping the misinterpretations alive for a time to come.

As for the guy with the gun, he sounds like a certified dweeb.
SparksWife2018 (3 stories) (11 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-14)
[at] Dee

They're very pretty. They're second on my list of nice graveyards. Where we live now we have Woodlawn Cemetery in Dayton (also rumored to be haunted). Woodlawn is larger and is home of the most beautiful headstones I've seen! Its just a work of art. As morbid as that sounds 😆.

Oh yes, my fiancé isn't into any of that. The 1st thing people ask is if he does any rituals or goes to Black Mass. He tells them no and that for him its mostly a mindset. He doesn't feel you need to go all out with chants and stuff. Calls it the Hollywood Glitz and Glam of Satanism. He does respect other forms of it, he just doesn't buy into the whole "we must gather in a circle with candles and a dead goat and a ton of wine" lol.

As far as we know, nobody is traumatized. Just one paranoid guy who hates being home alone lol
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-14)
Sparks - No hard feelings; I wasn't too nice to begin with either 😆

Regards, Melda
SparksWife2018 (3 stories) (11 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-14)
[at] Melenda

Sorry if I sounded harsh. Rough week lol.

Right, at 1st I honestly thought "Hells Gate" was a theme park or hospital or something. Much to my surprise its a damn graveyard lol. I even said to them "You really think the stone angel moves? Who conducts rituals in a graveyard?". I have no idea what others folks intentions are. Luckily my biddies just wanted to explore the grounds and see the angel that is rumored to move. But as you see from others, people have ruined other headstones, which is very sad and so disrespectful.

I can see if that has disrupted any spirits that may roam. I know my ghost would be causing Hell if someone disrupted my resting spot.

Im glad I booked it too. Once we pulled onto the main road 2 cop cars came down towards the cemetery. 😆 😆
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-14)

Ok, I hadn't heard of Atheistic Satanism before. Thanks for the info. Generally, I'm not a fan of Wikipedia. I'm glad your fiance isn't practicing or partaking in anything horrible. 😕

I'm glad no one was left with lasting 'side effects' from the experience. It sounds like 'Ghost Hunting' isn't your group's foray.😉

Oakwood Cemetery does sound lovely despite everything. Thanks for the additional info Aporetic!

All the best,
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-13)
Sparks - Okay, I should have read the comments. However I still don't understand the atheist/Satan part of it. In other words, I don't understand your husband's beliefs but I don't have to - they belong to him.

I don't believe in haunted graveyards either. In fact my comment on a previous post proves that. What I wonder about is when people enter cemeteries with the wrong intentions, can there be repercussions? I don't have the answer to that and I don't believe you have either.

What I can say is that I'm glad you ran! Sorry about the night terrors, do a bit of self-cleansing and it might bring you a bit of relief. That is not a sarcastic remark, search on google or visit Rookdygin's page 😊

Regards, Melda
SparksWife2018 (3 stories) (11 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-13)
[at] melenda

My husband faith has nothing to do with it. He doesn't bother with the Hollywood BS of rituals or anything. Its laughable to us. He does not disturb graves nor did he that night.

The dead are dead. So to be honest I find any "haunted graveyard" utter bull, but what we experienced that night is what happened, believe it or not.

I can not speak for my friends actions. They are their own people.

So, if you don't like my husbands faith that's fine, but do not ever assume he did any harm to any graves. Rather why not read the comments and fully understand.

Thanks 😉
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-13)
Sparks - Guess what? I didn't even bother to read the comments.

I'm shocked to the core. Your boyfriend/husband is a satanist and you go to a graveyard with him. What the hell do you expect to happen? You disturbed the deceased in this despicable manner?

This guy, whoever, sits with a gun on his lap?

I'm sorry but this is horrible, truly horrible 😲 😠
lady-glow (13 stories) (2924 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-13)
"theyre huge Dr Who fans..."

That says it all... Science fiction knowledge is more about fiction than about science. Just like expecting animals to act like Disney's characters! 😁

It seems like Eric isn't too "Erioc" (heroic). 😜

I hope that after talking with your friends about this experience you can provide a clearer picture to what happened that night.
SparksWife2018 (3 stories) (11 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-13)
[at] Apo

Like I said prior, my friends are big Dr Who fans and kind of bought into the whole "Moving Angel" thing. Rumor says the Angel moves but I have only seen some wear and tear from the years of it facing storms and climate changes. Poor thing need some TLC.

I am not a Satanist. I'm just spiritual in general with I guess a "Catholic" guideline. I can't really pinpoint myself. I dabble in "Right Hand Path" stuff. Lol.

The "Go" I heard was very close, like it was standing beside me. It wasn't super scary, but it was very firm and knowing there's nothing beside the ear that was spoken into scared the crap out of me! Nobody else heard what I did but they say they saw something that caused them to bolt with me. Erioc claims to have had this dread feeling suddenly while Molly felt suddenly very cold. They turned around. Saw me hauling off and said 'yup shes got the idea'
SparksWife2018 (3 stories) (11 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-13)
[at] Dee

There are many types of Satanists. My fiancé finds the LaVey way of Satanism laughable and doesn't believe in anyone that claims they worship Satan and sacrifice animals or kids. He is an "Atheistic Satanist" meaning:

"Atheistic Satanism does not believe that "Satan" actually exists, as such; they do not worship Satan. They believe every person is their own god and that everyone should worship themselves. To them, "Satan" is a symbol of rebellion rather than a literal figure; they do not worship Satan any more than Buddhists worship Buddha" (Thank you Wikipedia).

I do believe it is all teen campfire stories. But in the Early 2000's someone did open up a grave and stole a skull. The purpose isn't fully known but I think that's where the "Satan Rituals" story came from. Some people are just sick and twisted to disturb a grave by opening it. Especially stealing a body part for whatever reason.

Other than my night terrors and Eric being all spooked, we haven't really spoken about that night. I haven't experienced anything I can pin to the graveyard 100%. But everyone else sort of just brushes it off and we don't speak of it. We are visiting soon so hopefully we all can sit down and see if anything else happened:)
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-13)
Greetings SparksWife

A few questions, if you please, will help me better understand your account.

What type of movement were Molly and Eric expecting from an inanimate object, rooted to the spot by its sheer weight? Had there been previous occurrences of movement? If so, what type of movement? People coming into the cemetery at night wanting to steal statues? Or something possibly paranormal in nature?
'After being satisfied that the angel has yet to move,'

Ve heard of people robbing grave sites of headstones etc then reselling them. How awfully disrespectul.

On a curious note: Yourfiance is a satanist. And you? I'm left wondering what satan's thinking is if you're sorta kind of religious - should bring some interesting experiences your way.

The voice that said "Go" -though you state it was a simple "Go", did it sound menacing, as in get the eff off my territory or did it sound like a warning to run, as something bad was coming/going to happen? Since 'go' is in and of itself a simple word, I'd like to know the inflection used, to better understand your reaction. I'd have asked, "Did you hear that?", though you do mention being in physical distress.

I did a quick Google query on the cemetery and the website narrates (with beautiful pictures of the grounds) that the things that go woooohoooowoooo in the night, happens predominantly in the old, back section, citing: 'Visitors often report their cell phones die, and they feel ill or are overcome with a sense of dread when they head to the "old" part of the cemetery.'
'As you make your way there you may begin to get a keen sense of why Oakwood Cemetery is also widely known as "Hells Gate."'

No definitive reason is provided for naming it Hell's Gate though, except for the supposedly full on satanic rituals performed there, including the desecration of a grave in 2012, where the body's head was removed and returned a month later.

Also, In 1914 the city uprooted over 100 graves from another part of town, in the name of development, and laid them at Oakwood. I can only speculate that there must be some pretty pissed-off souls roaming around Hell's Gate.


Thanks for sharing and I do hope you stop by to answer the questions.

SparksWife2018 (3 stories) (11 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-13)
[at] Lady-glow
According to our buddies, there is rumor that the angel moves (hands, face, it blinks, etc.) Since theyre huge Dr Who fans, I assumed that they were hoping for their own Angel experience. XD

Eric is always paranoid and I guess he assumed maybe some "cult people" followed us. Hes our little scared cat.

We haven't really spoken about it after we left the state. We kind of put it behind us and just sorta forget about it.

My fiancé said he had never seen me have a nightmare that vivid before and is always worried something messed me up. But none of us have had anything happen regarding the graveyard. I think our friends went back eventually but in the day time. My fiancé and I have had other experiences but nothing we think came from the graveyard.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-12)

I second Lady-glow... I feel like there is missing information regarding the angel (Movement? Damage?). Why is the cemetery nicknamed Hell's Gate?

I have to ask about this. In your account... "My fiancé, being a Satanist himself,..."

Huh? Is there a different group of satanists that I'm not aware of? That line just threw me off. 😕

I'm also curious on what happened next (after Eric's spooky night and your vocal dreams)? Did you remember your dreams?

Is there any proof that satanic worship or rituals were being practiced there? It sort of sounds like a 'horror story' being passed around by teenagers to scare themselves silly. What kind of security do they have for a cemetery?

Definitely quite the night...

lady-glow (13 stories) (2924 posts)
4 years ago (2018-08-12)
"Molly and him compared notes on if there were any changes such as movement or damage."

What do you mean by this, that someone could have placed the angel on a different spot or that the angel (stone statue?) had changed position as, to day something, in scratching the tip of his nose?

"Eric stayed up all night with his gun in his lap."

As if a gun would offer any protection against a disembodied entity! 😁

What happened next? Did something follow you guys to the house and if so, how did you (Eric?) get rid of it? Do you remember your dreams for that night?

Anyway, that sure was an unforgettable night.

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