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Ouija Board, Ghost And Unexplained Light


After I made the mistake of playing with a Ouija board at my dad's house, I heard something crawling on my bedroom floor. I woke up one night and saw a man standing by my bed, I thought I was dreaming and went back to sleep. I have always thought that was a dream until later when other events changed my mind.

For starters small things would happen like as if to say to me, "Hey I'm here". One night I was sitting on my floor reading and listening to music. My floor was a mess but I remember looking at this metal part that holds up a book shelf, on the floor. A few moments later, looking over, I saw that it was on my night stand. Dismissing that, I went back to reading. I had gotten lost in the good book only to be shocked when I looked over a few minutes later to see it on the headboard to my bed. So it went from the floor to my night stand to the headboard of my bed in a few minutes, or however long I was sitting there for reading.

I would play computer games at night. Well, a few times drops of water would fall on me out of thin air. Same thing would happen in my room too. I would notice water drops on the pillow or even on my arm.

The 2 dogs I had would bark and snarl at the end of my bed sometimes. It just seems like very very odd for two sweet dogs to go from nothing to barking and freaking out for no reason like they had gone mad.

I eventually had a girlfriend of mine move in. She said one time I went to go visit my mom, and my dad was at a BBQ. I was younger at the time of all this. The phone rang, she picked it up, no one answered, she turned and saw a man standing in the room. She freaked out and threw the covers over her head. My friend tried to tell me she thought something was in my home but I was still in denial. Afraid really. In denial I was until one night we both went to get a glass of water.

We walked into the hallway going towards the kitchen, the house was dark, we walked past a recliner chair before going around a corner to the kitchen. We didn't speak to each other, we just got our water and when we went back around the corner sitting in the chair was a man. We pushed each other into the room both bursting out crying. I remember he was transparent with a faint white glow around him. He had a suit on.

So here is where something new changes. I don't know what it is, or if it's the same thing as the man ghost or different, but I hope someone out there can give me an explanation. For some reason the ghost I can reason with, but not this other deal.

I was in the laundry room, my two dogs were with me. I was thinking of my family and friends and just how happy I was with my life when I noticed the room getting a little brighter. Soon the whole room was bright and I could feel like an energy and warmth. I ran out of there, breathless with terror. I was even afraid to go around the corner because of the man I saw with my friend. I was afraid of that but just ran into my room shaking and asked my friend to come out and investigate. I told her what happened.

Eventually my friend moved out. That light thing happened a couple more times in my room. I made my dad switch me rooms. That didn't help much. One morning the lamp next to my bed started to get bright. I asked it to stop and ran out the room. I was always afraid to sleep. I never would stretch my legs out because sometimes I thought I felt something sit at the end of the bed. I always had my dogs with me for company.

I told a friend's mother what was going on. Her and her husband blessed my house. I have learned never to touch Ouija board and never to invite negative things into my home.

A lot of people do not believe me but my mom says she can tell it is a true story when I tell it because my story never changes and I am sincere. If you meet anyone that knows me you would be told never have I been know to tell stories like some people do for attention. In no way am I a pathological liar, nor was I under any influence of drug or alcohol.

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sprit-fairy-303 (6 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-29)
What do ouijah look like and where do you get them not that I want to buy I just want to know where people get them from 😨
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-08)
rasc25, I'm going to ask you a question. Did you close the session on the quija when you played? If not that may be the cause of the occurences in your home. And you have definitely come to the right place to tell someone about your experience. You will find that, there will be many others on here to help you. Quija boards are never something to ever take lightly. And I'm glad you said you won't play again. Make sure you say a prayer for protection. Good luck

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