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And Then... There Was No One


I am a regular reader of this site. Some of the incidents written down here have truly spooked me out so I avoid reading them at night! Now the incident I am about to tell you is something that my friend Ishika had told me. It's a bit long but please bear with me.

Vizag a busy city of Andhra Pradesh, India. Also it is the hub of scores of youngsters seeking classes for cracking competitive exams of engineering and medical. Back in 2006 Ishika also went there for studies. She got herself enrolled to Vikas Institute; she was allotted a dorm having bunk beds and about 8 girls in one room. Eventually she settled down and established a great rapport with her roommates.

Life in Vikas is one hell of a torture; tests every alternate day, grand test on Sunday and not to mention long hours of classes starting from 5 AM in the morning and ending at 6 PM in evening, with very few breaks to enjoy. So you can understand it's like staying in prison without any hope of parole even when you put up your best behavior. Adding more pain to this was the fact that the girls and boys were taught separately (so you can understand the pain and boredom).

Jokes apart, fast forward to 7 months an epic and terrifying exam was lurking around the corner, so the gals were busy cramming as much they could and stayed up until late in the night. So my friend and two more roommates of hers were busy studying it was around 1 AM. All of them were sitting on the bunker beds, a pin drop silence was there throughout the whole building.

Now the rooms of the girls were one in front of the other and were separated by a very long corridor which ended to the washroom area. Out of nowhere the eerie silence of night was disturbed the sound of a girl hurrying from the far end of the corridor. The girl was wearing anklets (anklets is a pair of jewellery which we girls wear around the ankles. It creates a sweet jingling noise when a gal moves around).

My friend and her still-awake roomies weren't bothered with the fact. They assumed some gal is in real need to use the washroom. The hurried jingling sound continued and surprisingly stopped just before my friend's dorm. All the 3 girls looked up from their books with a puzzled look. What took them by surprise was the fact that their dorm was just adjacent to the washroom so if the gal was in hurry she has to walk past their dorm to access the washroom! Ishika and her friends waited for the gal to pass. Their dorm door was closed so they were not able to see anyone.

Two minutes passed, nothing happened. One of the gals suggested the name of Anjana, a gal in their institute who was a total weirdo who would often roam in the corridor at night as if she was taking a stroll in public park! Ishika, being the bravest among the 3, shouted Anjana's name and asked her not to mess with them. There was no response. One of the gals freaked, out pulled covers over her head and straightway slept on her bed which was still full of books that she was studying. The other gal also suggested Ishika to do the same, but my friend was quite cross thinking of it being a prank played upon them.

She climbed down the bunk bed and decided to go out and give Anjana a piece of her mind. The other roomie tagged along with her to give her moral support. Ishika opened the door and peeped out to find silence and empty corridor. Puzzled, she took a few steps out of her dorm and was scanning the long corridors and empty washrooms when, out of nowhere she felt a chilling sensation and got goosebumps on just the left side of her body. This was immediately followed by dizziness. Luckily her friend caught her, dragged her in the dorm and shut the door tightly. Next day Ishika was completely fine and she decided not to share her experience with anyone.

The holidays approached much to relief of the students. Ishika and her 2 friends sat with the wardens chatting few hours before catching their trains. While gossiping, the topic shifted to suicides and then the warden told them that a few years before a gal had committed suicide in the institute by jumping from the rooftop. Nobody knows why she took this drastic step.

Coincidentally Anjana was also a part of the discussion. She added her experience that happened to her about a fortnight after joining the institute. One night she woke up to use the washroom. She went down to the washroom and was busy there when she heard the adjacent door open and heard the tap turning and filling of the bucket. Anjana decide to strike up a conversation but no response came. Next she decide to go out and wait for the gal. Solid 15 minutes passed but the gal didn't come out and she still heard the water flowing. Another gal of Anjana's room came and asked Anjana why she looked so agitated, then Anjana told the entire thing right from the scratch. The other gal, not believing her, stomped right in front of the washroom door, knocked the door twice and then tried to open the door. To both the gals' surprise the door was open and the tap was still turned on and water was flowing...

From that day onward, Anjana avoided going alone in night to the washroom and, by the way, she was not the one who roamed the corridors in night...!

Tell me friends what do you feel was it one same entity or two different entity experienced by Anjana and Ishika?

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Jeevanravi1995 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-16)
hai...i am a new member. With my limited knowledge I think this is residual haunting. You all hate vikas and this create that much negative energy for the replay of the imprints leaved by the girl who comitted suicide. Trust in god. God always help. God bless you
MadhanKumarVT (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-11)
Wow! I too stayed in hostel a couple of years ago and after reading this incident I come into a resolution of never going to hostel again!:)
teach (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-23)
I would really like to talk to someone about this. I am 58 years old and had this experience twice in my life time--once when I was 14 and again in my mid 40's. Neither time felt threatening, just strange/confusing. I would just like to understand what it means. My email address is: spanteach412 [at] (or you can contact me at 918-430-5299 if you live in the USA, as I live in Oklahoma.) Thank you so much.
ilajenz29 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-05)
i think better suggest the principal of that t hostel to perform an exorcism ceremony because I think the soul of the gal who committed suicide hasn't calmed down we need to give her peace of mind so better do that as an good human and don't think i'm superstitious as i'm a skeptic and I've experienced some such experiences that sometimes I was to kill myself
zombie_killer_of_india (35 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-09)
Hi sree,
A fact to know that vikas is the most haunted hostel of india. I am from odisha and one of my friend had stayed in vikas for 6 years.
My friend says that in the football field if you go alone at night with a ball. Then you kick the to a specific place the ball comes back.
Sree (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-01)
Thanks for reading, just like you guys I myself think it was a prank. Well I asked ishika about the washroom incident that happened with anjana she told me that its not just anjana few other gals and even the wardens out there had experienced it. It can be possible someone is fooling around but she said that the doors of the washrooms were heavy iron/tin (she is not sure) made and both while closing and opening the door it made a loud scraping noise and it required a lot of effort to both open and close the doors. On that fateful night anjana heard the adjacent door open and close and tap open but later no one came out. The washroom had only one single entrance where anjana stood waiting for the girl to come out. The washroom had 20 cucibles and both anjana and the friend who later joined her had checked each and every one of them... All were vacant.! Well I donot know what to say may be a prank or may be not but it did spooked me out for sure
sds (14 stories) (1435 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-01)
Hi Sree, welcome to YGS. As far as the second incident is concerned about Anjana, I think it could be someone, who came to play some tricks on her, opened the tap and left without a sound. Just a theory but probably it could have been paranormal as spiritwaiting said that something was trying to draw her attention. But there was no further input in this case. If your friend Ishika or Anjana enquired about this incident to some others like other persons hearing opening of taps by themselves. If so, please post it and perhaps that could throw more light.

But what you described about Ishika is totally different. Well, hearing sound of the anklets, are generally associated with female spirits or ghosts and Mohinis. But I do not think it is Mohini because they are generally after men not girls and women. It could be the spirit of the girl, who committed suicide or a different spirit. But we cannot be sure. If you are able to contact your friend, try to find out more about this incident as well as the other one, which Anjana experienced. Kindly post it to us.

But with this narrative, it is difficult to say that what Ishika and Anjana experienced are two different spirits or the same one.

I would also like you to read Sceptic-Ari's excellent write-up in this site titled "Mystery Solved: A Ghost That Wasn't". Even though the sound of anklet is usually associated with spirits, here was one of the experiences he had where it did not actually come from any spirit or ghost or even Mohini. It is a good read. By quoting this, I don't mean that I don't believe your story. It just came to my mind and I am suggesting you to read it. That is all. No offence meant.

Regards and respects to you.

spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-30)
Sree, Not sure if it would be two different ghost, but the running down the hall sounds residual, and the water flowing may have been a spirit wanting attention, or just playing a practical joke on your friend. I hope this helps you

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