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Sitting on Top of Me


I always believed that ghost exists but I never wanted to see one. I was always afraid I would get so scared, I'd have a heart attack or something. This happened to me when I lived with my son's dad. My son was just born a couple months before this happened and we were under a lot of stress being young parents and all. We lived in a house that was separated into three, so there was another person living beside us and another one lived upstairs.

I didn't have a crib for my son yet so I let him sleep in the living room on the couch since that was the closest thing we had to a bed besides our bed. We put a baby monitor in the living room right by him so we could hear him cry from our room which happened to be the furthest one from the living room.

One night we woke up to him crying (or what we thought was him). I rushed into the living room (like I normally do every night) to find him fast asleep which was really odd because I had just heard a baby crying. I didn't think anything of it and returned to my room. The crying on the monitor had also stop. I went to lay down next to Bobby (my son's dad) when we heard crying again. He told me to go check on the baby while he stayed in the room to see where that cry was coming from. I checked the living room but my son was asleep and it was quiet. I went back to the room and we listened to the cry. It sounded like a mechanical baby because it kept crying and crying over again with the same tone of cry. It had that really sad cry then it just stopped.

We climbed back into bed trying to figure out what it could have been. Bobby thought it could've been someone with a mechanical baby standing outside the living room window trying to lure us out there or it could be a baby ghost spirit or maybe our monitor was intercepting with someonelse's. When he mentioned the ghost part my heart started pounding really fast and I started sweating. I was so scared thinking about it, I was so sure a ghost was just going to pop out in front of me or something but he told me not to be scared otherwise I will see the ghost.

After that I got my son a crib and put him in the other room across from us and never used that monitor again. A couple months later I had a scary dream and I tried to wake up from it by opening my eyes. I finally got my eyes opened and sat up. The room was dark but there was light coming from the kitchen and the door was open because Bobby liked to stay up late playing video games in the living room.

I got out of the bed and started walking towards it but my head was tilted to the side and I couldn't straighten it. It was like my neck was broken and I was walking around with my head sideways like a corpse. I got scared and realized I must have been dreaming. Then I tried opening my eyes again to wake up and it worked. I woke up and just like in my dream the door was open and the kitchen light was on. I ran into the living room and to make sure Bobby was there and told him what had happened.

The next morning I woke up to what looked like Bobby sitting on top of me. I couldn't move or speak. He just sat there looking down at me but I knew it wasn't Bobby because behind his eyes I saw nothing. It was like there was no soul behind it so I struggled and tried to move and finally I woke up. Again everything looked exactly like it had when I saw him.

During those experiences I was undergoing a lot of stress and I don't know if that's what triggered it, but I've never had an experience since that.

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Ebdonoianjr (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2007-09-12)
My baby's father was native american and his mother thought that was the case also(that a spirit was not happy with the sleeping arrangements). She was the one that helped us get a crib. Thanks for your insights :)
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
14 years ago (2007-09-11)
Stress has very powerful influences on the mind. It can cause anything from sleep paralysis to sleep walking to hallucination. It is quite possible that the crying that you and your son's father heard was possibly the spirit of another who wasn't happy with the way the sleeping arrangements were and wanted the baby closer to you. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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