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The Man I Saw 23 Years Ago


Twenty-three years ago when I was 14, I lived with my mum, dad and younger sister in a house in the north of England. The house was fairly modern (around 20 years old). The house had gas central heating (radiators in every room) but my sister's bedroom (which was the smallest of all the bedrooms) was always freezing cold. Next to her room was my bedroom. Here is where I witnessed what I believe to be a ghost.

At the time my room was covered in posters of Bros (I blame my hormones!). I also had posters of James Dean and Marc Bolan up as well. Well, I say I had posters of James Dean up but actually they never stayed up on the wall. I would stick them up and as soon as my back was turned they would fall off the wall! They didn't seem to fall quietly though, they sounded like they would slide down the wall, making a lot of noise. I remember sticking them back up and looking at them for a good minute (maybe longer) and they would be up, as soon as I turned around they would be off. All the posters were stuck with the same blue tacky substance, the Bros posters stayed put and so did the Marc Bolan ones! In the end, one by one as the James Dean posters fell off the wall. I never bothered to stick them back up again.

One night I was fast asleep in my bedroom when I suddenly woke up. I had white fitted wardrobes running the length of one wall (which was the adjoining wall with my sister's room). When I awoke I saw a man walking slowly towards my bed from my wardrobes. (It wasn't pitch black in my room as the street lights outside gave off enough light for me to make out where my dressing table was and where the TV was etc.) I could see the darkness of the man against the whiteness of the wardrobes (the doors were shut).

He seemed to be paralysed down one side because as he took a step forward he would drag the other side of his body into line. I remember staring at him thinking I was imagining him and if I stared hard enough he would disappear, he didn't! He kept on advancing slowly towards my bed. He also appeared to be very short in stature.

As he got closer, fear got the better of me and I sat bolt upright in my bed. Petrified, I took a deep breath. With that, the man looked up at me and then back down and took a step backwards, dragging his body back into line. This continued until he reached the wardrobes. He then finally disappeared. Once he was gone I legged it out of my room so fast I don't think my feet touched the floor!

I told my parents but they both said they hadn't witnessed anything unusual in that house or felt it was odd in anyway. My sister told me that a friend of hers would play in the back garden before we moved in (when the house was empty) and see that the sliding doors in between the kitchen and dining room would be open one day and closed the next.

I am still puzzled to this day about what that man was doing or what he wanted and whether or not the whole James Dean posters thing was connected with it. I've tried to do some research on the house but found nothing.

Also, this was my first experience but not my last. I will post my story about the flat I used to live in soon. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

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BlessedWildAppleGirl (4 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-27)
Hi Lady-glow, apology accepted 😊. I'm glad Miracles51031 was able to clarify the situation.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-23)
BlessedWildAppleGirl: My apologies if my first comment sounds critical; though I'm glad to have learnt something new today! 😊 I just hope the parameters in YGS are not set to consider a "senior" to anyone over 51... Because I couldn't take it! 😨

Your story makes me wonder if the ghost you saw was that of a person who got partial paralysis after a stroke; I hope some body has already helped him to cross over.

Thanks for sharing your story.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-12-23)
lady-glow - actually, for whatever reason, the way the guidelines are set up someone who is under 40 (don't know between what and 40, though) is considered a "young adult". Some of us **cough cough** have had this conversation before when it was first initiated and I found myself in the middle-aged category 😆.

I think it was once explained in detail, but I couldn't find it. So it was neither lying nor a typing error on the part of the o/p. Just the age guidelines the administration has set.
BlessedWildAppleGirl (4 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-23)
Hi Arwen1957, no problem, mistakes are easy to make 😊.
Lady-glow, your maths is indeed correct, I am 37! I have no idea why it says I'm a young adult as I'm clearly not! Any ideas on how to change this?
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-22)
Lie or typing error? You were 14 years old when you saw this man 23 years ago, so, let's see... 14 + 23 = 37
How can you be a 'YOUNG ADULT'? 😕 🤔

Could you help with the math, pleeeeaaassseee? ❤
Arwen1957 (7 stories) (47 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-21)
I must have been thinking of Bolan's wife and typed her name June instead of September Sorry for the mix up
BlessedWildAppleGirl (4 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-21)
Hi Arwen1957, I hadn't realised that James Dean died on Marc Bolan's birthday - what a coincidence, but Marc died on 16th September 1977.
Hi spiritwaiting, no my parents don't live in the same house anymore. We all live in the south of England now so finding anything out from current residents isn't something any of us could easily do. Its interesting you said the spirit sounds residual. I would have thought the fact he reacted to me getting scared would have suggested otherwise. I'm no expert on these matters so you could be right.
Hi ad-victoriam, I'm very glad I only saw the ghost I saw once - that was more than enough for me 😊
ad_victoriam (2 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-21)
BlessedWildAppleGirl, I had a similar experience like yours. But only, I saw the same "thing" (don't know what to call what I saw) after more than three decades! I went to pee one very early morning hour, and when I went back to my folding bed, there he was. A young crippled boy laying on his side on my bed. He's half naked, just wearing a black pair of short pants. Can't see he's face, he's facing the wall (my bed was next to the window) but told him to move aside (so I can lay down and go back to sleep). I didn't felt fear, just puzzled. When we (my two brothers and I) woke up that same morning, I scolded both of them for laying on my bed (we're sharing one room but each of us had a folding bed), they just laughed and asked me why they would do that (the night was terribly hot). Only then I realized that when I saw the boy, it was still dark and I didn't even turned on the light! How then did I saw him? How did I knew he's crippled when he's laying on the bed? My brothers told me I was half asleep at that time and I was just dreaming. But no! I know what I saw, and believe what I knew. After a year or two my uncle told us that when he was just a kid he saw a young crippled boy and he even followed the lad to the back of the house but the boy disappeared. He told us the boy was wearing only a black short pants and no slippers. Didn't saw the face, can't see the face. Same boy! Now, just five (or four) years ago, I saw the boy again. He's walking this time, he even banged against the ironing board. This time, I felt a little scared, just a little, really, because I felt more blessed than scared. And he doesn't look threatening (though, still, I didn't saw his face, and I don't want to).
Arwen1957 (7 stories) (47 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-20)
I was trying to remember when Marc Bolan died of course it was June 16th 1977and of course James Dean died on September 30th 19555 oddly James died om Marc's birthday
Very strange connection between the two. Also both died in car accidents. Maybe the spirit you saw also died this way. And was for some unknown reason drawn to your room because you had both posters up together
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-20)
Blessedwildapplegirl, To me this sounds like a residual. Just a past memory replayed by the perfect time, weather etc. Do your parents still live in the same home?

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