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Fallen Angel Experience?


This happened a few years ago, yet this situation has puzzled me even until now. At that time, I was extremely interested in the supernatural. Almost obsessed. I would continuously watch videos or use the internet to find out more about ghosts. Even if I was doing something else, I would be drawn back into it.

Then for some reason I began to think that everything was a lie. There is no religion, etc. Even though I strongly believe in God. While I was having these thoughts, I felt an intense nervousness to the point where I began to sweat and my heart was pounding. At that very moment, for the first time in my house I almost KNEW I wasn't alone in my bedroom. My bedroom is split in half with my twin brother whose room is literally next door.

I don't know why, but for some reason I didn't want to sleep alone. I asked my brother to sleep next to me. Even when he was with me, I couldn't shake off the fear I had. Note that I was not asleep at all. Fully awake. My room wasn't that dark. However, my eyes soon darted to the end of the bed. My right foot under my blanket stuck up then something, I don't know what, grabbed it. All I can say is that the "hand" felt more larger than a normal human's with longer, fingers? Somehow, instead of staying still my knee jerk reaction was to literally kick it continuously. I could actually feel myself hitting "it" but I could see nothing at all.

Another confusing thing is that in a span of a few seconds it was gone but when I looked towards my brother's side (right) he was asleep, yet next to him was a tall (probably 6ft?) "thing". It was absolutely strange. It didn't look like a stereotypical demon. It had a long neck, head that was much smaller than a human's, big eyes, a cloak? And broken wings, I think. The whole thing was white, translucent and gradually decreased its visibility when I stared at it.

Another time when I was calling my brother, again my and my brother's room, the door opened, and as I thought it was him I went around him to ask him something, but as I turned to his room, I realised that it was NOT my brother. It was a full entity, yet how can I explain it? You could tell it was not human but appeared to be, their features wasn't "solid" like humans but almost "fuzzy"? Like someone put blurry lens over your eyes. I don't think it turned around, it just walked into...nothing?

I'm very confused because most of these experiences I've had have happened in my/brother's room. We don't have hauntings and anything like that. We're quite religious people.

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