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I am 13 years old, my name is Caitlin. My story isn't really a scary story, its more of like just normal experience with a spirit. I moved into this house June 2013. It's an older house. My mom is a single parent, so we had to get something cheap. My mom knows our landlord. I have to stay alone from about 5pm- about 2am on some days, it's usually between 1-3am because my mom has to work a lot. I started 7th grade this year so I go to bed around 9:30.

Anyways, I started having experiences about the middle of the 2nd term of the school year so we have been in the house about 6 months, I'd say. My room used to be his room. First I started hearing footsteps in the mornings when I was getting ready for school, so about 6:30-ish.

I kept hearing them so I decided to talk to my mom about it after school one day. I said "Mom if I told you I was hearing things or I thought the house was haunted would you believe anything I say?" She said, "Yes." So I started saying that I was hearing footsteps in the mornings all across my floors (we have all wood floors) and all she said was that the house is just old and those sounds were just creaky floors. Well one night we were watching some movies and we both heard footsteps in the hall. Until this point it always happened in the morning, and only in the doorway of my room then stop. At that point she kind of started believing me. One day our landlord came over to get some stuff that her niece and her kids left in the basement. Our landlord had kicked her niece out because she wasn't taking care of bills and stuff, we are the only ones who have lived in this house that weren't related to our landlord and her family, we were just friends.

That day my mom and I asked her who's other clothes were down there and she said "My grandfather's, and my brother's." We knew that they died a while ago. My mom was shocked because there was dead people's clothes in the basement. We then asked her if anybody had had experiences in the house or if anybody had died in the house. We got a shocking answer back. She said, "My grandfather was the one who built this house and lived in it all his life, my brother and him worked on the rail road right outside the house. My grandfather had a heart attack in the garage one day." "And yea my niece and her kids had experiences in this house also." We asked, "like what?" "Well I was told by them that they were seeing white orbs and hearing footsteps in the hallway, and even a few more things."

After that we started having more experiences. Like one was, I was down in the basement alone doing laundry and there was 4 beer cans siting there across the basement from when mom fixed the water heater one Saturday. Anyways I was down there and from across the basement (which is pretty good sized) a beer can tipped over and rolled to my feet. I stood there and looked around to see if there was like a window or something opened to see if wind or something could have done it and nothing the windows were all closed. So I just grabbed the laundry and went upstairs like nothing happened. I went down there the next morning and the can was sitting on top of the dryer, and my mom was still in bed. So I just ignored it again. My mom also had a few experiences after that and some we had together, like a few times bottles of juice would pop out of closed garbage bags and roll across the floor.

One time the glass globe around the light fell and shattered when I stayed home with mom because I was sick and that freaked us out, it woke me up out of a dead sleep and I am a really heavy sleeper! We still had some stuff happen after that and so since we knew his name "Paul" when we would hear something or something would happen we would just say "Hi, Paul. How are you today?" And we wouldn't get anything but oh well. We later talked to our landlord and asked if he had a morning routine since he would just be getting home from work around 6am (the time I get ready for school) and she said yea he would go get coffee in the mornings.

Well that all added up to the footsteps at that time in the morning in my room because my room used to be his room. Really after that we only had a couple of experiences like hearing stuff moved around in the bathroom, and scratching at the table by my moms bed when she was here alone and she said Paul knock it off and he did, really after that nothing happened. But sometimes I still feel like he is in the room with me but my mom still swears he left. But my dog, Baby, a Brittany spaniel, still stares at places and growls or barks a little, but she is also known to be a little flaky and bark at leaves moving across the street or barking at thin air. I am also known to be a little sensitive to paranormal things. So is my mom, maybe that's why we were the only ones to have a lot of experiences. But I don't know. All I know from this point is I haven't heard anything from him lately.

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lovely214 (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-13)
Hi supernatural_lover I guess Paul just want to let his presence be known and no intention of hurting you for being the former owner of the house... Good to know that you don't have any encounter with him

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