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The Teleporting Black Thing


I promise you all that this story is true and happened about 5-6 years ago when I was about 9. Please excuse any spelling errors too.

My friend Laila was turning 10 and had invited me, Imogen and Sonya to her slumber party. It was two nights and three days long. In Laila's house was her, her mum, the first night her little sister and her baby sister. The first night, we heard crying that sounded like it was coming from a little girl. We thought it was Charley, Laila's little sister, having a nightmare or something, so we went inside to check on her. When we saw her, she was fine. She was in a deep sleep and had no tears on her face or anything. In the morning we asked Charley if she had had any bad dreams during the night, but she said no, she had not, but she did hear crying. This was the first scare.

That same day, the three girls and I went to the skate park around the corner. The skate park itself was in the middle of a large oval. At the back of the oval, there were trees, like a small forest. The town had a soccer club up at the other end, so before and after me and the girls played soccer we would hang around those trees and gossip. We had been there many times before but we have never once experienced anything like this. We were walking over to the trees, when without warning Sonya fell over backwards. She started screaming and yelling as did the rest of us, and when we started to calm down, Sonya told us that when she fell it felt like she was being dragged away.

We finally got over to the trees and started talking again. After what seemed like a 5 minute chat, I looked around. I saw this black thing looking at us. I started screaming as I did not know what it was, and so did the others. As I watched it, it seemed to get closer and closer. It was going from tree to tree teleporting. This REALLY scared the hell out of us. We started running sprinting back home. I am not a very fast person, but I swear that was the fastest I have ever ran in my whole life, and it was pretty fast. We knocked on the door frantically and after what seemed like hours (which was actually about 30 seconds) Laila's mum finally got to the door. We told her about what just happened but of course she did not believe us!

That night, we stayed up watching movies. We slept out on her back porch. Laila fell asleep during the last movie, and just a few minutes before she fell asleep, she said that she felt something cold and icy touch her, and it wasn't the wind because that night was about 40 degrees the whole night. We went to bed at about 12:30ish. I am a very deep and heavy sleeper, but something still managed to wake me up at about 4 in the morning. I looked around, and saw Sonya sitting up in her sleeping bag with the most scared expression on her face that I have ever seen. She was looking at Laila. Laila was standing up facing the backyard. We all knew that Laila was not a sleepwalker. As soon as I called her name in a whisper, she looked me straight in the eyes. I swear that for just 1 second I saw her face covered in blood, with it dripping out of her mouth and her eyes her glowing red literally. That was the scariest thing I have ever had happen to me.

We told Laila what happened the next day but she couldn't remember anything. She didn't believe us anyway. I told my mum and dad what had happened the next day but they did not believe me either. I do not know what happened I want to know what made that happen to Laila! If anyone knows, please tell me what it is in the comments!

Thank you all so very much and look out for anymore of my ghost stories!

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Ghostbuscus (guest)
7 years ago (2014-05-23)
The title of your story made me think of enderman from minecraft 😜 How scary to see such thing especially what happened to Laila.

Did Sonya and you talked about it the next day? If Sonya didn't remember it, then there's possibility that it was a bad dream 😊 Usually, when somebody was posessed they didn't remember anything that had just happened

The case of Laila being posessed was maybe related to the black thing that had followed you way back home

Thank you for sharing your experience 😉

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