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The Tiki Face Phantom


This story is the second experience that I had that dealt with being visited and paralyzed in my sleep. The first one is It came as a familiar if you wish to go back and read it. The story begins with first a little background, then a ridiculous beginning. Just bear with me because it will get better.

It begins in the year 2000 in a house that I was renting in a little town called Icard. This place was gloomy to begin with but I lived there out of necessitation. People were sort of "back woods" so to speak and not very friendly. I remember the first day I walked through the house something just didn't seem right. But, I decided to take it anyway. (I later found out that the previous owner had died there in the living room). I would often hear faint whispers and see things out of the corner of my eye. I would also find myself sliding the shower door open to see if someone was watching me because it felt like that at all times.

Here's were the ridiculous part begins. I had became some what addicted to a video game called CTR (crash team racing) on my play station. To this day it remains one of my absolute favorites. In this game it contains different icons. One of which is that of a tiki statue that can be good or evil. So, one night I came home after being out with some friends and pretty much went straight to bed. I hadn't laid there but a few minutes when I had this terrible feeling that I was not alone. This time I was lying on my back and I slowly open my eyes out of dread. What I then saw was a large black swirling mass in the upper left hand corner above the door of my room. Then, out of the center of it appeared the evil tiki face statue. It was bright red and orange. The image then disappeared but the blob remained.

As I lay motionless it started a slow dissent down the door. And I knew that it was coming for me but I laid stock still not knowing what to expect. I could clearly see it as it crept across the floor coming towards towards me (getting goose bumps just writing this). When it reached the side of my bed it sank as if to be out of view. My heart was beating out of my chest and I remember thinking "oh no not again". I knew in my mind that it was coming under the covers and sure enough, I felt them move. It had reached under in order to make contact with my skin ever so slowly. The instant I felt it's icy finger touch my left arm it was if it had stuck an electric cord to me. I was literally being shocked.

Then it spoke and said, "just one more time". Which to this day baffles me. My body was jolting from head to toe. Then from out of no where I thought "GOD PLEASE HELP ME!". And just like that immediately stopped. I got up to turn the light on and noticed that it was cold in the room.

Shortly there after my next door neighbor showed up on my door step "witnessing" to me. What that means is a person who feels that God has put it on their mind and heart to tell you about your sins in order to save your soul. Not ever really being involved in church I didn't have a clue as to what he was saying and I found him offensive. As it turned out I started dating a person who was in church and got me to go with her on a regular basis where upon eventually I was indeed saved and understood what the neighbor was trying to tell me. God creates paths that leads to him. I guess that was one of mine.

I have many other experiences that I will write about as time allows. Even one that has to do with the girl that was mentioned. And, I moved out of that house a couple of months later. I remember the day I moved out a cabinet door in the kitchen had slammed shut by itself as if something was telling me goodbye.

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princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-16)
I meant to type wrong not wring. LOL! I type as fast as I think so I tend to screw up at times, sorry! 😆

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-06)
I like this. I haven't read any responses yet because I felt compelled to straight just comment right away. A lot of time we do get confused & think everything that rubs us wring is evil, when in reality God can do ANYTHING he wants to get you to where you need to be. Thanx for sharing & pointing this out.

andikins (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-07)
say when you were out with your friends you didn't by any chance associate yourself with drugs?
charl2008 (1 stories) (19 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-10)
God works in mysterious ways:D. And by the way I could also relate to that CTR bandicoot game because I got addicted to that as well once 😁. Perhaps that was the entities way of getting your attention - and it worked well to your favor. Perhaps he does not want you in that house (seeing as he died there). OR maybe the game is actually haunted 😜. I hope taht you would tread more into the light, seeing that you are now taking steps into God once again.

God bless 😁
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-24)
Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to seeing more of your experiences.

God does work in mysterious ways, doesn'the? And, just think what may have happened had prayer not entered your heart. Makes me shudder.

God Bless!
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-24)
Thank you for sharing your experience with us ghosthost.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
Lilreeper (1 stories) (13 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-24)
Wow, sounds interesting. Can't wait to see more of your stories!
❤ ❤ ~Lilreeper
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-23)
Hi again ghosthost! We must be visiting the site at the same time because I just commented a few minutes ago! Anyway, I wouldn't think possession because you weren't overtaken but visited in a sense. A witness, I guess. Your story was well written and very interesting. I can't wait to read about your other experiences, this story was great, I'm sure your others will be too. 😊
ghosthost (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-23)
Hey Bellissima, that is a nice theory. I had even thought about leaving the game involvement out entirely. But, I decided to recount it exactly like it happened. Logic would say that I dreamt it all. But, I know what I seen and definitely felt. My theory is possession. I'm a firm believer in that. Thanks for your comment and sleep well!
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-22)
Hey, ghosthost! Maybe you had yourself a haunted copy of your fave game. The ghost sounds as if he wants you to play 'just one more time' .😉 Weirder things have happened!

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