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Strange Feelings Ans Doppleganger?


I remembered back in my old house in the rural Phillipines that I was always being watched by someone or something. I was told that as a kid I used to see paranormal things. I was waving at someone at the open field with apparently with nobody.

Back home it didn't bother me about this strange feeling because it is an everyday thing until I left the house and moved. I was in the house and I looked out and saw my grandma cleaning. But she never looked into my direction. I never felt like yelling to her or saying hi because it felt like its her but its not her. Like, she knows I was watching but she never said hey or looked towards my direction.

Later in the day I asked her if she was cleaning any day in the afternoon and she said "I was sleeping all day." That was weird.

Later when I grew up my grandma told me there was a ghost in the house. I know she knows who it is or have no idea. My mom said that a kid ghost was in the house when I asked her about my story.

Just a weird incident.

I'd like to add more to this since this third sense runs in my dad and mom's family. My dad was hanging out in a hay stack up high, maybe 20-30 feet high. I was told that he woke up and still has hazy eyes. But directly in front of him was a black figure large and had no eye. It was looking at him, and as soon as he saw that he ran and never looked back, he awoke at sunset time.

Next one my grandma in the province with small population was walking into the forest back to her house when she saw a ball of fire. Yes, a ball of fire and is coming directly towards her. She was very scared and ran for her life.

Another one, my dad was walking to a bridge and saw this cute little puppy. He was at teens and of course he wanted to touch the little fur ball. It was looking straight at him, this was back in the day where there was no electricity post light and uses the moon light to walk. He walked towards it and as soon as he gets close it started to change it gets bigger and bigger as he gets close. At first he thought it was just his imagination but then it fully grown. Red eyes and started barking at him. He ran as quick as he could. Haha, it was all about running this time thanks.

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elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-23)
Your family has had a lot of experiences. I'd be running away, too. Most of them I can't really explain, but there is one that caught my eye that has an earthly explanation.

When your grandma saw the ball of fire, she may have very well been seeing ball lightning. They are circles of lightning that can hover rather than dissipate in seconds like normal lightning. They can be several inches to several feet wide. They look a lot like burning orbs. They can happen during thunderstorms and can develop from heat as well.

It's a good thing she ran from it, because they can hurt you.

I know that only explains one thing that happened to your family, but hopefully, it's helpful.

Best wishes:)

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