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Everyone seemed to really enjoy my father's accounts, so I figured I could keep with the theme. My sister has also had her share of experiences that are very interesting, at least to me. They are not as dramatic as my father's experiences, but they are fascinating.

My sister is 27, a couple years older than I am. When these first stories happened, she was around 19, maybe 20. During this point in time, she was a camp counselor on a Native America Reservation a few hours away from where we live (side note for those curious, my father lives in Indiana- the rest of us do not anymore).

She experienced, as did her friends there, some very interesting phenomenon that they believe were spirits on the Reservation. Native American land, at least around where we live, has many myths around it when it comes to spirits and paranormal activity.

My sister, who we will call "L", was out at the fire with a few of the counselors after they put the kids to bed for the evening. They were roasting their dinner that night and relaxing before retreating to the cabins for the night. My sister felt a very deliberate touch on the shoulder as she is eating her dinner. When she turned around, no one was there. No one was close enough to have tapped her on the shoulder. According to her, no one had gotten up, moved or was missing. They were in the middle of the mesa (a large field in the middle of the desert) with no trees around to drop anything on her. There was no place for anyone to hide. The feeling itself lasted for only around two seconds, long enough to her to know that it was a deliberate action.

Her (ex) boyfriend also experienced grabbing and taps during his stay at the camp. Quite a few of his happened when he would be walking alone through the camp (the walking generally devolved into running). Several of the other counselors also experienced this touching during their stay at the camp. As uncomfortable as it was to experience disembodied touches, it appeared to be a "Hello, I am here" rather than a desire to cause physical harm.

Every night for the period of time L was there, she would awake with the feeling of being watched during the night. She would dream of a dark figure watching her from the corner of the room and would awake staring at the spot where the figure had been crouching. There was a heavy, foreboding feeling that came with that presence. L never awoke with sleep paralysis, just fully conscious and frightened, staring at the identical spot as the night before.

I usually do not put a large endorsement on dream stories, but when it's reoccurring - and a sister- it does hold significant weight for me.

Several years later, my sister became a massage therapist. She worked in a cute industrial shopping center with several little shops. Her store was divided into individual rooms so each masseuse could have their own area for their practice. She decorated her room with sweet smelling candles, a little fountain and soft music. It was a very comfortable little room.

There was one room, a different masseuse's room, that my sister could barely stand to be in. Several others who worked there also felt it. Whenever they entered the room, there was a horrible feeling of anger and negative energy. She described it as weighing her down. She would see dark matter moving in the corner of her eyes, but never straight on.

Once the other masseuse left, the negative feelings stopped completely and nothing felt wrong about that place anymore. I have been in that building after the masseuse left and I feel nothing out of the ordinary in that place- I never went in the building when this was happening. If it had not stopped when the woman departed from the business, I would have been eager to test the electric field, but when she left, the heavy energy did as well. My sister strongly believes the woman had negative energy attached to her- but she doesn't know what and does not believe that she should guess because no one really knows what it could be without a doubt.

I am still very much a skeptic (I am a believe it when I see it personality), but I do love my family's stories and find them fascinating. I would like to think, especially after over a year on this site, that I have become much more open minded.

Hopefully, one of these days, I'll actually be able to share my own story.

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elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-13)
Thank you, guys:)

Lady-glow, I definitely agree that people can sense negativity off of people. She was very much a negative human being. The mesa is a very odd place, but very pretty- as long as you think the desert is pretty, it's pretty much gorgeous.

Fergie, thank you:) The thought of being touched by something that is not there makes me a bit jumpy. I would probably run away!
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-13)
Hi Elnora, I have just read all of your posts, again. I have enjoyed every one, and I agree, they are fascinating.

The disembodied touches that your sister experienced, I can identify with. That has happened to me twice, in our laundry. There isn't enough space for someone to have been behind me. The feeling is surprising, to say the least.

Thankfully, I have never had an experience as described in the latter half of your narration, so I am clueless as to an explanation.

Thank you for sharing your interesting accounts.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2924 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-12)
Elnoraemily: I really enjoyed your stories, your description of the mesa makes me imagine it like a magical place inhabited by the ghosts of a bygone era.

I know what you mean about the negativity surrounding your sister's ex-coworker, I'm not sure if it could be considered paranormal but, at least for me, it is very easy to "feel" the emotions of people and the energy of a place.

Thanks for sharing.

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