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Was It The Old Granny?


First of all I would like to thank the admin for creating a platform like this for people to share incidents which a lot don't believe in. I have been going through a lot of stories here and appreciate how people alike have made use of this forum to help others in their times of need.

I would like to start off with a small incident which I encountered as a child. I am still not sure what I saw that day was real but I definitely know that it wasn't my imagination because had it been my imagination others present around wouldn't have had the same questions in their mind today. So here I go.

The story heads back to the early 90's. We are a small family of four, mom dad brother who is 4 years younger to me and me. I was 6 years old then and my brother had just started walking on his feet and spoke in kid-like gesture. That night we had guests for dinner at our house, my aunt and her family. Aunt's son i.e. My cousin who is 2 years younger to me though was a naughty kid was more of a friend to me and my brother.

I remember the three of us had dinner early and sat with heaps of toys to play with in the same room our parents were having dinner in. My house was a square shaped rented house with a bedroom, a hall, a dining room, a kitchen and a washroom in the corner, small house but good enough for a middle class young married couple. The dining room where the elders were having dinner was adjacent to the bedroom and the hall separated the two rooms. Incidentally all lights were switched off except the dining room we were in and the bedroom on the adjacent side.

We were playing with the toys for a while when we finally decided to play with the small football my mom gifted me for my birthday. Like kids crazy for games we started hitting unprofessional, immature kicks to the football while our parents continued their dinner chit chats ignoring our childish games. It was then when my cousin kicked the ball real hard and it went out of the room, crossed the hall and into the bedroom it went. Adhering to our childish game's rule the person hitting the ball was responsible to bring it back if it went far so my cousin went crossing the hall to fetch it.

I stood tired of waiting for my cousin to bring the ball when he came back to me halfway from the hall, with a grim on his face and eyes panicky and told me 'Sis, someone is standing in that room', pointing towards the bedroom. First I thought that was an excuse he gave as he was scared of going to the bedroom through the dark hall and so I went with him smiling at him and caressing his back.

That is when I stood in front of the bedroom door and stood still a few minutes and my heart pumping 10 times as it does normally. From beneath the curtain I could see a feet, someone standing with feet joined, beside the bed and yes the feet looked like my mom's. From behind us I could hear laughter and chit chats of my mom on the dining table with dad and others but in front of me were her feet, the portion I could see from beneath the curtain, as if she is standing inside. I didn't have the courage to pull the curtains aside to check the person in full so I retarded back to the dining room and moving close to my dad whispered cautiously in his ears that there was someone in the bedroom. Dad who knew all doors and windows of the house were shut and there was hardly any chance for an intruder to be present, walked up with me and took me to the bedroom.

He found me scared and took me in his arms and pulled aside the curtain of the room and there was no one. He checked the room, under the bed, inside the wardrobe but no sign of human presence. Also this whole incident took place within 2-3 minutes so there was no scope of anyone escaping that fast, and definitely no one can have a feet similar to my mom's. My dad took it as a childish imagination and laughed it off later on the dining table that night. My cousin and I stayed quiet with fear rest of the night and never talked of it until we grew up and grew matured enough to talk on what we have encountered together that night 15 years ago.

Now let me share something. As I told earlier that the house we stayed in was rented and the house owners stayed on the floor above us. My mom and dad have been staying in that house since mom was expecting me. So literally I was born in that house and was dearly loved by the people around, the house owners being the most. The old granny of that family passed away a month before this incident happened. I still remember how she read me stories, fed me her own glass of chocolate milk and pampered me as her own grandchild. I was sad indeed that she left.

So, was it her who came to see me for the last time? Was it her who came back to tell me that her blessings are always with me?

I don't have answers to my questions even today. The next 2-3 years we have been in that house I never had another vision of her. I felt she was gone, gone far away.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-21)
Hi Flora12 I am agree with Dacom... But I am finding it little scary... As you were a child...

Regards, 😁
Flora12 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-20)
Hello Dacom,
Thanks for your comment. What you said is absolutely correct. Moreover, the feeling of our loved ones around us when they are gone isn't scary, it feels being blessed by them. I will share some more experiences which I had of late. Until then take care and thanks for reading. 😊
Dacom (3 stories) (28 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-19)
Hi Flora12 hope you are well.
I think you answered your own question!
I have lost quite a few friends and relatives over the years, A lot when I was younger.
I believe I seen quite a few of them One last time before they crossed over.
I think She must have cared about you A lot.
For a spirit to have the power to Manifest is no easy thing.
Hold to that thought of her saying good by,
It's the true meaning of immortality, which is not living forever, It's being remember forever.
I hope I have helped in some small way,
Stay safe take care. 😊

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